FAQ 1 : I am post operative M to F and am interested in your buttock enlargement surgery. Please, can you tell me about the surgical procedure, the risks inhaving implants, and the costs.

This is include maybe airport service transfers, one night stay in a grand hospital accomodation(private),operation room and recovery room,chest xrays, medicalsupplies & equipment, pharmaceuticals and anesthetic gases,surgeon and anesthesiologist fees is 3,500 us $.The technique I perform is to put the gluteus implant at your midline groove at between buttock with a small scar around 6-7 cms.The risk is very low because it is easier to do than the breast enlargement. I think this implant buttock enlargement is better than own tissue such as fat or other material . This kind of surgery get quite long lasting and low risk complication. If you don’t like and want to remove, you can do at anytime. I need you have to stay in Bangkok around 7-10 days.

FAQ 2 : Could you tell me how much the best quality breast implants cost for a woman?

Right now , the material implants are most common use into Saline and Cohesive gel implant. You can use of them. Most people prefer to do silicone gel implant more than saline. You can choose incision at three most common site at arm pits, nipple and under breast. Most common incision done in asian is arm pit, however, least complication is under breast and nipple incision. They are easily corrected in future and can do the same cut. Doing the breast implant , you have to show your own breast pictures to your doctors to estimate that it is quite well to do this kind o of surgery or not. Some cases having a little bit breast nipple sagging into ptotic breast Gr 3, nipple lower than mammary fold, you need to get added breast lift at the same time as breast implant.

FAQ 3 : Question of the real curiosity of the SRS or GRS or Transexual operation.

Answer in the following issues,

1.Clitoris,I use your glan penis or your spongiosum tissue for the neurovascular pedicle replaced.This is the sensate pedicle flap that you refer to. Most of people have been done with this technique have an orgasm.

2. Hair at genital area ; If you decide to use the scrotal graft for replacing in vagina wall, I have never faced in the problem of the hair grown again in neovagina but in general there are some problem in shallow neovagina. To do scrotal skin grafts, you don’t need to get rid of your hairy scrotal skin before surgery. I will remove this hair for you before doing surgery.

3. Scrotal skin graft vaginoplasty, It is good to get deeper vagina than penile inversion technique in case of short penile skin. In the case of penile inversion, if you don’t want to have sex with the long penis you should forget it.This technique,scrotal skin grafts vaginoplasty, is very easy to do for the SRS and rapid heal,too. If you want to get the deep vagina, I will recommend the sigmoidcolon-cut surgery that is very invasive and need a general surgeon to join in my team.If the colon-cut surgery success, the neovagina will be naturally-moistured and deeper,however,you get a lot of jobs maybe you have a lot of risk,too.Furthermore, you should do the sigmoidcolon cut surgery for the 6 month later,it will be kept for you in safe. I have not suggested the sigmoid colon vaginoplasty as beginning of SRS.

4. Anyway,the SRS is the easy job to do when compare the other job in plastic and reconstructive surgery because it is the secret knowledge that make some doctor not able to do. You don’t worry about that situation. If you trust me and give me best chance to take care, I will try my best to you,in the other word, I won’t try to disappoint you,too. You don’t think too much. You do your normal job and hope to be looking to seeing me in my beutiful Bangkok,the angel city of South East Asia. Thank you for keeping in touch of my information.

FAQ 4 : Please could you give further info more regarding silicone for the lips, I.E cost, booking procedure many thanks.

I will not do Liquid Injectable Silicone,I have preferred to do temporary dermis fillers. Most dermal fillers is collagen like material and it is temporary restylene ( http://www.restylane.info)

FAQ 5 : I would like a consultation with you soon thereafter. I am thinking of having a facelift, and wish to discuss this with you. I probably will be ready for the procedure as soon as possible after the consultation. I am single, and will probably be staying at the Atlantic Hotel, on Sukhumvit Soi 2. I have visited Thailand several times previously. I am a male, US citizen, 70 years of age, and in excellent health. I have undergone an upper eyelid surgery about 4 years ago, but have not had other plastic surgery. Attached hereto is a photo of myself. The best way to correspond with me is by email. In your response to this message, can you tell me if (by looking at my photo) whether a facelift would be effective, what other procedures you might perform, the approximate cost, and when and where you suggest for the initial consultation.

Thank you very much for your interest to consult to me about your facelift.I take a look at your picture already and it is so aging that you need the total facelift with SMAS tecnique.The cost for total facelift is 2,000 us$ include 2 day stay in hospital and need to do the operation under general anesthesia.I recommend you should check up your heart and body fitness again before your operation.Anyway, I think you can pass your body checkup program include 2,000us$ exact price. If you want to do right on the exact time,please make appointment now. I have a lot of cases that could be made appointment. If you come to Bangkok that time, you can contact me on my mobile 081-813-0373( or international call +668-1813-0373)

FAQ 6 : I am wanting to get information regarding double eyelid surgery and neck liposuction. I am currently working in Tianjin, China and I am a Caucasian male 53 years old. Please provide price to include all costs involved, also procedures for this surgery. Are you able to provide surgury on this time schedule? I tried to contact you via web site .

You can do the operation about eyelid surgery and face lift. This surgery operation make you stay in a hospital about one night and stay in Bangkok around 7-10days.I think that you should send me about your picture attached with e’mail. Its cost is totally around 3,500 us $ as face lift and double lid as 1,200 usd.If you want to contact me you can enter http://www.bangkokplasticsurgery.com