Better looking from my nose surgery at Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Dear Dr Pichet!
it is already past 7 months after me and my friend had been through nose hump removal in your clinic. we just wanted to say thank you for your job. it is well done and we are very happy we met you! i attached a photo with our new noses)
How r you doing? is everything going well?

Best wishes and regards,



Surgery at Dr. Pichet’s

SRS experience from Rose USA

To Bangkok Plastic Surgery Team,

I have returned home and all is well. I appreciate all the effort that your team displayed. They were very courteous and met all my needs appropriately . Your team and you were very professional and made me feel at home. I would like to thank you for all you did for me .

Sincerely ,

Rose from USA

Hair Transplant for someone that cant afford it in his own country

Dr Pichet,

Firstly I would like to introduce myself to the readers of this testimonial……My name is Peter and I live in Australia.  I have had hair transplants before in Australia.  Seeing the Cost is so high here I decided to look at a cheaper and more affordable option being in Thailand as we had an advantage with our currency.  Well what can I say? ……… At the start I was hesitant and scared to travel all that way for such an important surgery but wait till you read the end………

After arriving at BKK airport I was greeted by beautiful Thai people where I was then taken in a luxury vehicle to my hotel which was already booked by Dr Pichet.  The next morning another luxury vehicle was there to pick me up nice and early for surgery where I went to Dr Pichet’s clinic.  From the moment I got there the VIP RED CARPET treatment started.  My shoes where removed for me, I was introduced to everyone and after a quick and efficient consultation I showered in their sterile facilities and then we commenced surgery.  I remember the last joke I cracked before I fell asleep under anaesthetic…..I told Dr Pichet “No Breast Implants” I want “Hair Implants”….And what can I say about the end result….!!!!! NEVER in my past operations have I had soooo many grafts removed and SUCCESSFULLY implanted … I basically had to be implanted hair for hours and hours and when it was all done I was seated in the lounge area where I was brought a beautiful McDonald’s meal of my choice and with the staff sitting around the couch with me as if they were my own family I enjoyed my meal.

After leaving the surgery I went to my hotel being a Monday and I received a phone call from Ms Tak the clinical staff to check up on how I was feeling.  On the Wednesday I went back into the surgery for a check up and a wash and again in a luxury vehicle free of charge.  Finally on Friday I had my stitching removed and flew back home to Australia where now I am recovering very well thanks to the precise medication Dr Pichet gave me and his unique work. I had phone calls from Ms Tak every day showing her concern for my well being !!!! I never had this treatment in my country but in Thailand they made me feel special and loved.

For anyone SCARED of going to a 3rd world country to have surgery I tell you DON’T BE.  I’m from Australia and the treatment I got there was VIP Royalty.  The Staff are more experienced due to the high volume of surgeries and if I ever needed another surgery again I would be going to see Dr Pichet.  His staffs are polite, professional and helpful.  I have no bad feedback but all I can say is a big thank you to the Bangkok Plastic Surgery Centre, to Dr Pichet himself for his amazing skills, professional attitude and funny personality and his beautiful staffs.  I believe God put you there for a reason Dr Pichet.  To make this dream of hair implants possible for someone that cant afford it in his own country.  May The Lord keep you all well and safe mate

Thank you for making me feel as if I never left home, thank you for being my second family in Thailand.  Love you all


Peter From Australia

Surgery at Dr. Pichet’s
Surgery at Dr. Pichet ’s –

is more than just surgery …. It is worldclass care, compassion, curtesy without limits and an interest in you as a person, not just a patient, that is almost overwhelming.

When I set out to browse the net for prices on the surgery I wanted done, Dr. Pichet was one of the surgeons I stumbled over. I checked out a number of other places inThailand and found him to be the cheapest – actually some of the prices I found were twice as high as his …

The fact that his price was so low actually made me more suspecious at first, but the more I checked him out, the more confident I became.

The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok did not actually recommend Dr. Pichet, but they knew him as a Board Certified surgeon with a good reputation. The Royal Thai Embassy in Denmark said the same.

I also contacted 3 of Dr. Pichets former patients. I found their e-mail addresses in the testimonials. One wrote back to me – Jane Ducidre from England. She answered all my questions thoroughly and ended her mail writing – stop worrying, just go!

So I did – and there is absolutely no regrets whatsoever!

My son and I came to Bangkok on june 18th at noon and Dr. Pichet and his staff literally took us by the hand the minute we landed at the airport – and they didn ’t let go untill 2 weeks later when we were back on the plane and homebound again. We were always being picked up by one of the two drivers from Dr. Pichet ’s clinic and taken straight to whereever we might be going – even sight-seeing!!!! Never ever were we left on our own to take a taxi unless we specificly said we wanted to do so.

During our stay I received all possible kinds of care, both before and after surgery, while I was admitted to the hospital and after that while we stayed at the Princeton Park Suites hotel.

On day 2 after surgery I got rather sick, naucious and dizzy, so Dr. Pichet had a general physician come and check me up immediately and again the next day – absolutely nothing was left to charge.

When I had trouble chewing the food provided by the hospital (I had a facelift), softer food was simply just ordered for me outside the hospital. All the time my son stayed with me in the same room at no extra cost – bed, food and everything! Even a hairdresser and footmassage was paid for by Dr. Pichet! I felt like a princess!

Being discharged from hospital my son and I went out on our own to do a lot of sight-seeing and shopping. As my surgery allowed me to move about fairly quickly we started out to do end see things already on the day of discharge. I know for a fact thought, that had we asked for it, the clinic would have provided us with one of their drivers to take us anywhere we wanted. We preferred to find our own way around though.

Every other day I was brought into the clinic to get a full check-up and to get wounds cleaned up and re-dressed. And every other day when I did not have an appointment, I would get a phone call in the morning from the clinic to see if I had slept all right, if I had any pains or swelling and if the healing was coming along allright. Again – nothing was left to charge.

All the doubts I had about going to a foreign country with different customs and ways of life and let a –to me- completely unknow surgeon of whose skills I had learned only very little – let him sedate me and put a knife to my face (and other precoius parts) were completely washed away when I first got to meet Dr. Pichet.

Dr. Pichet filled me with confidence and trust during our hour-long talk at the clinic. I like the way he listens to you and relates to your wishes. He sees the pros and cons of your requests and tells you so.

Also I was very releived to see the professionalism of the Wibhawadi Hospital during all the test I had to go through before surgery – once again nothing was left to chance. Everything was checked – blood, urine, X-ray, ultrasound, ECG etc etc.

Dr. Pichet has 15 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon and I must say, he knows his job! The results are amazing. Check out the ’before and after ’ pictures on his website and see for yourselves.

For my own parts – I can only say that I returned home happier and more beautiful than I had dared hope for. Thanks to you, Dr. Pichet!

If any of you reading these lines have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

My e-mail is j-lo@privat.tele.dk – send me an e-mail and I will gladly return you mail, or call you if you wish.


Jeannette Larsen Lorentzen Denmark

Breast Augmentation Surgery from one of Australian patient.

My name is Rebecca, I am 24 years old living in Australia. I am a mum & work as a dancer. The aim of the surgery was to improve my small A cup breasts to a large B or small C cup size……about the same as I was before having my boys. Not to mention the fact that my new boobs would help my job prospects.

A year earlier I had looked at having the surgery done in Australia but the costs had been progressively ballooning and I had seen & heard some nightmare stories that I put down to a lack of practice by the surgeons because of our small population. So I went looking for a surgeon overseas because of the sheer volume associated with the Plastic Surgery Travel boom.
To be honest, I had seen some of the best looking women in the world and they had started life as men…….Thailand seemed to be the centre of this industry.

After 8 months of research, I finally felt confident in selecting Dr Pichet to do my Breast Augmentation surgery. Many e-mails had been sent and the answers were always back quickly with any information requested. The beauty of the Web is that you can get lots of information on Plastic surgeons, both good & bad. I had read the lot, filtered the B.S. & believed that my decision was a good one.

I felt I had all the answers but it was not until I got to Bangkok that the full weight of my decision dawned on me. I was about to experience a bit of a culture shock.

My partner & I had originally planned to fly in and have the surgery done straight away. As luck would have it, we got to fly to Thailand 5 days earlier than planned and decided to spend them in Pattaya, holidaying. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS. The time to relax is a bonus, not to mention the additional shopping time….hehe.

You will not feel much like enjoying yourself for a few days after the surgery. About 6 days after my surgery, we went back to Pattaya to finish off the trip & I was only just starting to come good. Take a few days to relax……..It definitely made the whole experience better.

We arrived back in Bangkok on January 4, 2006 to see the doctor and it was at this point that I had a few doubts. You see, Dr Pichet had been so professional in all our correspondence that I had assumed he would have a BIG FLASHY surgery.

When we arrived to do the checkups & documentation I was presented with a small 2 storey building packed with desks and staff. Don’t get me wrong, it was clean & neat but small. My images evaporated. I was wondering what I had got myself into. Luckily, talking to the doctor made me feel a bit better. He is very straight forward & professional in person. He also mentioned that he was aware of this Western medical perception & that he was planning a move to more traditional premises. It shouldn’t matter but it did for a while.

Within the hour, we had completed the documentation, photos & had checked in to our hotel. Dr Pichet’s driver (a great man called Hai), picked my partner & I up from the hotel to go to the hospital. It was about 11am & surgery was scheduled for 1pm as I had already been fasting. On arrival at the grand Private Hospital I was met by one of Dr Pichet’s nurses & fast tracked
through the X-ray process & testing. I DO MEAN FAST TRACKED! I was in my very comfortable private room by 12. It had cable TV, private bathroom….all the mod cons. It was better than most hospitals I have seen in Australia, including the private ones.

All my pain killers, Anti inflammatory & Antibiotic drugs had been supplied to the hospital by the doctor as part of his service. The hospital staff were great during my 2 day stay and the meals were restaurant quality…….even though I did not eat many of them. I am not a fan of pain & you will experience your fair share……but again, if the oral pain killers were not doing the job then the hospital nurses happily administered some additional help through the IV, plus the odd sleeping tablet to help during the nights. AGAIN……NO CHARGE.

Surgery went off on time & without a hitch. I was back in my room about 2.30pm. The nurses did 15 minute blood pressure checks for 2 hours after surgery. After surgery, you are strapped up with a VERY TIGHT bandage to keep the implants in place while healing. I felt like I couldn’t breath & wanted it off immediately.

This is evidently quite common & the doctor made it very clear that the bandage was going to stay on for the next couple of days or I was to prepare to have the surgery done again. He won that battle although I did complain regularly to my partner (Who stayed with me in the hospital room during my 2 days, at no additional cost). IF YOU CAN, HAVE SOME EMOTIONAL SUPPORT WITH YOU, IT DOES HELP!

I had chosen to have my 275cc implants done from under the arm & under the pectoral muscle. I believe this is a slightly more painful procedure but I am very glad that I had it done this way. The 50mm long armpit scars are disappearing nicely and the breast shape is very natural.

The new textured silicon gel implants feel very natural & also have some good properties in the unlikely event that they should ever be punctured. The procedure makes it hard for you to lift your arms above your head but 4 weeks down the track I am improving with a bit of exercise. Another couple of weeks & I will be back to normal.

Another bonus in dealing with Dr Pichet is his assistant, Mrs Mao. She is a lovely lady who only a phone call away. She organised everything for us, from trips to local shopping centres, to transport to Pattaya (with Hai because “he is safe”) and even talking with taxi drivers who couldn’t find their way back to our hotel. Mrs Mao was a real bonus to us.

All in all, the whole experience has been a great one. I love my new boobs ( and play with them daily….hehe). Dr Pichet is a very good surgeon, the hospital was great and the end results justify the pain. I couldn’t be more happy ( and I am definitely happier than an acquaintance of mine that had hers done in Sydney a month earlier at triple the price).

I had a great holiday in lovely Thailand. Had some excellent surgery done. Shopped like a demon for some great new cloths to suit my new body shape and met some fine people………what more could a girl ask for?

I highly recommend Dr Pichet’s service & would happily go back to him for other services he provides.

I hope this will help any prospective Augmentation patients.


Breast lift with implant done at Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Dear Dr Pichet and Team,
I am writing to thankyou all so very much for everything that you done for me over the last 5 days. I am back home in Sydney, Australia now and am absolutely thrilled with my new Breasts. I wanted to take the time to let everyone that was envolved in my surgery and caring for me how wonderful and amazing i think you all are. From the time I arrived, although I was there alone, i never once felt frightened or scared. I can’t believe how above and beyond you all went to make me feel comfortable and at ease. Although i was in a foreign Country and it was my first time in Thailand (or Overseas for that matter), I never for one minute felt that I was away from home. Truth be told, I believe that you wouldn’t be as greatly Cared for if you were home here in Australia, as I was with you and your team in Bangkok. Your professionalism and kindness has honestly amazed me. I would highly recommend anyone getting any form of Plastic Surgery there by you and your team, and who knows I may even see you in the future for a different kind of procedure.
Thankyou so much again and I will be forever truly greatful

Kind Regards

Kristy Roknic Sydney, Australia

My subcutaneous mastectomy surgery(FtM breast reduction) experience with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok

First of all I would like to say million thanks to Dr. Pichet and all his staffs. They are all nice people and giving so much care and pay so much attention on their patients. I’m very appreciate to all their services that were provided.
I’m also happy with the enviornment of the clinic and the hospital. The place is very clean, their equipments and facitlies are pretty nice and enough for patients to have good rest after surgery. Every patients also have their own private room to rest after surgery.
I had my subcutaneous mastectomy surgery on September 12, 09. Once I arrived the hospital, the staff had given me some documents to read and sign. Those documents were to explain everything about the surgery I’m taking. Everything had stated clearly on the documents, not much I need to ask about. Than the last thing would be consulting with Dr. Pichet and which is the best way of doing the surgery.
My surgery were done in a pretty short period of time. Once I started to feel awake, I started to look around the room, than I saw a staff sitting beside my bed, which were to sit and wait me to wake up in order to tell the nurse and doctor. Very nice of her!
After awhile, the nurses start coming in time by time to check if everything is alright with me, so do Dr. Pichet!
I don’t feel much pain after the surgery. The only thing that bothers me were the blood drains, but overall nothing really bothers me. They had provided pain killer, anti-biotics and anti-swelling pills for me to take. The nurses gave me the pills very on time. Thanks alot!!
My recovery is doing pretty good. The wounds are healing good, no affections or enlarge.

I just don’t know what to say to thank Dr. Pichet to make my dream come true…….
now I have the body that I REALLY WANT! I’m really proud to just wear a t-shirt and go out now, which I never have this kinds of feeling before the surgery! I will highly recommend Bangkok Plastic Surgery for everyone who wish to make themselves look good and happy about their life!

Wish you all happy and healthy!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

Francis Wong From Hong Kong

Japanese SRS ; Maiko from Japan with a good experience with Dr.Pichet in Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Dear Dr.Pichet
Hello, I am Maiko, do you remember me? Thank you so much for your kindly help and SRS surgery while I had stayed in Thailand.
My vagina and scar are getting better and I have been trying dailation very hard.
Thanks to you, I am very happy in my life…f I have a chance to go to Thailand, I will visit you without fail.
and please say thank you and hello to everyone..
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May your Christmas season be the happiest holidays you’ve ever had!
Love you millions,




Maiko from Japan




Dr. Pichet is number one!

Dr. Pichet is number one!

My 20-year-old desire came true. At last, my breasts and womb are gone. Banzai!! I want to thank you to Dr. Pichet, Mrs. Pochanee and other center staffs. I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Kob khun mak krab jing jing. I don ’t know if my experience offer you anything, but I want to write about it frankly.

Right now, the special law of GID finally has been approved by Japanese government. Now we are able to change sex by legally and physically. However, to prepare everything for changing sex still takes a lot of time and money. There are many options for sex change, but if you choose it at university hospital followed by Japanese guideline, it takes at least 3 years and costs at least 5 million yen. (For FTM).

I got in touch with Dr. Pichet for the first time at the beginning of May 2005. I put the word ‘sex change in overseas ’ (in Japanese) into the search engine, I found out one website. Through this website, I came to know Dr. Pichet ’s website. The website was mostly about MTF (it is always more about MTF everywhere) so I inquired by email about FTM, and then got a reply within 2 days. The reply was very much in detail, which made me believe that this clinic was right one.

After that, it was only to set up the schedule of the surgery (for my case). It was more complicated after arriving Bangkok.

First of all, it was really right to come here. It was really satisfactory. I trusted Dr. Pichet and believed that the surgery would be successful one.

To speak more precise, for removing of the nipples (which were enlarged by having been hidden too much), Dr. Pichet said to me that it would be better not to do this time.That made me concerned that my chest wouldn ’t look perfect. Fortunately, or should I say due to Dr ’s skill, the result was perfect. I think Dr. Pichet is really great. Not only the skilled but he is also very sincere. He answers all the inquiries from all over the world with sincerity and all the staffs in this center support patients for traveling, taking care, following up. So what you should do is only to concentrate on controlling of your health. Every staffs are really reliable. I had the health checkup at the general hospital in Thailand before surgery, so even without having health checkup in your country, you can have it done here. I really believe that I was right to have the surgery here. I can recommend all of you.

Thank you very much.

Kami from Japan

Having met some of the best plastic surgeons there is out there

Hello Dr. Pichet:

Well, it has been a very quick 15 days indeed and what an amazing job you have done. I am so happy to have researched as well as I had to make certain that the most qualified surgeon was going to do my operation and after care, of which yours is the very best I have encountered. You, your wife and staff are without question very courteous, caring, enjoyable and above all professional. Having traveled as much as I have, and having met some of the best plastic surgeons there is out there, you rank up there in the top 5. As far as SRS is concerned, there is no other surgeon in my belief that could ever come close to your results. You have made me the happiest woman alive today.

audra samira

Audra from USA

Good experience for tummy tuck and face lift with Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

It is good hearing from you.

I really enjoyed my time in Bangkok thanks to you and your wife. You are very fine people that I am grateful to have met. When I got to the airport with your workers, it was very sweet how they managed to get all my luggage and me off. Thank you again for everything. Next time I want something to look better, I’ll be contacting you.

Thank you again for everything,
Love you all,

Clara J.C. from USA

Kathleen in experience with SRS and Feminization Surgeries, 12/2004.

I will be as brief as possible here, since much has already been said about Dr. Pichet ’s skills and kindness by others.


I was referred to Dr. Pichet by a dear friend who had been his patient for SRS and related feminization surgeries. In our correspondence, I discovered that Dr. Pichet was not only a skilled surgical specialist, but a man of personal integrity as well. We first made contact in early 2004, discussed my desires at length over the coming months, then I traveled to Thailand at the end of November 2004 to have multiple surgeries as per my request: Sex reassignment (SRS), breast implants, and numerous feminization surgeries. Thanks to Dr. Pichet ’s thoroughness, I did not have to worry about anything from the first moment I arrived at Bangkok —His driver Mr. Hi was at the airport to greet me cheerfully and to take me to Dr. Pichet ’s office.

Upon arrival at the office, I was greeted by the kindest group of staff members imaginable, along with Dr. Pichet ’s lovely wife, Mme. Pochanee. I felt at ease —even “at home” —from the first moment I arrived. And my confidence in Dr. Pichet was only bolstered as time progressed.

I had surgeries on December 2, 2004. Dr. Pichet and his staff were there for me, even in the operating room, reassuring me and even holding my hand. I will never forget that kindness. I was then taken to the hospital, where Dr. Pichet ’s staff remained on hand along with the hospital staff to see to my needs and monitor my progress in recovery. I felt very much cared for by Dr. Pichet ’s staff, and by Dr. Pichet himself. He was pleased with my results immediately, and I developed no complications. That in itself was good news when one considers my age —52 —at the time of surgery.

After several days in the hospital, I went on to a hotel where Dr. Pichet ’s patients go regularly to convalesce. Because I was a bit weak, Dr. Pichet took no chances —He had a staff member stay with me every night to assist me and to be sure that I was all right. After four nights, I suggested that I could make it on my own, and from there was allowed to be alone at night. But I was also given a cellular phone, which linked me directly with staff in case of need.

Going to Dr. Pichet ’s office during the day for treatment was part of the post-operative routine that the Doctor and his staff do so thoroughly and so well. I wanted for nothing at the office, even a place to rest if needed. I felt safe and cared for, as if I were with my own biological family. And among Dr. Pichet ’s other patients I made the acquaintance of several individuals whom I expect and hope will be long-term friends as well.


My results? They are, in a word, perfect. The Doctor and I were of different opinions initially about what breast size I should have, but I decided to let the expert decide, and now that swelling is down, I am very happy and agree that the breast size he selected is perfectly proportionate to my body. My vagina has 5 full inches ’ depth, and I am happy with that. Dr. Pichet had agreed to do a sigmoid SRS on me, but very wisely advised me that it would be risky to do that kind of SRS since I was having many other surgeries at the same time. He also assured me that if I was not happy with the SRS depth, that we could revisit that issue and address it later. To date, I am very happy with the depth of my vagina, and do not foresee any need to have additional depth.

There is much more that I could say about this fine man and his wonderful, caring staff. However, much has already been said by others.

What I can assure any potential patient is that Dr. Pichet is not only a highly skilled specialist, but a man of great personal integrity who works with each patient individually and has the patient ’s best interests at heart at all times. If you choose Dr. Pichet as your surgeon, you will never be a “number”, but an individual human being to him. That is much more than I have ever experienced with any American surgeon, and it will bring me back to Dr. Pichet again when I feel the need to refresh my looks.

Whether you are a sensitive individual like myself–or not–I would recommend Dr. Pichet without reservation. His work, his interpersonal skills, and his work ethic are all superlative. There is, in my opinion, no better surgeon in Thailand or elsewhere in the world. I am honored to call myself his patient.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me .

Best Wishes,

Kathleen from Seattle WA USA

My experience with Dr. Pichet – July 25, 2009-

I have just returned to my room at the Atrium Boutique Hotel in Bangkok after my final post-op visit with Dr. Pichet for a BA+Lift revision.. The first one was done by Dr. Pichet in end of Feb 2009, but resulted in my not being 100% satisfied. If anyone knows my character, this is nothing shocking.

After the first surgery in Feb’09, all went well until I realized that once my breasts had dropped and fluffed (PO 3rd month), they were not exactly the same. Now looking back at my photos of before&after, I should have noticed this before, as I have a titanium rod in my spine, it was evident that this was something I should have told Dr.Pichet with more conviction. You see, I have one shoulder higher than the other and this is difficult to see unless you are told of it. I was so focused on the nipple incisions healing at the time, that I never stopped to check the shape of the breasts…

Sometime last May i began to consider taking up Dr.Pichet’s offer to return to Bangkok and undergo a free revision. Upon my first visit to doctor Pichet for a BA+Lift (300CC-cohesive gel block, under muscle, areola incision) and a Mini-TT, I remembered having signed a contract stating that if I were not satisfied completely, a free revision could be performed. I then waited until June to see if I truly wasn’t dreaming about seeing a pair of lopsided breasts in the mirror…and spoke to my husband. He knew I was unhappy about them but knew that no matter how many times he told me I was beautiful, my mind was set. Furthermore, both his mother and father are retired renowned plastic surgeons, so I really didn’t want my breasts and tummy to become a topic of conversation at this year’s Christmas dinner.

I must be frank, it also took me awhile to write this testimonial since I had sworn I would write one for the doc’s website… but at the time back in Feb09, I was not entirely sure of the final FINAL end result, and i certainly didn’t want to write one while I was uncertain about my feelings about Dr. Pichet’s talents as a surgeon.

One thing is for sure, I would recommend Dr. Pichet for the procedures he has done in my case… His wife, Mrs Mao and the rest of his staff are amazing. For example, last Feb, due to my double surgery and annoying rod in my back (placed there 20 years ago), I found myself one night in my hotel room, UNABLE to get up! Splaying my limbs around like a cockroach on its back, I finally reached the phone, it was 9pm, and within 10 mns, a flurry of nurses had the door opened, they were running around cleaning up, fluffling pillows and fussing all around me…Seriously, where in the world would you get this type of service???? One nurse actually slept with me, and had to leave for med school classes the next morning, only to be immediately replaced by a 2nd nurse the next morning! Wow, I mean where in the world….?

Another day during my first 10night stay, a driver was sent to my room to deliver sleeping pills because I had run out…oh and, the day where I was accompanied by Mrs Mao to sit around Thai Airways offices for 3 hours to get my tickets changed!! No hospital staff has ever been, or ever will be (I am sure) be so caring and helpful with a patient. When you think that some patients come to an unknown country alone to undergo major surgery, trust me, it’s a blessing to know that you have people who understand your needs.

This time around, the surgery was minor, a quick skin snip and stitch, so nothing major like back in Feb, but…and despite the fact that I wasnt paying for any medical services, the staff was just as accomodating as the first time…even a punctual phone call from Mrs Mao to check on my status everyday was very welcome. Again, I must say that I am a fussy person and I insited to my husband that I come alone. In the end, I knew from my first experience that I wasn’t going to be totally on my own. Dr. Pichet’s hospitality is nothing less than incredible.


Surgery with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok.

To Dr. Pichet Rodchareon M.D.and staff.

I wish you to distribute my thank you to the appropriate staff please. (translated as best you can to help understanding).
I wanted to write a special thank you to you Dr. Pichet and all your staff who made my stay in Thailand very pleasant.
I am especially impressed with Mrs Mao who helped comfort me before my surgery and as I got to know her I realized I am lucky to know such a truly wonderful human being as her, I can honestly say I came to love her. All the staff brightened up my stay in Bangkok and made my surgery a much less stressful experience. Thank you for making me feel welcome, and caring for me in positive manner. My affection for many of the staff left me sad to leave but I realized my life has become rich for having the opportunity to meet such wonderful people.
Dr. Pichet too demonstrated that his interest was more than business but that he really cared about his clients.I want to say thank you to all, you have given me a gift of making my life better to meet such wonderful people, I am truly privileged to have meet you.

Again my thanks and love,

Melinda from USA.

Good memmory from FFS, SRS in Bangkok with Dr. Pichet MD

It’s our pleasure to join with you. I have never worked with as wonderful and caring a person as you are. Your integrity and sense of duty to your patients is amazing.

I want to thank all of you staff for doing much, much more than we normally get, here in the United States to make us comfortable and help us heal.

Mr Hein is a true friend and was never failing to help us in every way. From the time we arrived at the airport to the time he dropped us off to leave, he treated us like ladies in every way. I’m crying now because I miss him.

Mrs. Mao went with us to help us with the communication difference. She is just like a mother to us. We knew if we ever had a problem, all we had to do was call her, and the problem was solved. We love her so dearly.

Tau, she always made us feel special. Always arranging things for us to do, or asking us what we would like to do and getting it done. She is a wonderful plus on your staff.

Teek, give her a kiss for us. From the entrance to the hospital to, staying with us each night until we were strong enough to stay by ourselves, she is an angel. Making sure that we had no difficulties, she gave us her all.

Won, always touching and hugging us, she is so sweet. we don’t get hugs like that from even our children. It’s so hard to be home, where people don’t care. Won cares so very much. we miss her.

Lek, Treated us each day with such care and compassion, making sure we were doing things the right way. Joking with me about boyfriends and keeping me happy.
She is so much more than a nurse. Nurses around here should take lessons from her.

Moo, I saw her face at the hospital just before I went unconscious from the antistatic, it looked so capable and kind. I knew that she would be helping you through my surgery and I felt at peace. She knows what she is doing and it shows in her presence.

Ann, she went with Kaitlyn and I to MBK Mall and would not let us carry anything. Helped us make wonderful purchases and was happy to do it. She is a beautiful person and makes us feel wanted and loved.

Mrs. Pochanee, your sense of direction and doing things in perfect timing, gave order to all that happened, while we were there. You, being Dr. Pichet’s wife makes everything work right. Great choice on the flowers and birthday cake you gave Kaitlyn for her 60Th birthday. She has never been loved like that before. She talked about it much on the way home.

And finally, Dr Pichet, doctor, friend, work-horse, cowboy and my family, it all starts with you. we knew you were the right person for me, in doing the surgeries that we needed to have done. You always answered my e-mails, almost immediately and each one had a sense of your personal touch. Too often, other people send e-mails they did not write. But, you doctor, took the time to answer each one by yourself. Your sense of humor and love for what you do are what makes you so special. Your ability to do it right and your sense of making sure it is done right, gives working for a new wonderful future to look forward to.

We know in our hearts that we will be remembered by each and every one of you as all of are held in our hearts in a way no one has been held before. We will do my very best to make sure all we come in contact with have a chance to feel what we have felt in being with you.

Loving you all and still crying


Alexis and Kaitlyn From Waukesha Wisconsin, USA

Liposuction experience from Dr.Pichet

Hi Dr Pichet, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the lipo you did for me. I feel incredibly motivated about my eating habits and I have lost more weight since I returned to Australia. The lipo has made me more aware of what I eat now after seeing all the fat that you took out. You have wonderful staff working for you and I thank everyone for their kindness and helpfulness during my stay in Bangkok. I hope to see you soon when I come back for treatment.

Warm regards,

Tracey from Australia

SRS experience with Dr.Pichet in Bangkok

First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the great transformation that you have done to me. I regret that I have doubted your ability and work from the website. as you mentioned, I should not believe all that was written in the news letter. After meeting and seeing your actual work thru the patient’s that I have met, you have proven to me your great surgical expertise. While under your care, you made me comfortable and treated me like a family. You have a good team, your staff are all caring, helpful, and hospitable. They all go out there way just to make my stay in Bangkok my most memorable experience.


Pingkey from USA

Good experience about nose surgery

Dr. Pichet:
Thank you so much for the excellent surgery and care while I was there. I am very happy with the rersults and have recommened you to two other people seeking plastic surgery. People have already commented on how much better i look and I can breathe much better as well. I enjoyed my stay in Thailand and the people of Thailand will always be in my heart as they were so friendly and gracious hosts. I plan on returning to see more of Thailand. Thanks also for the use of your car and driver to tour the Grand Palace. Jame (not his Thai name I know) was an excellent host and fun to be with.


Chris from Maui, Hawaii

Australian patient had a good experience about the breast surgery with Dr.Pichet

Hi Dr Pichet,

Well I’m back home now and doing really well.
I want to to thank you and your wonderful staff for everything.
I especially thankyou for your honesty and patience. You helped me to be completely comfortable by being incredibly professional.

I also cannot believe how even my breasts are!!! It’s only been 2 weeks since the procedure, but the woumd has partly dissappeared with no scarring!!

It was a pleasure meeting you and I’m proud to say I trusted an amazing 1st class plastic surgeon. I can’t thank you enough!!!
I will post my testimonials on your website, you and your staff deserve to be recognised for your wonderful, professional work.

thank you Dr Pichet
Best regards

Shereen from Australia