SRS with sigmoid colon vaginoplasty with Dr.Pichet

Hello Dr. Pichet again.
I hope all is well with u.
I’m doing great & slowly recovering nicely to almost full strength. All my pain is gone & all wounds sealed & nice. I’m doing exercise, eating normally & preparing daily to run a marathon soon. I’m jogging on the treadmill at 3.5 miles/hr sustained for 30 minutes daily. I know I still have more 3-4 months before fully back to full healing. The healing is daily & subtle but I can feel myself getting better each day now, just as you & your staff told me!?? I also started to use the largest dilator (#3) from today x 3 times daily. I’m getting full 8 inches depth successfully with slight tight feeling but nothing I can’t tolerate. I still have regular vaginal discharge & have to wear panty liner all the time but that’s bearable to me as well?? I’m so happy with my results & so is my boyfriend/fianc?e. My sex life is very good now & getting better. I wanted to thank you & your super staff again for all your gracious help when I needed you. Plz say hello to your honored family, esteemed great staff & friends. I’ll stay in touch. Talk soon with more updates. I can’t wait & cone see all of you next year! I don’t know how to thank you fully but I do from the bottom of my heart! You, your staff & your friendly culture in Thailand is really a gift from heaven for this world.
Yours sincerely with lots of hugs & kisses


My experience in your facility of Hair transplant

Dear Dr Pichet:

I have arrived home safely and everything seems fine with the surgery that you performed. At this time i wish to commend you for your very kind and careful attention to all of my needs while there. I also commend you for the well trained and polite staff that cared for me. There is no question in my mind but that your facility is well equipped and your staff is well educated in their duties. I would never hesitate to use you facilty again and i appreciate the honest and kind way that you dealt with me. I will be happy to recommend you to others . Thank you again for all the extra things you did for me such as picking me up at the airport and at my hotel…arranging a hotel taking me back to airport and caring for every need. I wish you every success with your clinic. Please express my appreciation to all of your staff for me also. Thank you.


hello doctor pichet

Hello doctor pichet,

iam davinder singh from india
i am the husband of your patient vanessa singh
i would like to thank you so much for everything..you did an amazing surgery that has changed vanessa’s life….she is more happier and full filled as a female…it was possible because of you..thanx again for everything…
It was a pleasure meeting you as well…we will definitely see u in the coming near future

Thanx again,



davinder singh and Vanessa singh from New Zealand.

The Penza Family

Dear Dr. Pichet and staff:

My family and I would like to once again thank you and your staff for all of your help. The surgery went as you said it would, and the hotel accommodations were more than adequate.

We felt compelled to write this letter to describe our experience. At first we were a little skeptical about having breast augmentation surgery outside of the United States. We wanted to take a nice family vacation and possibly incorporate Audrey ’s surgery as well. After viewing your website and speaking to a few friends and family members, we decided to go with Doctor Pichet. Some of our family members were upset and thought we were crazy and felt it was not the best route to take for surgery.

Well, for those that are somewhat skeptical, we are both college graduates, Audrey being from Chicago and myself from New York. We have both traveled to several countries around the world, and we both agree that not only were we treated kindly and professionally, but everything that the Doctor told us via email came to be. We were told our party of six would be picked up at the airport and transferred to our hotel at no additional charge. We asked for a nice family hotel and received just that at the Princeton Park Suites. As we also requested, the hotel had an exercise facility, and Dr. Pichet provided us with a microwave for our rooms.

The day after arriving, a driver picked us up at our hotel and brought us to the Doctor ’s office, again at no additional charge. During our meeting, Dr. Pichet was very informative about the different choices of implants available.

I was in the medical field and felt a bit uneasy going to a different country and letting my future wife have surgery, but after meeting Dr. Pichet and asking him to let me take part in observing the surgery and him not having a problem with that, I felt comfortable.

Immediately following our meeting, we headed to the hospital. Once again I was impressed because now my driver was also my doctor. Dr. Pichet drove us in his Mercedes to the hospital. Not that owning a Mercedes makes him a great doctor, it would not have mattered if it was a Volkswagen or a Ford truck, the fact is I personally don ’t know of any doctor in the US that would take the time to get to know you, let alone give you a ride to the hospital, no matter what he or she drove.

The surgery went well. Dr. Pichet said the procedure would be about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes. About halfway through the surgery, Dr. Pichet raised up the OR table to take a look at his progress, which to me looked fine. He pointed out that because Audrey had previous implants, she had a scar that was just under the crease of her breast. Now that the new implants were a bit larger, there was a slight indentation on her breast. Dr. Pichet did not like that, so he made it right, which took him more time and work. Once he was finished, it was perfect. Dr. Pichet went out of his way to make it look perfect. He told us in the beginning he is not God, but would do the best he could. He did that and more. Dr. Pichet did not charge us more and spent at least another hour making sure Audrey ’s breasts came out as perfect as possible.

After surgery we went to recovery where once again we were treated very nicely. From there we went to a private room. Audrey stayed in the hospital two nights. Dr. Pichet made sure I was also made very comfortable at the hospital, that I had a place to sleep and my meals were included. None of this was at any extra cost. Once Audrey was ready to leave, all prescriptions were provided as well as a new bra. We were also sent a driver to return us to our hotel. There was no extra charge for anything.

If we had chosen to do this in the US, it would have cost over $3000 just for the hospital, plus $4300 for the removal of the old implant and replacement with the new. In addition, Audrey would have had to purchase all of her own medication and her own bra. She would have also had to provide her own transportation to and from the hospital and the doctor ’s office for any appointments. Choosing to do this with Dr. Pichet cost us under $3000 USD. The hotel and surgery combined was right at $3500USD, and that included two rooms at the hotel and breakfast each day for our 9-day stay with 4 adults and two children.

We are now back in the US and it has been eight days since the surgery. Audrey is still a bit swollen and tender in some areas, but overall is healing well. Once again we would like to say that Dr. Pichet is the best and truly a man of his word! My family and I thank you and know we have a true friend in Bangkok. Bless you and your family.



The Penza Family

Gail from Australia.

Hi Dr Pichet,

Firstly, I have to say that I am missing Bangkok more than you could imagine. I do hope I can return, as a tourist, later this year.

Secondly, let me thank you and your wonderful staff for the brilliant hair transplant. I am very satisfied every time I look in a mirror and look forward to seeing growth in the months to come.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Princeton Park Suites Hotel…and if I return to Bangkok later this year, I will probably stay at the same hotel. Thanks to Mrs Mao for her very efficient liaison with the hotel, to ensure my wishes were accommodated.

I liaise with many transsexual women (via the internet) and never before have I ever heard of a surgeon that provides the level of after care that you do. This is indeed something I am certain all your patients appreciate.

Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

Regards to all,


Gail from Australia.

Have a plan to return to you

Hello Khun Dr.Pichet.

I am heterosexual American male and have spent a dozen weeks a year in Thailand for the last 5-years.

My eyes, chin and a temporal lift have all been done in Thailand.

I have interviewed Dr Pichet and a few other prominent Thai Plastic surgeons.

Most seem to specialize in SRS although they all do great face augmentation @ lipo work When seeing exceptionally beautifully enhanced persons in Thailand, I often inquired who did their work and the answer was often Dr. Pichet.

Recently, I scheduled substantial work with Dr. Pichet and provided payment in full weeks prior to the surgery.

I met Pichet at his office and interviewed relative to my health as I have had two prior heart surgeries.

The Dr. asked me to please speak with the Chief Cardioligst at the hospital after my general admission and tests.

The Cardioligist suggested we do an echo for which Dr. Pichet insisted in paying   for, just to be safe.

In Thailand Hospital staff is Registered nurses vs. tech in American hospitals.

The Doctors do the tests and sit and explain the results immediately, unlike the states where they schedule a test and then another office visit to go over the results that the doctor has unlikely even thoroughly reviewed.

The hospitals and clinics I have visited in Thailand including the one Dr. Pichet uses are nicer and generally cleaner than in Los Angeles. Well there was some concern relative to my heart and after admission to the hospital and an hour prior to surgery I chose to cancel my procedure.

Dr. Pichet was generally concerned with my health and immediately refunded my money and was not in the least bit disgruntled.

Dr Pichet is a compassionate man that does has enhanced some very beautiful people.

Once my health improves I am certainly going back to Dr. Pichet .

Chris From USA

First experience for SRS surgery in Bangkok, Thailand..

Dear Dr. Pichet
Just thought I would take a few moments prior to leaving and thank you and your wonderful staff for a job well done. Having SRS can be an emotional experience, for one it’s both exciting and scary, and for me personally it has been a spiritual experience.

I have been in transition for 31 years; there have been many times I have been financially fit to have surgery, but lack courage and faith. I didn’t know this year would be the year, but after deep meditation and prayer I decided the time was now.

I Had looked at several surgery option both in and out of the United states (Where I’m from), I went as far as to contact several surgeons to inquire about SRS surgery, consulted some post opt transsexual girlfriends and each had a different experiences, and suggestion by the end I was dizzy and confused.

One Sunday I came home from church and there in the inbox was an email from you something in my -spirit said “this is the one”.

I am pleased and delighted with the results. If someone is looking for a surgeon Dr. Pichet and his staff is the best. Bangkok Plastic Surgery (BPS) went above and beyond my expectation; my hotel stay at the A. Suites was the best. Please extend much thanks to the owner Mr.Ku who is just a God send, and his staff for their fine accommodations, service and hospitality.

Thanks again for your hospitality, professionalism and kindness.

Warmest regards,


Lauren Stokeling

FFS experience and breast surgery with Dr.Pichet in Bangkok.

Hi Dr Pichet
I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the excellent job you did on my face and breasts. I am so thrilled with the results that I will go out of my way to publicise to a number of transgender groups on the web the excellent results that can be obtained by coming to you. I also would like you to convey to your staff the excellent service and friendly way that I was treated during my stay here in Thailand. I enclose a couple of pics here as testimony to your marvellous skills as a plastic surgeon. The results are far better than anything I could have hoped for.
Thanking you again for the excellent results Once again I want to thank you for your surgery. You really are a miracle worker. Did you know that you have changed my life already and for evermore. I am like a new person with this new face. And by chance we chose together the most perfect breast size for me. Every day I stare into the mirror and marvel at your skills and expertise.
I went to you slightly skeptical about the results i might get but you have have really changed my life and I want to say one more time a big thank you. Wow I couldn’t have wished for better in my wildest dreams…



Stefanie From South Africa

Breast enlargement surgery from small island

We are safely back home. I am feeling well, a little tired but OK and happy .
Just want to thank you and all your staff for taking good care of us, a special thanks also to you for your great job. Got lots of compliments 🙂 I will recommand you to people from my country or above who wants to do surgery.

Very best regard from Madagascar.


I am Not a God by Gail Bennett

I am Not a God by Gail Bennett

This is my second visit to Thailand for a surgical process. The original visit occurred in June 1998 when I flew to Phuket for sex reassignment surgery.

I have enormous respect for the calibre of Thai plastic surgeons, and for the graciousness of Thai people. In 2004 I stayed in Bangkok, with a dual purpose for the visit. One to have a rest and take a vacation, and the other being to have a hair transplant.

In 2003 when I was living in Brisbane I consulted a doctor who undertook hair transplants and was told I needed 600 grafts. In Bangkok I was told I required 2500. I am pleased I chose Bangkok, because the results, following the transplant, are wonderful. For me, having the hair transplant has
been as important as having SRS many moons ago. It is not an easy surgical process, and it took longer than SRS.

I arrived in Bangkok on a balmy Friday night and was driven to my hotel in a Mercedes-Benz. The limousine and the hotel had been arranged by the
surgeon, Dr Pichet. It was about midnight when I arrived at the hotel, and I just wanted to get to bed. The hotel suite was gorgeous and the bed was a
delight to sleep in. Next morning I went the hospital where Dr Pichet performs
most of his surgical procedures, and where I knew an Australian girl was recovering from SRS. Shortly after arriving there, Dr Pichet arrived and we were introduced to each other.

A short time later I went to the hospital ’s admission area to undertake some medical formalities, prior to my hair transplant the following day. Unless otherwise requested, Dr Pichet ’s Western patients are accommodated in a private room at the hospital. The standard of service by the nursing staff at the hospital is pleasing, but during much of Dr Pichet ’s surgery, he is accompanied by his own personal nursing staff, who must be applauded for their talent and dedication.

I arrived at the hospital on the Sunday morning about 9.00am. About 9.30 the procedure started, with the first of many anaesthetic injections. Initially the concentration for the injections is in the donor area. Dr Pichet removed a portion of hair at the rear of the head, which is not vulnerable to the evils of testosterone. It took Dr Pichet about 90 minutes to remove the donor area and to complete the sutures. For the entire 90 minutes I was lying on my stomach, which is not the most comfortable of positions. About 11.10am I was advised I could lie on my back. What a relief, I thought! Many hours of having a sore backside were, however, about to beseige me!

Periodically I asked for a pause in the procedure, so I could stand or take a toilet break. About 1.30pm we took a break for lunch. At 4.30pm I realised I could not endure the procedure much further, and I saw Dr Pichet and told him I wanted to stop and he agreed. Dr Pichet undertakes the surgical process with the donor area, but after the sutures are in place, it is his nursing staff that completes the process. Dr Pichet, however, continually appears to inspect the outcome. By 4.40pm I had received 2400 grafts and despite the horrible appearance of my scalp, I was most
impressed with what I saw.

I left the hospital with my head in a bandage, and headed back to my hotel room. That night I was expecting to endure a high element of pain, but I was surprised that there was none.

Dr Pichet ’s staff provided sufficient painkillers and anti-biotics for mu entire recovery period. At the time of writing this article, it is a week after the procedure, and if I have lost any of the new grafts, the loss has been minimal, and the result is wonderful. Every morning Dr Pichet sends a driver to take all of his patients residing at the hotel to his practice for a checkup.

After the checkup, sometimes his staff are available to accompany you on shopping excursions, or on tourist jaunts. The level of service provided by Dr Pichet and his staff is superb. In my case, they even helped me negotiate a cheaper cost for a new digital video camera.

It is disappointing to hear some of patients of Dr Pichet complain about the Thai food. Heavens above, what did they expect? Meat pies and tomato

As a devotee of hot and spicy Thai food I am in my element. I often wonder how many people come to the surgeons of Thailand expecting a miracle transformation in their lives.

In the case of SRS candidates, they may realise that SRS was not really the miracle they had expected, but as Dr Pichet says, ‘I am not a God ’.

No matter the procedure, miracles can never be guaranteed, but I am more than happy, and in the months to come I look forward to a new head of hair that I can truly call my own.

Gail Bennett

Cyrus from Singapore

Dear Doctor Pichet,
All is well back here. One of the best decisions  was to actually choose you as my surgeon. I am pleased with the results so  far. All of your staff went the extra step to show genuine concern for me  and I did end up having a good time, even though most could not tell. Please  convey my heartfelt regards to Mrs Mao, who has treated me with so much care  beyond what her duties demand. She is a very warm and friendly woman who has  made my stay very fulfilling by easing my anxiety and worries. Fearing I  would fall sick, she was overloading me with plenty of medical supplies. I  never had the chance to thank her properly enough. I also want to apologise for the sudden scare that day with my asthma  attack, which appararently got everyone anxious and worried. I feel bad over  that. Thanks for helping me to stay calm on my way to the hospital. Overall,  the stay was satisfying nonetheless.You are such a nice man. I may consider  returning in the near future to call upon your services again. Until then,  stay happy and healthy.

Your sincerely,

Cyrus from Singapore

Sandra Molloy (John )

I am writing to you to express my sincerest and lifelong thanks for the help, understanding, patience, professionalism and courtesy extended to me by you and your staff during my SRS surgery in Bangkok. The level of care extended to me surpassed anything that one could expect or recieve in western medicine. The surgical expertise shown during my operation and post operative care is without question at least at the level of the best that could have been obtained in the west this has been verified upon
inspection by surgeons here in Ireland. I send my sincerest thanks to your staff especially Mrs Mao who all treated me as a friend and took such excellent care of me. I had spent a lifetime feeling depressed and unhappy and wishing for my dream of becoming the woman that I always knew I should be to come true. As you know to do this I had extensive surgery involving SRS, breast augmentation (705cc implants which gave me a 42C cup size), Full facial surgery including face lift, liposuction to arms and neck and to my tummy area this surgery should have been the most painfull and frightening experience of my life but thanks to you and your staff even though it did involve pain “what operation doesnt” it was made the most plesant and memorable time in my life and I really do thank you for that. I hope you would use this letter as a testimonial because I would totally recommend and encourage anyone who is contemplating SRS that they should use your most excellent and rare services that are so badly needed by so many Transexuals.

Sincerest Thanks,

John resize

Sandra Molloy (John )

From Renee J to all new patients who are still wondering breast enlargement to Bangkok plastic surgery

I just wanted to say a very belated thankyou for the breast augmentation surgery you performed for me back in September 2010. 2 and half years on I am so happy that I went ahead with it and also with the size that I ended up going with – 320CC.
There are certainly alot of scary stories in the media in Australia about going abroad but Dr Pichet and his team are professional, friendly and fantastic at what they do. Looking back I would do it again but I would certainly take someone with me. Also – take on the hotel recommendations that they suggest – they are affordable and lovely accommodations. Don\’t try for anything cheaper – you need to feel safe and comfortable post surgery.
After the surgery I was in extreme pain and actually had a very bad response to the anaesthetic (nothing to do with the service – now I just know that I am allergic)…No-one was able to take the journey with me for this procedure unfortunately and in retrospect I really needed my partner/mum or a friend. However, after returning to the hotel – post surgery and being extremely sick – Dr Pichet and his team ended up taking me back into their surgery and took great care of me overnight and for the next day – placing me on a drip and ensuring that I was on the mend.
The other piece of advice I would give is not to bother trying to have a Thai holiday where you move around – you will be in too much pain. Stay in a nice hotel and remain in Bangkok for 7-10 days. I tried travelling around by myself and did not have a great time at all.
I had my implants under the muscle (silicone) and would always recommend this for the best result down the track. At first I thought they were too big (as I was not used to them – having been 10A) and then several months down the track I wished I gone bigger and now I am so glad I didn\’t go bigger. I ended up with 10D (and was aiming for a regular C-cup) which considering I am so small underbust is just about perfect for what I wanted – a 10D is like a 12C!). So thank-you Dr Pichet. Tell him what you are aiming for and he will suggest the perfect size for you…his suggestion for me was 280 – 320 CC and looking back now – even the slightly smaller would have been perfect for me. I wanted a natural look for my body and if I had gone any bigger, they definitely would have looked fake for me.
I was almost 31 when I had the surgery and wish I had done it ten years earlier. When I was a teen I kept on waiting to grow and it never happened…so if this is something that you have been wanting for a long time I highly recommend that you do it and being able to do it in Thailand made it a reality financially, not just a dream. Be warned – it\’s not for the faint-hearted – you will be in pain afterwards but for me it was totally worth it.
Thanks again,


Renee J.

Breast enlargement Testimonial – Lisa from Australia

I have wanted bigger and firmer breasts for several years now. I breastfed both my children so my breasts did not return to their original size or shape. I have researched breast augmentation for around 3 years, having seen 3 surgeons in the United States and 2 in Australia. It is very costly to have breast augmentation in Australia, so I looked into surgeons in Thailand. Two people my husband knows recommended Dr Pichet at Bangkok Plastic Surgery, so I looked up everything on the internet about him. I was very happy with what I had read, so I contacted him. All my emails were replied to within hours or the next day and he answered all my questions I had prior to surgery. After many emails, everything was booked and arrangements had been made. We chose to pay in advance into Dr Pichets account so we did not have to carry so much cash with us.

On July 17th, my husband and I arrived in Bangkok and we picked up by Dr Pichets driver and taken to our hotel. I was not to eat or drink anything after midnight that night as I was having surgery the next day. I was a little nervous but more excited than anything else. The next morning at 8am, we were picked up from our hotel and taken to the Bangkok Plastic Surgery clinic where we were warmly greeted by his staff, Miss Mao and Miss Tak who took care of alot of paperwork etc before I met Dr Pichet. Dr Pichet came into the room with a big smile! Such a warm, friendly and humorous gentleman who was very professional. I was instantly comfortable with him and his energy was kind and genuine. We discussed size and type’s of implants and he gave me his recommendations. Photographs were taken of my breasts. I originally thought I wanted smooth implants, but after discussing options with Dr Pichet, I decided on 500cc, textured implants as I wanted to go from a B Cup to DD Cup and Dr Pichet did not recommend smooth texture for me. I was scheduled to have surgery at 10am after an ECG. I was prepped and then taken into the operating room. By this time, I was a little nervous but excited. When I went into the operating room, there were 6 or 7 nurses and doctors in their scrubs waiting for me, music was playing, waterfall and bird sounds. It was extremely clean and mostly white. Miss Tak, assured me everything would be fine, and that I would be asleep soon. The operation was going to take an hour and I would then be awake in the recovery room. I woke to one of the nurses calling my name.

The first thing I remember was that my chest felt like I had an elephant sitting on it! The bandages were tight and I felt like I had to breath short breaths, but pain was minimal (4 out of 10). I stayed the night in hospital and I had a wonderful nurse stay in the room with me the whole night. I have to say that Dr Pichets staff are amazing, especially Miss Tak, Miss Mao, Miss Tiki and Miss Lek who are so caring and professional. They also speak very good English, as does Dr Pichet. All my meals, medication were included in the price. It only cost $2,900 (500cc) for everything including transport to and from airport, hotel, clinic) You could never get this kind of service in Australia. The operating theatre is connected to the clinic, so it is very convenient. After staying in for the night, the next morning the heavy bandage was removed. I saw my breasts for the first time and they were so huge and swollen I thought I had made a mistake and gone too big. But Dr Pichet reassured me that they were swollen and that once swelling had gone down, my breasts would be the desired size. My wounds (under my breast fold) were cleaned and redressed and I was given medication to take each day for the next week. I was required to clean and dress my wounds everyday for two weeks after surgery. I was fitted with a sports bra (included in price too), to wear and then bandaged up again for another 3 days. The pain wasn’t so bad, it was just awkward to do normal everyday things. I was picked up on the Saturday by Dr Pichets driver, for another checkup and had the bandage removed.

I was sooooo happy with my breasts, my husband said they were perfect! I couldn’t be happier. I did notice that my nipplies were extra sensitive, so sensitive they hurt to touch, but over the weeks following surgery, they returned to normal. Dr Pichet advised that I start massaging a few weeks after surgery, 3 times a day to start, then 2 times a day then once a day for the rest of my life. I have been massaging everyday and my breasts have softened really nicely. They feel very natural and the shape is really good. Once my wounds healed, I started rubbing Organic Rosehip oil to minimise scarring. I am returning to the gym today, but will avoid heavy weights. I am so happy with my new boobs, I feel better in clothes, I have more confidence and I just love looking at them!

Thank you Dr Pichet. You are a great plastic surgeon and I highly recommend you to those seeking breast augmentation. Thank you again to your staff. I have more photos.


breast implant 6 weeks with Lisa1_resize

Lisa White

Breast and liposuction surgery with Dr.Pichet at Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Pichet MD

How is every one? it has been a month now I’m back to Dublin after my surgery in bangkok with DR Pichet. I wanna say thank you to Dr,Pichet, miss Tak and everyone that have help me during the time I stay in bangkok. I will recommended the Dr Pichet to any one that looking for a good surgery in the transgender organization in Dublin. you guy have make my trip so much more stress free and you are always there when i needed u and when im scare! I can’t wait to return back to u . I hope soon!

Every thing is healing very well. my eye and nose n my adam apple are healing very well. I even start back to my modeling and did some photo shoot with my photographer! but I’m still waiting for my hair to grow back!

Well here is some picture of the photo shoot i done. hope u like it and proud 😀 thanks to you!



christine from Dublin

Breast and liposuction surgery with Dr.Pichet at Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Dear Doctor Pichet,
I hope you still remember me, me and my friend Lina has done our surgery recently. I had my Breast augmented on 25 Nov”11 and Lina did her smart Lippo on the same day. I would like to thank you, you have done a great job I am very happy with the result so far, even though it has only been 3 weeks now but my breast looks wonderful! My swelling has gone down a lot and it does not hurt so much anymore.

Please send my regards to all the nurses, they were wonderful and very caring during our stay in your clinic. Overall we are very pleased with the care and service you and your staff have provided to us. I would definitely recommend you to our friends and the people we know if any of them need any procedure done.


Yvonne's breast_resize

Yvonne (Singapore)

Second experience with Dr.Pichet

Second experience with Dr.Pichet
My name is Perri-Lee. June 20, 2004 was my second trip to Bangkok. This time I had a full face lift and breast augmentation. Doc’s work was just as great the second time around. I am a diabetic so I heal much slower but I am getting there. I had a great time sight seeing this time. I got to go to the zoo, a burlesque show, and to the mall for some perm lip color which I am so proud of. All the same staff was present at Doc’s clinic that was there in October 03 and the hospital as well. They seem to have been doing this for quite some time.
As far as the surgery to my face I am told by others that it looks natural. I am so proud that I can wear eye make up to my upper eyes now because I have a nice eyelid fold now where I did not before. My eyemake up always smeared before and looked ugly. Now it doesn’t I think Dr Pichet and his family and staff are so charming. I anxiously await a chance to return for more surgery.
thank you,