[Day1] I flew for 6 hours and arrived at Don Mueang airport. I arrived one hour early in the local time, so I did not know what to do, so I tried hard to add a friend called Dr.Pichet’s secretary Tak to an app called whatsapp. However, I did not add a friend to the whatsapp even if I added the number of Tak in my cellphone which did not buy Thailand freelance. I have to buy a package in Thailand, but while I was working hard trying to figure out if I was too reckless, press + and save the tak number including the international number. (For example, if you are in Korea, +82101234567 is not like this …. 82101234567, but +82101234567.) So I called Tak to add friends. He was kind and friendly to me on Sunday, and asked me what he was wearing. Ten minutes later, a knight with a picket of my name appeared. And he took me to the hotel I had booked. He told me to fast from midnight, to enjoy the first day of Thailand, to have a massage in the evening and not to eat all food, including water, at midnight.

[Day2] At 8 o’clock in the hotel lobby, the Driver came to pick me up. I went to the hospital. It was the moment when I finally met a friend whose affinity was exceptional. haha We had a number of Breast implants and Hip implants (which had a wide variety of implants ranging from oval to round) ranging from 2 to 300 to 600 cc. I made a brief Tak and consultation about what my breast shape would be like now and took a picture. After that, I finally saw Dr. pichet! Dr. pichet’s first impression was, uh … more handsome handsome than you thought. And Dr. Pichet smiled like Santa Claus, and greeted him and asked for a handshake. Because you and I have already done a lot of mail consulting, you already know what I want. I wanted a widely peeled pocket room and wanted the biggest size I could fit into my body. My chest was a texture type, my butt was oval, and what I wanted was very clear. I have gathered information about this operation for about five years and have been in contact with several hospitals. I will add more details later.

Once Dr. Pichet said that it is hard to peel too far out because of the nerve cord. And he preferred smoothing type rather than texture type. However, if I wanted a texture type, I would have preferred to do it and not look back at one choice. I agreed with that and selected the texture type. He said that it was safe not to use the previous section improvement on hip reduction, and he explained all the information I should know. I would put the largest implant as my body allowed, but if not, I could put a smaller implant and it was safety first. I agree. After finishing the consultation, I paid for the operation cost and moved to the third floor to draw blood for the blood test. My blood vessels were so thin that I could not get the blood to be drawn well in six attempts, and suddenly I heard that I was dead tomorrow. Dr. Pichet came in person to draw blood,

Then, electrocardiogram and urine tests were performed. I went to a nearby hospital and took a chest x-ray. The test results seemed to take about half a day. I checked everything and decided to do the next day surgery for safe operation. I wanted to have surgery on that day because I had fasting, but I thought I would know it in the recommendation for the next day for safe surgery, The driver took me to the hotel. I bought various kinds of things that looked delicious on the market and tasted them. From a cute donut, I also had a menu of coffee shops around the hotel, such as yogurt, strawberry milk, coffee, cookies, a wonderful lunch box, soup, and croissants baked directly at convenience stores! When it comes to eating in Thailand, it seems to be divided into tofu just for eating. People who try everything and people who do not. I was the former. Spices are not so demanding in eating strong foods and eating, so I ate everything well. Hahaha And from midnight we fasted all food, including water.

[Day3] Knight came to the hotel to pick you up by 7 o’clock. (From the moment I got off the airport to the clinic, I went to the airport for a post check, and all the way to the airport for my return. I went to the hospital again as a non-mongoose. haha I told him I slept last night because I had a shower in the morning, so I suggested to take a shower with an antibiotic shower gel. I took a shower, took a picture, and made a drawing on my body. I packed about 18 boxes of implants into my body and showed me in order to decide what to put (chest – mentor, hip – silymed). Dr. pichet said “are you ready? I; m ready” I was nervous but laughed and said “I’m ready”. As we entered the operating room, an anesthesiologist came and was preparing for surgery.

An anesthesiologist directly caught the line in his veins and asked me if I was asleep at all times. So I said that there was insomnia, and it seemed to order the nurse. I felt heavy and painful stiffness in my arms that caught the line. As a coward, I shuddered “It hurts !! It really hurts !!”. Something Tak seems to have screamed at me. No actually Tak was yelling at me. “wake up !!!!!” So I woke up. Hahaha The anesthesiologist was there for me until I woke up. I also told my guardian, who was waiting in the recovery room, that I was awake and that my operation was good. I have already experienced chest and hip surgery in Korea, and I know very well how experienced these operations are. And I operated on my chest and buttocks together, and I was recovering to a lying position looking at the sky.

After awakening from the anesthesia, he eats water well in 30 minutes, and the nurse comes in and asks if he is sick. It seemed like you were injecting with painkillers, but it did not hurt. A little more, Tak said he was hungry and asked if he would eat corn soup. And he said he would give me coffee.

So one hour after breaking anesthesia, I poured a bowl of corn soup and drank coffee for dessert. The most delicious corn soup I ate. Hahaha In general, surgery in general anesthesia in Korea is about 6 hours to drink water after fasting.
Maybe it ‘s because I have no symptoms of vomiting after drinking water. Oh, Tak said that I had the surgery in the biggest size as I hoped. Oh yeah!! Throughout the night, a nurse named BENZ gave a kind and shy impression to me. I checked my blood pressure and temperature regularly to see if I was sick, if the fluid was getting in well.

I slept a bit because I did not have much pain. I ate the corn soup and coffee, the salad and the chicken steak for one night and two nights, and the chicken pancake with the half-cooked egg the next morning, I had good pain without antibiotics and medicine without any pain. The next day, Dr. Pichet resumed, and he said that he was in good condition so he could be discharged. I had to go to the hospital for a while, but I am a Korean person who is in a hurry. I joked that BENZ was in such a hurry. It seems that it took about 7 days to walk after my first hip surgery in Korea. This time, it was a re-operation. I checked my blood pressure and temperature to see if it was really messy or not. I felt it during surgery in Thailand, but what about the surgery in Thailand, is it really necessary to check it very carefully?

I have to check once, check it again, and feel ok sign after I check again. It is far from the sunrise. Then show me the implants removed from my body, The nurse brought back the box of implants that I saw before surgery yesterday. I took out the genuine card and sticker inside and showed it in front of me, and there I had the same day and my signature. I received all the genuine card of the breast and the hip implants, and brought the document file with the post-operative notes, and signed the date and signature again. After that, he gave me two kinds of antibiotics and two kinds of pain medicine for about a week. Then, the knight came back to the hotel and brought a guardian.

Is it the fifth day? (2 days after the operation?) A message came from Tak about how the condition was. She said that she had no pain, but she was tickling near the bandage wrapped surgical site. I wrapped it with a bandage and it felt frustrating and cumbersome and I wanted to take it off. Tak said he would come to the hospital if he was okay to know. I said good and she sent me an article and picked me up at the hotel. I went to remove all bandages, protect the incision with a waterproof sticker, and then take a shower. The first time I saw the incision, the dermabond was attached to the thoracic incision and the buttock (which did not require removal of the septum separately) was double sutured. (Because it is a part that receives a great deal of pressure, it should not open, so I suture once from the inside and once again from the outside.) Dr. Pittsch checked the wound again and said that he was in good condition.

Dressing up and getting a new calibrated bra and underwear for underpants for undergoing hip surgery. There was no additional charge. Gauze for dressing, saline solution, Betadine disinfectant and disinfection equipment swab. It has also received it.

After that, my return date day before He promised to come again and took me to the hotel.

The day before your return home, Doctor Pichet once again checked my condition. He said that it would be bad to remove the seams in advance because he had to sit and fly for 6 hours. He said that he should be picked up a week after returning to Korea. Tak Taking Stitches Taking a picture of the incision site the day before When the sign fell, I decided to draw it. He asked me if the medicine had run out, and he told me that he had prescribed more antibiotics for one week. I was impressed by the careful attention until the last time I went back .. The next day, my driver drove me to the airport in time for my flight. Every time I move, always take me on time and always come down first and open the door. (Actually, all the staff were friendly … I can not talk to each other because the language does not work)

I am afraid that my scar is not going to be on the 6 – hour flight because I am worried about the material, and I was worried that the pain would not be severe. (Even if you do not have a hip surgery, you sit for 6 hours and you get rid of your butt.

I would like to add a little more to the reading section of this later reading.

1. Why did you have surgery in Thailand? As you know, Korean molding market is saturated. But why did not you do it in near Korea and go to far Thailand, because I thought it was hard to make the ideal body in Korea. Naturally I did not want a body with moderate volume. I really wanted a big body. So I came to Thailand and I put 600cc of my chest and 450cc of my butt. As I said above for heap surgery, I gathered information for about five years and learned a lot of stories in the process. And the implants from my body proved the story … The implants from my body were a different implant than the doctor said

2. Why did you do it at a private clinic instead of at a general hospital or university hospital? From the beginning, I searched for a person who had a private clinic. In Korea, cosmetic cosmetic surgery is done in private clinics rather than in general hospitals or university hospitals. The advantage of general hospitals and university hospitals is that anesthesiologists reside. If you are certain in this part, I thought that personal clinics could be more affordable and more affordable than general hospitals.

3. How did you get to know Dr. Pichet? As I said above, I got information over a long period of time. In fact, I think that there are k hospitals and y hospitals with Korean brokers. Dr. Pichet saw in a long list of articles written by a long-time person at a medical tourism agency in Thailand. I remember writing about the characteristics of each doctor and the person who is famous for breast enlargement and transsexual specialists. Dr. Pichet is the only person who runs a private clinic, the quickest and quickest to respond to my email, the one who is affordable, and the only one who can do chest and hip surgery at the same time. So I decided to do it.

4. How did you solve the language problem? It is not difficult to borrow the power of Google Translator. In an urgent situation, body language and a few words of English can be confronted with the surprising fact that we can have many stories. Actually, it would be best if you know how to speak a little English, but in my case, Google Translator was the most powerful. I really talked to Dr. Pichet about what I wanted to do by e-mail and this was a great help. And if you do not mind, you can get help from a community of people in Thailand who live in Thailand (to get in contact with a Korean citizen), and Dr. Pichet said he could call an interpreter. Pre-operative consultation was almost by e-mail (more than 30 emails were exchanged). Hotel reservations can also be made through the site before going to Thailand in advance. So, in fact, there is not much to write English while in Thailand. Or I can accompany you to the interpreter while you are personally admitted (from two nights to two nights and three days), and I think this part can be solved if you are willing to do anything. Personally, I simply did not want to go through expensive Korean surgery because I had a problem with language. (The reason I can not believe it is because I lie too much)

5. What do you want to say to someone who wants to have surgery? I got the results I wanted in a friendly look at a very reasonable price. It is important that you know exactly what you want. Whether you prefer a natural, moderately chesty chest, a bigger chest than d cups like me …. and the factors that matter to you are also important. Whether it is reputation and fame, whether it is gorgeous appearance, service, reasonable price, etc. I wanted to be connected to a truthful and honest medical staff, and reasonable prices were also important. Dr. Pichet was so convinced that it would be enough to describe the procedure during the surgery and explain it to me. It is true that when I first started searching for BPS on Google, I was a bit worried about the appearance. (Why is the Google photo so dull? ) I felt that the operating room was more modern and good. It is neat and spacious due to the feeling that the history is still alive. It is a large five-story building with an elevator inside. There is so much information on the internet, and I can not figure out where to trust it. It is not easy to come to the land where I do not speak for 6 hours for the surgery. I have a companion, but if I get sick, I will be sorry, I miss my family, I will miss my hometown. Watch for a long time, and if you have decided what you really care about after closing your eyes, close your ears. Dr. Pichet said to me, if you choose one, one should think about what you might lose. If you have made a choice, just move on to it. Do not look back. I hope you get the result you want.

Yeji Yoon

“Five-star services and I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic”

“A long story with an authentic-honest review. Should someone intend to have cosmetic surgery, I hope this helps. Unfortunately photos will follow, Still fully bandaged.

Honestly, I prayed to find a caring provider to have my body contouring and fat transfer post removal of breast implants at a large hospital. I am a professional intensive care nurse in a fantastic western country, and it was funded with an honest currency.

In hoping to have an improved result, I habitually insist on clarifying matters, particularly when I am worried purely based on my old-style gut feelings. After all, it is an invasive procedure, and we only have 1 body. This means you are getting an authentic-honest review. This review was written 6-7 hours post-operative, and, another appointment is set up to remove dressing and review result the next day.

Conclusion: Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic is Fantastic in almost everything related to their speciality. Five-star services and I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic. Following are details of their great services.

1) The first contact via WhatClinic was very convenience, fast, and, I feel safer because there is another party between the client/provider-Clinic. To keep in mind, WhatClinic is now one of my preferred websites.

2) Dr.Pichet is friendly yet firm/focused, respectful towards patient’s wishes, trustworthy with high-quality skills set, and an exceptionally caring Surgeon. He was thoughtful with my every weird-anxious questions/concern. Bear in mind, I know what I want, and I persistently try to achieve it. Overall, personally and professionally, Dr. Pichet has those great fantastic qualities in his field. My greatest thank you to Dr Pichet.

3) Bangkok plastic surgery Nurses are charming, sweet-kind-caring, smiley, and extremely accommodating. They are not judgmental and I appreciated their cares, especially I was lonely without any care-taker.

4) Their Safety standards-practices are classified as accurate as hospital standards protocol.

5) Anaesthetic matters went smoothly with a gently caring anaesthetist, and, cannulation was the least pain felt comparing to my previous experience. Post-operatively, I was taken directly to my room without having to stay at a recovery curtained area, which is usually used in a larger hospital. There is a functioning TV, A/C, safe box, free-WIFI, complimentary lunch, and electronic charging points.

6) The patient room is fancy, qualified with high standard infection controlled, and there is even a big cough to use should you have another person to accompany you. My surgery started early around 7-8am, so their smiley driver picked me at 6 am, and I was wide awake around 1 pm. They recommended a free-night stay to observe me closer, but, I feel great, so I thought it is wiser to stay at my pre-arranged hotel. This way resources can be saved. Thus, if you intend to keep your surgeries secret but safe without your care-taker, this clinic is the safest choice.

7) Pricing was credible. But it is cost-efficient to pay in cash should you appreciate saving 3% surcharged fees. It is not the clinic mistake to charge credit card fees, it is common with many institutions’ payment.

8) Location wise, since it was my first time in this clinic, whilst googling this clinic location and exterior view, I was initially very concerned, and reluctant to use their service. I had cosmetic treatment at another large famous hospital in Bangkok. Building external pictures-view might worry you. You may think it is a risky relaxed clinic, but hey, don’t run away. Interior design is structured with high-quality clinical standards. I was convinced simply by observing how they conduct their processing, and they are meticulous with infection controls.

9) No lengthy lobby waiting time, I was directly aided by a lovely (Ms.Tak) to a bright-nice meeting room, and you will also have your single room post-operatively. It is a clinic without lengthy-crowded waiting processing, which is again very common in a large hospital.

10) Transport is free to and from the clinic with an immaculate nice car and driver. Punctual with time, and, I was also accompanied by a lovely nurse to my room hotel whilst caring for my belongings. No other hospital or clinics ever provided this amazing door to door service.

Well, that is my story, my lovely long story – lots of smiles I guess!”

Treatment Received: Fat Transfer


Caring and cares for patient excellent service and understanding before procedure but surgeon and nurse are helpful Thank you all. I can recommend this surgeon to family and friends.

Connie Fua

Survice staff is so great!! and my breast come out perfect. I will recommend BPS clinic to everyone Thank you.


I just had a Tummy Tuck procedure and the service was 10/10. The operation went extremely well and the after care was perfect. Even after discharge from the clinic I was always in touch with a nurse. Dr Pichet has been an excellent communicator and I received a response on the same day.

Bob Vavich

I came to know about BPS from my friend. I was very impressed with her look after surgery what she did on her eye face. When I decided to do my lower eye surgery. I asked and looked around but when my friend talked about BPS. I decided to give a “GO”. From the first time I came here I am very impressed and very satisfied with the consultation , cheek up and finally the actual surgery DR.Pichet Rodchareon and his Team is so amazing especially in making me feel very comfortable. Dear Dr.Pichet and Team Thank you so much for making me feel so confident with your professionalism. I am very happy and will came back again by introducing my friends too. Keep up the excellent work. First class driver service with 5 stars. Thank you so much.

Ms.Zakiah Jaafar Brazier

I can’t Thank you enough. My experience was amazing. Staff were professional and friendly. Dr.Pichet Rodchareon is second to none the best in Bangkok. Thang You so much. I am very Thankful and Grateful.

Loretta Samuel

I have recently undergone a Plastic surgery with Dr. Pichet Rodchareon at Bangkok Plastic Surgery. The results are amazing! I’m still satisfied with his skill and overall service. I got myself a Mentor 600cc UHP breast implant. I believe it cost me $1,000USD to order the implants. Flew to Thailand and everything worked out fine. I did a review of him on realself website, which you can find my name ‘Oguerra’ on it. Check on the photos of my result as well. I would recommend him to anyone who considers having breast implant done in Bangkok.


I’m a transman who underwent double incision mastectomy and liposuction with Dr. Pichet Rodchareon. last year. From my experience, Dr Pichet was very patient and kind, he always responded to any question or concern you need to know pre and post-op. What impressed me a lot was that he initially thought I needed a minor procedure based on photos I sent him via e-mail, but after consultation in person he concluded that I would need a more advanced procedure to achieve the chest shape I wanted, and he did it for me without charging me any more than he first quoted me for the minor procedure. I’m very satisfied with the care I received from his staff as well. So I would recommend him for FTM surgery in Bangkok.


did Breast Augmentation with Dr.Pichet in 2016, it was a pleasing experience with overall cost-effective surgery. I found the name of Dr. Pichet Rodchareon and contacted him directly on his website. He always responded my questions in a prompt and informative way. It assured me to let him take care of the biggest surgery of my life. During the trip to Bangkok, I was picked up and taken care by his staff without extra cost. Then it came to the surgery day where I had a Euro Cohesive gel 300cc implant placed under the muscle. The recovery went well and I felt very satisfying with the result. The wound was healing fast and by far it looks nice and natural. I’m still happy with the result and would recommend Dr. Pichet Rodchareon for anyone considering plastic surgery.


I feel grateful , Thank you and Blessed by all the professional and loving care. I have received while being taken care of at Bangkok Plastic Surgery. Thank you to everyone on the staff from the admin girls the medical team the drivers and support staff. I am so grateful to have had Dr.Pichet be my surgeon for my SRS and for the extra special care everyone gave me. Obviously this is huge life event for me especially at age 66. The painful parts were only temporary and the medical team always made sure to give pain meds when needed having a nurse or nurse assistant in my room every right post-op was beyond my expectations and it was very appreciated Thank you also to Miss Koi for taking me out on 2 different days to experience the beauty of Bangkok. Thanks also to Dr.Pichet for making that possible. Please accept my sincere appreciation gratitude to ALL of you. Thank you.

Lana Lee LeSoleau

Dr. Pichet. I am Lena Burke. Had a lower facelift and neck lift in November 2018. My husband and I are very thankful for the result of the surgery. The lump I had on my left cheek is going away now. Feel the result is what I was hoping for. No one will know I had any work done and yet I look more fresh and not so tired as before. I know your nurse had a high blood pressure reading with me. It is only a temporary situation when I go to have it done by a professional. I am happy to say my blood pressure is normal. Anyway thank you to you and your staff for a happy result. Kind regards.

Lena Burke

Hi Dr Pichet Words just can’t begin to express my appreciation and all that you have done for me I have never seen a Doctor who cares so much for his patients It is your services that encourage people to tell others about you It is scary enough to even think of having surgery done and of course everyone wants to look good but it takes a person like you and your staffs to make me feel so comfortable and the fear kind of disappeared because I knew I was in good hand Thank you very much for your caring and I highly recommend you to those who are looking for skilled surgeon Your services are beyond my expectation I just can’t thank you enough for everything You even offered to drop us off at the airport I don’t think any Dr in Thailand would offer such services You are awesome Please keep up with the good work I believe the words of mouth are the best advertising May you live long enough to continue your good work to make so many happy patients God bless

Lynn Thuy Weikel

Hello doctor, I wanted to wish you good year. And thank you for the surgery. it will make 3 months I’m operating, I am proud. Surgery was like a liberation for me, a second birth. I am proud, proud to be a full-fledged woman. I want to thank your staff, you are great people, gentle and careful with patients. Did you take good care of me, especially when my father died just after my SRS surgery. You give me a smile. I say thank you, you are people with a big heart. Frankly words are not enough to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you, may God protect you and give you a long life.

Florent Catherine

A day in the life of me: A transsexual woman’s struggle to be herself Deciding on whether or not to have sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is a daunting task, but I would have to say it was one of the best decisions of my life. After researching SRS for quite a few years, I finally decided on a surgeon – Dr. Pichet Rodchareon, M.D., of Bangkok Plastic Surgery. What was important to me was whether or not I felt comfortable with the surgeon. I contacted almost every SRS surgeon In the world, and of them all Dr. Pichet Rodchareon made me feel like I mattered. I was also looking for experience and in this area Dr. Pichet Rodchareon is one of the most experienced surgeons in the world. He is top notch! I give Dr. Pichet Rodchareon a five star rating. The only thing I personally didn’t like was being naked all the time, but that would be the same no matter where I went. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pichet Rodchareon to anyone contemplating surgery. The fact that he tends to be mid-range in cost amongst Thailand surgeons will be, I suspect, a deciding factor for others as well. I will never forget the kindness him and his nurses showed me. I could not be more happy with my choice in a surgeon!

Natalie Rhianna Florez

We would like to thank all the staff at Bangkok plastic surgery for all their help and for doing the surgery I have wanted for a long time. I am truly grateful for the wonderful result you have achieved for me. I have faced a lot of diversity in my life and violence through the hands of others, so to finally achieve a long life dream without feeling guilty of doing so is overwhelming and gratifying. I thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. My friends and family are awaiting my return to allow them to see the work you have done to also give them the reassurance of seeking such surgery themselves outside of Australia. Job well done and I have nothing but praise for your team at Bangkok plastic surgery. I am truly, truly grateful that you have allowed me to feel confident and happy about my body again. Xxx Thanks.

Sandra Colbert

Staff and doctor wonderful. Clear explanations expert advice Good care wonderful result. This team really know what to do. The face lift is exceptional. I had one 15 years ago and it was good but not as good as This The Doctor is an artist. The facility were top rate hygiene exception care exceptional. I recommend Dr.Pichet, The staff and the company and the care dose not stop they provided a luxury car to drive me and I felt very safe It was a holiday. Face lift , Neck lift , eye lift in one the bonus. I work and feel 15 years younger. Thank you

Christine Vose

Dear Doctor Pichet, Dear Doctor’s Pichet Staff, I guess I did it all this year (2013) with you, SRS, FFS, breast augmentation, hip enlarging … please help me to complete what I forgo On the surgery part I am so thankful to you Doctor Pichet, it’s amazing and fantastic how you could make all my dreams come true, the final result is great, you’re simply the best ! To Doctor’s Pichet Staff and everybody who’s working in the clinic; thanks and thanks again, for your good nursing, for all your kindness, for your warmth, for everything. And then all the other “material” things, hotel reservation, transfer from airport to hotel, pick up at the hotel for consultation etc., perfect service. Thank you so much to all, I will never forget you.

Lina De Bruyn

I would like to thank u and your team for the excellent service provided during my trip to bangkok for tummy tuck and liposuction on both thighs. Everything is so well arranged by yr clinic from airport transfer to surgery to recovery time. The result is obvious for the tummy tuck and seeing from the stitches, i really praise u for the meticulous work done on my tummy. I will take more pictures for u in time to come. If any friend is interested i will definitely recommend to u. Should anyone from Singapore is interested but is afraid, they are free to email me. I will be more than willing to share my experience with them. For liposuction on thighs, the result prob can be seen in two weeks time when the swelling and bruises are heal…will be back soon for more if time allow.. once again, thank u for everything. I’m truly a satisfied customer! Feel free to post the above as testimonial!


Professionally hide my scars on hairline to a minimum Satisfied customer for mid face lift from Singapore

I consulted a few clinic for a mid face lift and cost was a major concern. Doc Pichet and Tak Clinic Manager was very upfront of the cost, and they were willing to work within my tight budget. And also they were very precise in their consultation and gave me a good sense of assurance. They were not pushy like other doctors, and will let you make up your own mind to your treatment choice. I have done my prior research to mid face life and knew what I was getting into. The mid face lift was a more coat effective rejuvenation for me completed to thread lift. And to be honest there was a certain degree of pain to this surgery, but I am now 4 days into recovery and am starting to see the results. Doctor Pichet also professionally hide my scars on hairline to a minimum. He did everything i asked him to. I am satisfied. I would like to thank Doc Pichet and Tak Clinic Manager to be so professional with me. They were very kind and even though I had some medical complications, they did not charge me more . Tark Clinic Manager was very responsive and also took good care of me when in warded in their clinic. I am so grateful to them and would highly recommend their clinic to everyone to do facelift.

Eugene Tan

Sydney girls performed breast surgery with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok.

Just want to say Thank You to Dr Pichet & also let you know how happy we are with our Breast Augumentation Surgery. (My girl-friend also had surgery)
From the moment we arrived, Dr Pichet & his staff were very helpful & always smiling.
My girlfriend & I were picked up & dropped off from airports, hotels, hospitals & Dr Pichet’s clinic at no extra charge.
Dr Pichet’s clinic is quite impressive, very very nice.

MY SURGERY – I chose to have my implants under the muscle, which I knew was more painful.
Nothing could have prepared me for the Pain that I felt when I woke. (although different for everyone)
The pain I felt was quite severe & I had to wear a bandage for 2 days to keep the implants in place. The bandage was very very tight, & I felt like I could not breathe.
When the bandage came off I felt so much better, although still uncomfortable.
All medication had already been organised by the Dr Pichet.
I think Dr Pichet is a very good surgeon, & I would recommend his services to anyone.
There is a lot of bad press in Australia right now, in regards with Australians going to Thailand for surgery.
Dr Pichet is an amazing surgeon & I recommend his services to anyone. Please don’t hesitate to travel to see him for your surgery.
Everything he has said to me has been spot on.
Please ask Dr for my email address if you would like to to contact me directly.

Michelle & G @ Sydne

Good breast enlargement

I just wanted to write and say hello again.
I can’t believe it’s 3 months since I was in Bangkok..the time has just flown by. The main reason for writing is to say a huge thank you, not only for changing my life but for the simply fantastic service you provided for me and Marc. We will never forget your courtesy, kindness and wonderful sense of fun and laughter. Having my breast augmentation not only ‘completed’ me physically but has given me a new found confidence and strength of purpose.I know you must have 100’s of patients who are delighted with your service but I can tell you one thing for certain-none could be happier than this one.
I can’t wait to come back and visit you again…I hope it can be very soon.
Please say hello to everyone at the clinic, especially your beautiful wife and the delightful Mrs Mao.


Much love and thanks,

Chrissy xxx

PS I hope you like the photos. They show a very happy and content Chrissy.


Amazing and fabulous SRS with breast enlargement surgery

Hello Dr. Pichet and potential clients:

It is not as if I did not do my research, (as Dr. Pichet can testify) I looked at surgeons all over the world and was in constant contact with Dr. Pichet and many others for 2 solid years before my decision was made to fly to Bangkok. When I met Dr. Pichet face to face, he had every e-mail and letter in which I sent him. Glad he did not have tapes of the calls I made to him at very strange hours of the day and night. His beautiful wife is also so very patient and understanding. (A mental note to all of you that are reading this). I have had the pleasure of being able to pick and chose the surgeons in which I wished to work on me. I understand that many of your work very hard and very long to get to this point in your life where it is time to invest what you sweat for years to achieve. But knowing what I know now, seeing what I can see, and have experienced first hand the skill, determination, drive, professional yet friendly attitude and superb surgical skill of Dr. Pichet, his results, not only with the SRS portion of my surgery, but with the breast augmentation as well, I can easily say is AMAZING and breathtaking. In my opinion ladies, (and this is only mine), Dr. Pichet is the very, very best.

It was a very quick 15 days. Mind you, a great many of you will spend the entire month in Bangkok, so I would really plan on staying the full 30 days. For me, I am a quick healer; I am a pain is weakness kind of women. I am in the belief that the outcome of this surgery not only depends on the surgeon in which you chose, but it greatly depends on the attitude in which you take with you on this mind blowing adventure of starting life brand new. And if you think I am kidding, look at the results when the packing and tape are removed. When you are handed that little red mirror and you look at your new vagina for the very first time, oh the rush of happiness! I was very fortunate to have no bruising or horrible swelling, so when you take your first look, your results will more then likely vary. I can only give you my experience. Your eyes will fill with tears and you will then know that this was the road for you.

When it comes to pain, in my case, the only thing that hurt after surgery was my breasts. I had no pain at all in the SRS Surgical area, until they came to remove the tape and packing. I forgot to advise them that I have a little reaction to the sticky on the tape, so I had some tender areas, but only because of my skin and not the surgery. So make sure the doctor knows everything he needs to know about any types of reactions that you may have. Rest assured the most painful part of the surgery is when the drain is removed from the buttocks area, (it hurt like hell for a sec) but after that, all is wonderful. The other difficult area was getting up to walk after the surgery. It is just hard to motivate yourself to do it, as being in bed is nice, but walking when it is time to walk is extremely important and necessary. If you have to walk and cry, walk and eat, walk and talk on a phone, no matter what, get it done. Just make sure that you listen to everything that is told of you to do. Make sure to following all instructions and never second guess those that are there to help you. They will not lead you down a road to failure, they will take you down the road of success.

To sum it all up, I am so happy to have researched as well as I had to make certain that the most qualified surgeon was going to do my operation and after care, of which Dr. Pichet is the very best I have encountered. He as a surgeon, his wife and staff are without question very courteous, caring, enjoyable and above all professional. Having traveled as much as I have, and having met some of the best plastic surgeons there is out there, Dr. Pichet ranks up there in the top 5. As far as SRS is concerned, there is no other surgeon in my belief that could ever come close to Dr. Pichets results. Dr. Pichet has made me the happiest woman alive today. He can count on me to advise all those that inquire, to contact him if they want the best no matter the procedure. And he is my angel! He has changed my life and given me new direction.

Audra from USAFitness Consultant

Have a good experience from one patient of Australia about surgery of breast uplift and enlargement.

I just wanted to write a letter to you to commend you and your wonderful staff on your successful job operating on me in Thailand:

From the moment I arrived on my flight into Bangkok, I was welcomed at the airport by a friendly man named Hai and taken to Dr Pichet’s office. I hopped in a luxurious mini-bus and sped away through the notorious Bangkok traffic.

Upon arriving I was greeted by all his lovely staff and I was very nervous and scared as I was travelling alone and Dr Pichets staff members were very helpful, serving tea and chatting away making me feel welcome. I underwent a checkup and was explained in detail about the procedure. Hotel check in wasn’t until 1pm so while I waited in the office, Mrs. Mao asked me if I would like some noodles and soup, which they had delivered from McDonalds!! Only in Thailand!

Then I had to sign what seemed like 100 forms, and this experience was very daunting to me as I had never been overseas I began to miss family back home. Like a big old sissy, I started to get upset but Mrs Mao comforted me and let me use her own personal mobile to call home and Mrs Mouth helped me to arrange a sim-card and pre-paid credit for my phone to make calls during my stay.

During the consult I was given a few different sized implants to try on with my clothes on to see what shape my new breasts would look like. To help future patients undergoing a breast augmentation/lift I would recommend to bring an underwire-free bra or two from home in the size that you want to be, and use that as a guide to help you determine your needs.

Dr Pichets staff took me in a luxury car to the Hotel and organised a discounted rate for me. Upon check-in at the hotel I was astounded at how friendly and genuinely helpful the staff were to me, everything from guides to the city, to help with internet access and faxes, to shopping and nightlife tips! Also, a tip for travellers packing light, the humidity in Thailand is great for doing your washing- you can wash clothes in the ample bathroom basin, hang them on the balcony outside and within an hour or two, they’re bone dry!

I woke up to a complimentary all-you-can-eat buffet of Asian and Western foods such as noodles, soups and kimji salad alongside pancakes and eggs. As I ate my weight in luscious delights, I watched CNN from the big screen TVs and felt like a millionaire. After a half-an-hour shower, I packed up my gear and headed downstairs for my pickup for surgery day.

I met a lovely lady in the foyer who was also a Dr Pichet patient and spoke with her about her stay in Thailand. She looked so youthful and radiant and yet told me she was a grandma and I couldn’t believe how flawless her complexion appeared! Dr Pichet truly is an artist.

At the hospital, after a series of blood tests, x-rays and formalities, I was shown to my luxurious private room with incredible US cable tv, in-room toilet, my bed plus a single bed for accomodating another family member (another support bonus if you
require it) and my own private balcony looking out over busy Bangkok.

I remember being wheeled down to the operating room, a drip put in my arm and Dr Pichet telling me that everything looked fine on the tests and we were about to begin and the next thing I remember was being lifted on a sheet onto my hospital bed after the op and falling asleep. I woke up to find a friendly nurse checking my vitals and chatting to me in perfect English, asking me if I would like something to eat. I decided I would like some rice and water but after eating one mouthful, I was almost immediately nauseated and sick as the anaesthetic had not worn off. A tip for future patients would be to wait and sleep the anaesthetic off and just sip water if you feel you need it.

Over the next two days I was regularly checked up on by nurses, called by Mrs Mao and given medication regularly to assist in my recovery. The large TV in my room allowed me to watch just about every latest movie or American TV show I wanted, so the recovery time passed easily. The private in-room toilet was great, although the first few times I needed help plodding along the mere 5 steps it took to get there. Also I had the best tom yum soup I’ve ever tasted and I ordered a club sandwich when I got my appetite back. Every meal was delicious and was accompanied by a delightful broth soup and orange juice, tea or coffee. The treatment at the hospital was first class and outstanding compared to private health cover at home.

Every treatment is different but after my augment/lift I found that I only ever felt severe pain was a few times I tried to move too suddenly or lift something heavy, and this pain was only very brief. The whole experience would rate as uncomfortable, as I found I couldn’t handle showering and my hair looked like Albert Einsteins, but you could order to have your hair cut or washed which makes you feel normal.

The day after leaving the hospital I was able to go on a day trip out of Bangkok with other Dr Pichet’s patients, which was fantastic, as you are accompanied by people in the same situation as you and it adds normality to your stay. After visiting some lovely temples, we returned to Bangkok to shop till we dropped! This was definitely a highlight!

After regular visits to Dr Pichets office, I was checked up, bandaged and taken care of with the utmost sense of thoroughness and answered any questions I asked. Well after my operation, I experienced a minor infection in my incision however this was easily treated with a course of antibiotics and topical ointment. A few months have passed and under-the-muscle the implants are sitting a bit high but that will subside in time.

Thankyou very much to Dr Pichet and all of his wonderful staff for making my operation a first-class experience and I would recommend his outstanding services to anyone!

A from Australia

Natural Appearance and good feeling from one of my patient.

Dear Dr pichet,

I could not email to you as i was so busy since i back home from Bangkok. Well it had been nearly 3 months i undergone SRS with scrotal skin graft at your medical services. After 3.5 hrs in OT and took 6 days admission at General Hospital in bangkok, I am now here having a female sex that i had always dreaming in life. The hospital is of international standard and nurses were very efficient. I would like to give my special thank to you for my perfect result and also would like to thank all of your staffs who were taking care of me as their sister. I do miss each of them and sorry for cannot spell their names correctly to mention although i can pronounce. I will never forget their kindness for the rest of my life. I can still remember the moments i was in your clinic where i did dilation everyday and took a rest at! my private room you provided for me. In the long period i stayed in bangkok for about 2 months, i was given a hand phone for my convenience and arranged transportation everyday to and from my apartment to clinic at Doctor’s cost. Moreover his staff prepared breakfast and lunch everyday for me. They supplied all the medical stuffs i needed to use such as cotton sticks, dressing pads, blue pads, sanitary pads, saline water, alcohol, betadine and a kid of dilators sized 1- 6. Oh doctor, you are more than a good doctor who is always ready to help each of patient’s individual needs either. You are the best surgeon in Thailand i swear. I have never seen such a special care that you and your staffs treated me as a queen. Presently I did not get any complication or infection following the surgery. i will have more depth after 6 months! of dilation because of tissue maturation. I feels no pain in each dilation session and felt no severe pain at the wound area immediate after the surgery. The appearance of the vagina is almost natural as if i was born with it. I am very pleased with the result you gave to me and it can be said to be that i was fortunate to choose you as my SRS doctor. I feels sensate at my clitoris and am happy in my new life but had not been in sex with my neovagina_still a real virgin. I am simply taking care of my health and doing dilation 2 hrs a day. I wish you to have all the best and success throughout your life as you gave me your best and let me success to live as a woman in my life.

from the sweet memory,


Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet

18 Feb 04
Hi Dr. Pichet!

We just wanted to say hello and let you know that we have now been home for 10 days, and our recovery/healing is going very well! We want to say THANK-YOU very much for yours and your staff’s hospitality and excellent care while we were there. We are pleased with the results from the surgery, and would recommend you to anyone who would also like tummy tucks, breast lifts, or ANY type of cosmetic surgery.

We would especially like to send a VERY SPECIAL THANK-YOU to Ying and Mao, for taking care of our needs while in the hospital, and in the hotel. The food that was delivered to us nightly was absolutely delicious!! We also would like to thank Ahai for transporting us all over Bangkok’s hot spots. 🙂
We wish you and your staff continued Success, and we can’t wait to visit your beautiful country again. Thank-You!

Priscilla, Jeannie & Linda


Priscilla, Jeannie & Linda

Natural Appearance and good feeling from one of my patient.

The 18th of September seen Pat my wife and I in Lincoln Crown Court for my court case. I had my hand crushed badly 4 and a half years ago and this was my claim for personal injury. Cutting a long story short, I won and received a considerable amount in settlement. Enough in fact to take Pat and I to Thailand for 28 days and for my surgery. It also left us a little comfort fund in the bank on our return home, after all a new wardrobe was calling!

After extensive research via the Internet and other sources of information I selected Dr Pichet of Bangkok to do my surgery. I had read all the testimonials on his web site and after contacting him in person he sent photographs of his work. I was truly taken aback at how convincing the vagina’s looked and was even more excited when finding out that they all functioned equally as well. I also selected him to do my breast implants, I’m afraid the ones I had grown on hormones were not suffice.
Dr Pichet recommended a hotel to us (Pat, my wife and I) and also arranged our transport to and from the airport (all free of charge). He also booked the hotel and everything was set.

We arrived in Bangkok on 27th October 2003. We were picked up by Dr Pichet’s chauffer and taken straight to his clinic.Greeted at the door by Mao one of his assistant’s we were led upstairs and sat in a cosy lounge type room and offered drinks. Several other members of staff were walking about and all greeted us as if we were long time friends.

The next half hour consisted of reading and signing declarations and consent forms. Harry Benjamin is to blame for the 3 rain forests lost in paperwork. I had already faxed and emailed all of my paperwork so a quick signature was all that was needed.
Next in walked the man himself casually dressed in jeans and T-shirt. He said I looked better in person than on my photographs. I had warmed to this man already.
Before we discussed the final parts of surgery he asked to see what was already there. I had opted for a colon cut vaginaplasty. He looked and said he could save me $1000 and get me 5 and a half to 6 inches depth with what I had already, no colon cut necessary. We both decided this was more than enough.

We then went back into the other room where Mao had been entertaining Pat. Her English was very good. The Doctors English was excellent.
We then discussed what size my boobs were going to be. The fixed price I had paid covered up to 350cc implants. After handling the 350cc size both Pat and I new they were not big enough for my frame. We eventually decided on 705cc implants. The Doctor had shown us pictures of 705cc and when I held the implants to my chest they looked in proportion to my frame so 705cc it was.
He then said we were going to be taken to the hospital and that Pat would be staying there, not at the Gold Orchid Hotel as originally planned. We have put a bed alongside yours in the room and it will save you more money that way. He had cancelled the hotel for the first week.
This worked out very well for us as the $1000 I had saved on the colon cut had now been spent on the boobs. This meant no bill and no transport worries for Pat whenever she wanted to visit me in hospital.
On arrival at the hospital I was checked for everything. Yes everything. I didn’t realise I was as fit as they said I was. After being taken to our room I was given 6 litre bottles of water to drink with an obnoxious liquid. This was to clear me out. Two hours later there was another 6 litres of water and more of the obnoxious liquid. Well it certainly cleared me out. I finally had time to sit back and take stock of the events. The room was fitted out with an en-suite bathroom, fridge and Sky TV. This would do us perfectly.

Tuesday 28th October at 9.30am I was wheeled down to the theatre. It seemed like there were 30 people in my entourage Pat included. At the theatre doors they all waved to me and shouted good luck Jane and Pat sneaked through and gave me a kiss. That was a lovely kiss to think of while I was going under the anaesthetic.

6.30pm and I woke in my hospital room with Pat alongside holding my hand and what seemed like the same 30 people there all doing there own jobs and checking up on me. In fact they never left me alone, if it wasn’t injections for pain or antibiotics, it was blood pressure and temperature and if that didn’t wake you up they would come in with trays of food and clean the room.
Saturday 1st November 5 days after my surgery, the Doctor waltzed in and said I was going to my hotel, as I was a most excellent patient. After a shampoo by the hospital hairdresser and a Thai foot massage by a gorgeous looking young lad (both provided as a present from the Doctor) we went to the hotel. Again transported by the Doctor’s own chauffer.

The Gold Orchid Hotel Bangkok

The hotel was just amazing. We both rated it as 4star. The cost? ?15 for a double room for the night and breakfast. The drinks at the bar were also cheap ?1.80 for a two-litre jug of Carlsberg and a second two-litre jug free. Pampered does not describe it fully. It was marvellous.
Visited twice a day by the Doctor and his clinic staff I had my packing removed on the Tuesday. On the Friday it was decided I was fit enough to travel to the Doctors clinic for treatment. Once again driven by his chauffer, after treatment he would either take you back to the hotel or shopping in the Plaza.

The Saturday night brought another present from Dr Pichet. He had hired a bus and all his staff and patients were first taken to a riverside restaurant for a beautiful meal and then on to the Grand Temple.

The event being celebrated was Loy Krathong which translated means launch float. This is the festival when a small boat type object is made from a base of banana leaves and adorned with flowers. A candle and also incense sticks are also added. You then take your Krathong to a body of water (pond, river or even hotel swimming pool) light the candle and sticks, say a prayer and then float your Krathong on the surface. The people of Thailand also wear their national dress as we witnessed at the hotel. After the temple we were taken to the river and were each handed a Krathong. We launched them amongst the thousands already there. The river was lit up as far as the eye could see. A very beautiful sight to be remembered.

Other excursions included the Grand Palace, Teakwood Mansion and our favourite Jim Thompson’s House. He was responsible for putting Thai silk on the world market. His house is kept open to the public and is absolutely stunning. He made his big brake when the filmmakers of The King and I selected him to make all of the costumes.

Being treated twice a day at the clinic continued. Two weeks after surgery it was time to start dilating. This caused some concern; it was so painful that the Doctor had me back in hospital. The problem? 25 years of smoking. There were pieces of dead skin causing the pain. The Doctor could not remove them in his clinic as it was too painful and he decided it would be better if I were sedated. After scraping away the dead skin all is fine. Don’t you ever worry about cost Jane, no matter how many times it takes? I will make you right.

The rest of my treatment went well and my final result is remarkable, not only does it look good, it feels good. Yes I do orgasm.

My final day proved very emotional for all. I had been there for 28 days and all of the clinic staff new both Pat and I personally by now. I remember crying on the shoulder of the Doctor’s wife when saying goodbye and then having another go hen giving all the other staff a hug goodbye.
Finally when shaking the Doctors hand he took my hand in both of his and said that he expects my own GP to be slightly scared of any treatment as he doesn’t deal with SRS on a daily basis. If I had any future problems whilst it was still healing, just contact him and make my way there and he would sort out the rest.

When initially speaking to him via email, he said if I went to him for surgery, he would treat me as a friend. Well he didn’t, he treated us as family and I will always remember him for that. Truly a great man with a big heart.

My confidence has improved greatly since my surgery and acceptance by others has also improved. Pat thinks it may have something to do with my features getting softer. I partly agree with her. Personally I think it’s because of the successful surgery that gives me that extra little spring in my step and I can only thank Dr Pichet for that and of course Pat for making it all possible in the first place.


Thailand, a beautiful place, full of beautiful people. There will always be a part of me there.

Visit my website at: http://www.janeducidre.homestead.com/

Jane Louise Ducidre

Dear Doctor Pichet:

Just want to thank you for your hospitality and utmost kindness you had shown during my stay in Bangkok last week. You can rest assure as I’m feeling much better now, although there is still some swelling but its not as tight as it was before. I will definately see you again in Thailand soon. Meanwhile you take good care and don’t work too hard! Thank you very much once again.

Yours sincerely,

Faye from Singapore

Good experience with surgery about eyelids and forehead lift with endoscopy in Bangkok plastic surgery.

Dear Dr. Pichet, Miss Mao and all staff of Bangkokplasticsurgery Clinic,

Once again just want to say thank you so much for the amazing surgery and care at the clinic. I had a wonderful time in Bangkok and hope to see you all next year again. Can’t wait to be back!It’s been only three weeks after surgery but everything healed completely and I’m very happy with a result!!!
You doctor made my dream come true and I appreciate it so much!!! 🙂 You are the absolutely best doctor and the best person I have ever met!!! 🙂 Wish you all the best in life, you are changing people’s lives for better every day and we all really grateful to you!

Anastassia from NewZealand.

Australian girl had good experience of revision breast surgery to 800 cc.

Hi Dr Pichet,
Thanks again below ;
I came to Dr Pichet to take out my 410cc silicone unders and replace them with 800cc sil unders and am so happy with the results.

I had my first breast augmentation in Bangkok last year at one of most famous advertisement hospital but after disagreeing with my old surgeon about size I found Dr Pichet and his clinic – What a shame I hadn’t found Dr Pichet sooner!
The care and overall experience I had with Dr Pichet far exceeds any other surgeon I have ever been to.

I was concerned that I would not be able to go as big as I would like and worried I would fly all the way there and be knocked back. After I explained my concerns to Dr Pichet via email. He was happy to eliminate that possibility by taking my measurements and making sure I wouldn’t waste my time and money. He always got back to my emails quickly.
After reading these testimonials and the correspondance we had had through email I knew he was the surgeon for me.

The surgery was booked and I was on the plane to Bangkok where Dr Pichet had sent a driver  to pick me and my partner up from the airport at no extra cost.
His lovely wife phoned the driver to speak to me as soon as i landed and assured me about my surgery the next morning and that the driver would pick me up at our hotel to take me to the clinic for my surgery where Dr pichets lovely wife Mrs Mao was waiting to greet me. She put me at ease almost instantly as like everyone else I had the normal pre surgery nerves.

Mrs Mao rang me everyday after I was discharged just to see if I was ok!
I also ran out of medication the day before I left to go back home to Australia so Mrs Mao had the clinics driver drop some more off to my hotel! These are extra touches you couldn’t get anywhere else – they come from very caring people.

Dr Pichet is wonderful happy person and brilliantly talented surgeon. As soon as I met him there was a connection and he was funny, calming, to the point and very caring.

Overall I couldn’t reccommend any place or surgeon any more than I could reccomend Dr Pichet and his clinic. Next time I am in Thailand I will visit.

I just want to thank Dr Pichet, Mrs Mao and all their wonderful staff for an unforgettable and lovely experience.

Karen from Australia

London lady patient had a good experience about the body lift with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet and Staff,
Having recently lost a lot of weight, I decided to have a tummy tuck, a breast lift and an arm lift. The excess skin had been worrying me for some time and I knew that I would not be happy until I had done something about it.

About three years ago, I had been to Harley Street to have breast implants. While the work was faultless, it was expensive and I found the attitude of the doctors and staff very clinical. Aftercare was not something they specialised in.
My family and I had been on holiday in Thailand, when I saw an advert for a plastic surgery clinic. The prices were incredibly reasonable and I decided to research the possibility of having my procedures done in Thailand. My husband was totally against it. He thought that it was more prudent for me to have it done in England, where he thought the medical facilities were the best. I continued doing my research. I wrote to a few surgeons and I had a friend that lived in Bangkok, who did a bit of asking around as well.

And after eventually convincing my husband, I was on a plane and off to Bangkok. Dr Pichet made sure that I was met at the airport. I arrived at an immaculate Clinic with the most incredibly caring and wonderful staff. I had my procedures done in the most professional and attentive manner, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Even though you are far from home, you never feel alone. There is someone to take care of you in the Clinic and Mrs Mao is a darling who makes sure that your every whim is catered for. All prices are inclusive and you literally donโ€™t pay for anything extra. Food, tests and transport were all laid on for me. When I became a little better, Mrs Pichet arranged shopping trips for me and nothing was too much trouble.

I could give you a detailed account of everything and everyone, but this would be unnecessary.  Suffice it to say that I could not recommend Dr Pichet highly enough; I am already planning another trip!

Carol-Ann from London ,British

American lady patient had a good experience about the face lift and body lift with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet and Staff,

Thank you all so very much for your kindness and care of me while I under went such a big surgery.  My tummy tuck, arm lifts, chin lift, back liposuction and face lift all turned out beautifully.  Dr. Pichet is a wonderful Plastic Surgeon and his attention to details made a huge difference to me.  Never before in my long life have I been treated so well and with such kindness, patience and professionalism.  When I got Bronchitis, Dr. Pichet got me a Lung specialist and when my Blood Pressure went a little whacky, I got a pulminary specialist.  He saw to my every need and desire.  I would recommend Dr. Pichet to anyone.  Especially, anyone I love.

Dr. Pichet has the best communications skills in BKK.  I have received emails, text messages, and heard from Mrs. Moa for every appointment.  I was never left unattending in any circumstance.  Never at the hospital or the hotel unless it was my idea.  Dr. Pichet’s driver really does pick you up at the Airport and takes you back.  He really cares that much about your well being.

Thank you again Dr. Pichet for a wonderful, exciting and perfect result.  Until we meet again,

Sincerely and Sawadee Kaa,

Ann 67 in Dec. from USA

Surgery went well with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet ,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and your staff and hope to see you again in the future, you have made me a very happy and complete woman and for that I am eternally greatful, I enjoyed my stay in Bangkok and miss you and the staff, I have never met such nice hospital staff in any of the hospitals or clinics I have been in here in the U.S.Again I want to say Thank You very much for making my dreams come true.

Your Friend, Mary from USA


Mary from USA

SRS Surgery with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok.

hello dr pichet its been over six weeks since ive been dicharged from your care and i can say that im doing very well and that the surgery was a success. im am very happy with the outcome. i am still dilating with the “tools” youve given me i have not yet to have sex with my boyfrend. my implants are amazing. im sooo proud of them. i am definately satisfied. thanks to you and your skills you have made me a happy woman. please thank your wonderful staff for me. they have been so good to me and that ill miss them all. i will be in touch. i really would like to come back to thailand for more services perhaps in a few years. once again thank you dr pichet i am so happy. a satisfied customer.


Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet

28th July 2001
Dear Dr.Pichet ,

This is just a short note to let you know how thoroughly satisfied I am with the recent procedure you performed on me. I have discovered a new found feeling of self-esteem and generally feel more confident in dealing with people.Moreover,I would like to add that, in addition to your skills as a plastic surgeon,it is your sincere ”Down to Earth ” personality which makes your patients(including myself) feel comfortable and at ease with you.It has indeed been a privilege and an honor to have known you … … and as I get older,I hope we can continue our professional relationship.I wish you all the success in your practice and would like to close by sending my warmest regards to your wife.(Japanese Translator)


Toshiki from Japan

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr.Pichet and your assistants,

A very “Big Thank You! ” to all of you. My stay here has been an extremely pleasant one.Thank you for your warmth hospitality.Also,I ‘m very grateful and thankful to your assistants who have been very patient, friendly,helpful and attentive to me. Throught this card ,I ‘m extending my deepful gratitude and thanks to everyone in the clinic.An early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you in the clinic.
God Bless all of you!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Ms.Lim from Singapore
29th Nov. 2003

“May the beauty of the season fill your heart with perace and joy May the New Year be everything you hope for ”

Ms.Lim from Singapore

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet

About my experience in Bangkok

To all who are considering Dr. Pichet as their surgeon, please read this. My name is Kristy Lace Worley, I was in Dr. Pichet’s clinic in October 2002 for gender reasignment surgery. It has now been a year since my surgery and the only reason I waited so long to write my testimonial about my dear friend is because of the doctors here in the United States. I was told that I would not last two months after surgery and I waited to prove to all that they were wrong in their diagnosis about me. The Dr.s that would consider me for surgery had a waiting list that would have put me waiting for two to three years away. Being 46 years old at the time, I believed that I did not have that many good years left to have my life as a female, so time for me was of the essence. When I wrote Dr. Pichet it was out of desperation and was hoping that he would just write me back. When I recieved Dr.Pichet’s e-mail I was almost afraid to read it because of all the rejections I had previously. With a broken spirit and heart I gained enough strength to read what he wrote me. I opened up the e-mail and as I began to read it the tears of joy and happiness ran down my face. He was so sweet in his letter to me, telling me he would be happy to help fullfill my lifes dream. It was a gift from God when he sent me that e-mail. Dr. Pichet is not only a doctor, but he is also an angel in disguise to all that need this surgery. His staff is also a group of caring people that have nothing but the patients best intrest as their first objective. They make your stay there as comfortable as they can, which was important to me because I went alone. Not knowing how to speak the language and being in a foreign country was a little overwhelming, but their love and kindness made all the fear go away. I am very happy with my life now, and will always be indebted to what Dr. Pichet did for me. His love and care for the transexuals needs are beyond compare. He is a gift from God to us that are caught up in this mixed up world of transexualism. I do not wish that who all read this just take my word for it. Do your research, but you will find that you will find none better. As for cost, he tries to keep all costs down to a minimum.But to me it was not the money. It was his love and care that he shows to all his patients that make him a wise choice. I hope that someday all his patients could go back there at one time so we all could meet and pay tribute to a man that well deserves it. I do plan on moving to Thailand to live as soon as I can. I not only fell in love with the Dr., staff, and his family, but the country as well. So someday I hope to see you there. You will be happy with your decission. With all my love and deepest admiration do I write this, and I know in my heart that if you make going there your choice you will feel the same.

May God bless you all,



Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet,

First and foremost I’d like to thank you for the wonderful experience I had when I visited Bangkok and scheduled two procedures with you. I would like to commend you for your patience, dedication, professionalism and commitment to give me nothing but the best in terms of medical and personal treatment. I have never met a doctor so kind and attentive to my needs. Thank you for giving me adequate information prior to the procedure, and giving me a fair and unbiased view of what I was about to go through. From the day of surgery to my discharge and recovery, I felt like I was merely on a brief vacation. Your staff as well, including Mrs. Mou, were extremely friendly, encouraging and caring. They were all smiles at all times, and treated me like a friend from the very start. Everything I needed from medicines, to small supplies were handed to me on time. Never, at one point did I feel any bit of discomfort or pain. I was even strolling and doing a little shopping around your beautiful city right after I was discharged. The hospital was excellent, and the nurses were equally caring and professional. I would like to note your choice of naesthelogist (I didn’t get her name), she made me very comfortable before the procedure.Also, thank you for answering my late calls, numerous and seemingly endless emails, and other concerns. You are TRULY a doctor of such great caliber. God bless you and your practice.

Chris Lee
Manila, Philippines
Chest and Abdominal Liposuction email : edible1980@yahoo.com

(I’ll use this name instead, thank you)

Chris Lee, Manila, Philippines

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet

Hi, my name is Robin. A 42 year old recently post-op transsexual. My partner and I have been together for 26 years, married for 23 years and closer now more than ever. This is my story and opinions of my Thailand adventure with Dr. Pichet, I hope they help you in your decisions.

I recently returned from Thailand where I was under Dr. Pichet’s care from August 13th 2003 through September 5th 2003.

I had extensive surgery and I’m VERY happy with the Dr. Pichet, his staff, and the results. I had SRS with colon resection, full facial feminization (FFS) surgery, and breast implants. The FFS surgery included full brow lift, upper and lower eyelid, complete nose reshaping, lip augmentation, jaw reduction, chin reduction, cheek implants, and adams apple shaving.

The man is wonderful! He really cares about you as a person and not as an income source. He spent 4 hours going over the surgery plan with me, and another hour or so doing an examination in his clinic the day after I arrived. I then was taken to the hospital where he had head x-rays, chest x-rays, and heart tests done to confirm my health status. Once the tests were complete I was admitted to the hospital into a fantastic private hospital suite. This room was about 30 feet by 20 feet in size with a mini kitchen and with a full view of the city. I had a nursing assistant assigned to me (no extra cost) as a companion even thought my spouse came with me. This wonderful girl stayed with my spouse while I was in surgery and intensive care, even slept in the room with her to keep her company. Once I was back in my room she took care of me as my personal nurse, a service that just cannot be found in the USA.

With Dr. Pichet you pay a flat fee for his services, including the hospital charges and all medical costs, there are no other “charges” that you must pay for except your hotel room once out of the hospital. He and his staff come to you in your hotel as necessary twice a day, and then when your ready provides a personnel taxi service to bring you to him wherever he is, the hospital or the clinic. The doctor even provides your meals, which you order through his staff each day (Thai food, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds etc). He will not accept money for this, he tells you that he knows you ’re in a foreign land and need extra care to feel at ease.

The doctor was concerned about the length of my surgery, at 12.5 hours it was at that time his longest so far, so at no additional expense to me he placed me in intensive care for a day as a precaution before releasing me to my hospital room. He even came back to the hospital at 3 AM and slept in a adjacent hospital room one night when I had stomach pains to be sure I was ok!

The surgeries all turned out perfect! I never ran a fever and recovered quickly. Like I said above the doctor pays for all medical care including medicines. He had me on constant antibiotics for 2 weeks, IV meds while in the hospital and then pill form once out. My SRS results are, in my mind, perfect. I have over 6 inches in vaginal depth and I’m using a size 6 dilator (1 5/16″) without problems. The doctor had me dilating the 4th day after surgery and counseled me how important it was that I did so at least twice a day if I wished to be sexually active. The basic look of the neo-vagina is acceptable but will need a secondary cosmetic surgery if I wish it to be perfect at some later point. I have great sensation at the clitoris and feeling throughout the surgical area. I ’ve since experienced vaginal sex with a man and enjoyed it immensely! Dr. Pichet ’s skill and the clinic ’s staff support have allowed me to become a complete woman at last.

The breast implants are even and look very good. The bruising was very bad initially but has healed quickly. The doctor does NOT place the implants below the muscle so if you wish that procedure you should look elsewhere.

Things to think about:

The internet reviews I’ve read suggests Doctor Pichet does not get great vaginal depth with a simple penile skin inversion, and he does not do secondary skin graphs. OPINION: Unless you are of VERY large length in your penis you will not get great depth with a simple inversion technique from any doctor from what I’ve learned. If a depth of more than 2.5 inches or so is desired he highly suggests sigmoid colon resection surgery, but cautions you quite hard on the additional risks before accepting your decision to go forward. Dr. Pichet does not perform the colon resection alone, but brings in a general surgeon to harvest the colon section and assist him in its attachment.

If you are a smoker or heavy drinker be ready to quit these activities before and while under his care. We all know these activities are bad for the body and know we should not do them after major surgery. If you are overweight than loose the weight before contacting the doctor, he will want full body pictures to evaluate your medical readiness to go through these surgeries. Common sense suggests you know these things, but the doctor gets girls all of the time wanting surgery while not following these simple medical requirements.

Be ready for an adventure in a foreign country, this is not the USA, as almost everything will be excitingly different. Be prepared to talk with the doctor over and over as necessary to get your wishes clear. He speaks very good English but some concepts don’t translate well. Remember he lives in Thailand and his primary language is Thai. Keep communicating until you and he are talking the same thing. You ’re contacting him for the price savings and because of recommendations such as this one, accept the challenges that go with your decision.

Learn about the risk of blood clots. The surgery, hospital stay, and primarily the long plane flights add up to a significant risk of blood clotting. On my return flight I did not get up and move around enough and ended up with a pulmonary embolism, a serious blood clot in the lungs. This put me back in the hospital for 3 days and is a very serious life threatening condition. I can not stress enough that you should consult with your home doctor and doctor Pichet on this issue! There are things you and your doctors can do to greatly reduce the risks.

Do’s and don’ts

Don’t expect Dr. Pichet to do anything that a USA doctor will not. Don’t expect that the doctor is God, each body will heal in its own way. Plastic surgery is an art first and a science second. You very well may get an infection or heal slowly with no fault of the doctors. Don’t expect that there are no risks in getting these surgeries, there ARE RISKS. Worst case is you could die on the table or you may not get the final results you are looking for in the end.

Do contact many doctors to get their opinion on what is possible and best for you. I contacted 7 doctors, 5 in Thailand and 2 in the US before continuing. Do contact the doctor ’s previous patients, I contacted 6 of Dr Pichet’s previous patients before deciding I would trust this man with my life and my dreams. Any good doctor will get you the information necessary to contact his previous patients, if not, go elsewhere.


This doctor in an honorable and caring man first, a very good plastic surgeon second. I highly recommend him and his staff as a possible candidate for you. Thailand is an adventure that is not to be missed, I can see no reason to pay the extreme prices for a US doctor and miss the adventure of Thailand as well.

If you have more questions or wish a more detailed and candid review of Dr. Pichet please do not hesitate to contact me at rtuttle@speakeasy.org.



SRS experience with Dr.Pichet in BPS from Catherine Simousek

30 March 2008

In December 2007 I came to Bangkok for SRS with Dr.Pichet. Even though I had spent a long time planning this I was a bit nervous about flying halfway around the world to someone I had never met and whose skill I could only gauge by a friend I had met quite recent to my decision to complete the surgical part of my gender transition. My friend was quite pleased with her facial, breast, and Sex Reassignment Surgery she had done by Dr. Pichet. She looks great and she feels great. So, I did some more research and made my choice. I chose Dr. Pichet Rodchareon and set my plans in motion.

When we arrived in Bangkok I was a bundle of nerves and Dr. Pichet and his staff did their best to make me and my partner feel welcome and at ease. We were driven from the new and very modern airport to a nice hotel and were picked up the next morning and taken to the clinic. The big day had arrived for me. BPS has a new clinic that was very clean and professional looking. The BPS staff was always attentive and caring. I felt I was in good hands throughout my visit to Bangkok.

The surgery went great and I was surprised at how little pain I felt after the sleepy time drugs wore off. Throughout my recovery in Bangkok the staff at BPS was fantastic, they even bought me a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. The trip to Kret Island was wonderful and the atmosphere in Bangkok is very nice. People are very friendly and nearly everyone smiles. The fried chicken and other food from the street vendors is inexpensive and very good. If you learn a little Thai it is very helpful for when you are out and about but the staff knows English so no worries there. Another thing that I noticed was how very large Bangkok was, but people were always friendly, unlike other large cities in America.

The hospital staff was excellent and at times I was overwhelmed by number of people looking after me and helping me heal after my surgery. They helped me heal my new vagina but they also helped me heal inside too. I am so grateful for all they did for me. It struck me how much better the care was in Bangkok as opposed to the American health care system. You will be pleased with the difference in attitudes and attention you will receive in Thailand, a much better place to get medical care in my opinion.

I must admit I made some of my decisions based on cost as I am of modest financial needs and one must consider all the incidental expenses that Dr.Pichet includes in his price such as vaginal dilators and medical supplies. While price was only one the factors I considered when choosing a surgeon you will want to consider the extra money the incidental expenses would cost you in America as it all adds up. Why pay more for less?

I made a calculated risk in choosing Dr. Pichet and I am happy that I made the right choice. If you are considering any of the surgery options Dr. Pichet offers all I can say is you will be very pleased as am I. You will come for surgery but you will never want leave because the people at BPS are awesome. Dr. Pichet and his staff made my dreams come true and they can do the same for you. So, what are waiting for? Call or write Dr. Pichet today and start down the path of turning your dreams into reality.
If I can do it. so can you.

Megan and I wish Dr. Pichet and his staff all the best.




Renee Simousek, Madison, WI, USA

Second trip for surgery in Bangkok Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Well, let’s see. This is #2 trp to bangkok. The firsty was 4 years ago to have my SRS. The experience was /is amazing. I was so very happy with the results of srs, the functionality, ( i  orgasmed withing 2 weeks) was amazing. Tiik took care of me the first trip in the hopsital room. The Dr. sends a girl to stay overnight with you in the hospital . It is a wonderful secure feeling knowing you are safe. This trip was for labiaplasty, forehead lift and full face lift. I had also let dialation go as I had had personal issues ( cancer and divorce-married to a man right before the initial SRS-) so my depth eas not good. Dr Pichet gave me more depth and now I am happy. This time Tiik was promoted up and One(i think thats how you spell it) was in my room at hospital. It was nice to see Mrs. Pichet, elegant and so kind, Mrs Moa, who will get any need fufilled for you and check on you daly, Tok and the others .

You cannot go wrong with this clinic and Dr Pichet. The care that is given to you is unequalled in the world..From the pick up at the airport to the care at the clinic to delivery back home, hou are fawned over, and if there is anything you need, there will be som eone anticipating it and asking before you can.

The results of The Drs Work is Phenomanal, remember I said it was my fault I needed more depth, If i had been better at my personal home care I would not have needed that part of this trips surgery.

When you are sent home there are no more stitches, no more bandages, and while you are hear the girls wash and dry your hair(something that certainly helps in feeling better and recovery)

I stayed at Princeton Park Hotel. Last time the Gold Orchid. I would highly recommend either hotel. Both go out of their way to understand your needs and to make you feel comfortable. This trip I pulled out my castheter accidently while sleeping. I though their was alot of blood,(wanst really, just looked that way) I called the hotel opertator to call the clinic. The lady went out of her way to make sure I was okay, the Dr. contacted. The dr came immediately, cleaned everything up and I was as good as new.
The lady art the hotel asks me every morning If All is well. Such kindness and consideration is par for the course here.

Their are drivers at your call. Mr Hi took me to the Grand Palace. A more beautiful sight I am hardpressed to not Also to the Zoo) I love Animals.

Again I highly recommend this place, Dr. Pichet, His wonderful wife, Staff, Drivers, etc, as it is not just a surgical experience that is provided, it is a LIFE experience that is provided.

Thank you to all at Bangkok Plastic Surgery Center.


Ms Rachel Carter

Good experience with liposuction surgery with Bangkok Plastic Surgery

hello dr. pichet and mrs. pochanee

i had a wonderful time there in bangkok. i haven’t had harsh pains after the surgery i think it’s because dr. pichet is skillful and experienced.i was lucky i could find you. thank you so much. and i also say thank you to staffs. especially to mrs. mao. she is strong and has good personality. i want to be like her in my future. in bangkok, i enjoyed shopping, too. bangokok has very good transportation. i used ordinary train, metro, pink taxi and motor-taxi. the place for shopping, i liked the market close to a park. 57baht from suthiisarn. i also had a lady tailor to make my trousers for the workplace. she is very good. i liked bangkok so much, so i would be there in may. at the end one thing to ask you dr. pichet. i would like to have the picture taken at your hospital. thank you.

Harumi from Japan

Liposuction experiece with Dr.Pichet MD

Hello Dr. Pichet,

How are you doing? I just wanted to thank you so very much for everything. I was a little afraid coming to a new country not knowing anyone or anybody. You know you hear alot stories about going to a place alone by contacting people on the internet. Everyone was great. You and your Staff treated my like I was one of the family. You were there to get me from the airport and brought me straight to the clinic just like you said you would. I was not expecting to have my surgery the day I got there but I am glad I did. I had Lipo and a mole removed. They even showed me the fat that was removed and gave me back my mole…lol. I thought it would hurt more than it did. Smile thank you for the drugs….Any and everything I needed or wanted you provided. I could call on you for anything even if it was not related to my surgery. They even took me out to see the city. All my concerns and questions were answered before I asked. They booked my hotel right cross from the clinic before I got there. They even came to the hotel to check on me and clean my wounds in the room. I was treated like a queen. You have very good taste in hotels. It was very clean and pretty to look at. Internet was also free. Thank you so much for treating me like I was somebody and not just a person paying money for a service. I laughed alot with ya’ll and that made me feel right at home with you and your staff. I look great and my friends knew something was different as soon as I got back but that is our secret. I have refered to you my friends and I will be back if I need anything else done. Stay Blessed and keep in touch.

Stephanie H. from Columbia S.C. Stationed in Iraq

With God all things are possible!


Stephanie H. from Columbia S.C. Stationed in Iraq

After fear to contact with Bangkok Plastic Surgery and finally get to be VIP liposuction patients.

My sincere testimony to you, Dr. Pichet and Team:

I really want to praise and thank Dr. Pichet and his team (Ms: Tak, Lek, Ann, Benz, Wan, Mao, drivers: James, Mr Hai and few more which i never got hold of their name) who looked after me, and my daughter, with their professional and EXCELLENT services during my 7D/6N stay in Bangkok .
And not forgetting the anesthesiologist who “calms” and put me to sleep. 🙂

After all my conditions was stable on that day afternoon, I was allowed to go back to my hotel. So Dr send his drv and secretary to accompany and send us back to hotel.
On the same nite, and next following days, the secretary would call me once or twice to chk on my condition. So sweet of her..

All meals were provided to us when we were there.
Wow! I was amazed and salute at the VIP service Dr. Pichet has provided to us during our stay there!

I really think the amount I paid is much more worth it becos I truly see a team of professionals who cares and loves their patients like their own family members!!!
It was definitely much more than I hv expected from him and his team!!!

What a bunch of generous and kind hearted people!!!

May God bless each and everyone of them much more in return



Jeanie from Singapore