Second time experience surgery with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok.

Dr. Pichet,
I’m safely home and so very happy with all my procedures. My chin and nose are still quite swollen but looks really good. My breast implants and butt implants look great as well and as soon as all the swelling goes down I think everything will look awesome.

Thank you so much for your kindness and being so professional in my care, there is no one I’d rather have do my plastic surgery but you anymore. The trip to Thailand is definitely worth the effort it takes to get there.

Again, Thank you so very much.

Shelby from USA

Breast surgery experience in Bangkok with Dr. Pichet,

Dr. Pichet I want to thank you and your staff for everything that you did for us while we were there.   We really appreciate everything you did for us.   A special thank you to Mrs. Mao and to Jimmy, the driver and to your beautiful wife for everything.   You guys made our stay in Thailand a wonderful experience and we will never forget it.   Once again thank you for making us feel like princesses.   Oh and my husband and I are very happy with my new breast.

Thank you again (compu cao),

Yesenia From Okinawa and USA

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet

Hello dr pichet
“It’s only me Margaret letting you know I have arrived back in Englland .I Very much like to thank you all for taking such good care of me .You are all so kind.As you say . [ I felt like princess ] My family are well pleased with results . The swelling on face has gone down a lot . I will send you nice photo soon for album using my new digitalcamera .
My trip to Thailand will be good as my friends how want surgery will not be nervous and unsure any more.”



Marilyn’s Journey to Thailand for her SRS Surgery @ Dr.Pichet

Hi, my name is Marilyn, and this is the story of my SRS operation in Thailand. One of the many journeys I had to travel in my transition to fully become a woman in body. I am sure there are still many journeys I have to travel in becoming a woman in all the many interesting levels. One thing I have leaned so far, is that a woman will always learn more about being a woman. I was always a woman in mind, but did not always allow myself to explore the woman inside me. For 30 years I was trying to run away from me.

Some background:
I think for a better understand of my journey to Thailand for my SRS operation, I must give you a short background about some of my previous journeys to this journeys and way I am writing this letter.

Being different is not always easy. So like most transsexual people, I realized at an early age that something was wrong. At the age of about 10 I knew I was a woman in a man ’s body. This was not something you would like to just accept. In my country, South Africa, especially during those days, something like this was bad and sinful. To change my gender seemed not possible. So, I had to try and overcome this problem of mine. The only way, it seemed was to run away from it and go on with life.

Easier said than done. Many a time, I tried to remove my genitals myself without success. Know, today I am thankful for that (the fact that I was unsuccessful). My way of running away was to work. I married at the age of 22 and have a daughter of 6. I am also thankful for her. Maybe, trying to fit in, was also a way to run away. But, you can only run away for so long. For me 30 years was my limit.

During July 2000 my X and I went to see Dr Elna McIntoch, a sexiologist in South Africa who studied in San Francisco. She organized the psychologists I had to see and the GP for my hormones. Dr McIntoch follows the Harry Benjamin standards of care. These standards of care I fully support, especially know. This is not a short journey. As I said before, I knew at the age of 10, but did not accept it. You can not change overnight. It is a process that takes time. I had to learn to accept that too. Maybe, all good things come with time ? You must allow yourself that time – but I know it is not always easy.

I have been on hormones for more than 2 years prior to my surgery on 29 December 2002, and lived since 18 December 2001 full time as Marilyn. I legally changed my name in 2001/2002. These are all journeys I could talk about, important journeys that all of us must travel and fears we must overcome to be able to start a new journey. Remember, live for me is, is a mixture of journeys, some must be chronologically, others we live simultaneously.

My focus for this letter is my journey for my SRS operation, so let my give you a bit more background – Why Dr Pichet in Thailand ?

During 2002 I planned for my operation to be in December 2002. I am an analyst programmer. No work no pay, thus I must plan my time well. Originally I planned to have my operation in my own country, South Africa. The logic, my family and friend are close by for support. The negative, the available plastic surgeons for a SRS operation in South Africa is few and far between, and they have limited experience. No references. They could not give me exact costs and I had to be happy to wait until they decide to contact me. This caused a lot of stress for me, and made me feel very exposed.

In this journey, you are taking a very big and final step. You need to deal with a lot – your past, present and future. No matter how much I was looking forward to it, it was still very stressful for me. It was important for me to try and great an environment where I can feel save.

The other problem with the surgeons in South Africa I went to see, was that they dealt with you as if they do you a favor. This was strange for me. I am paying for this operation, and they provide a service, so I thought, but was showed to be incorrect in my country. This created a lot of stress for me. Stress I could have done without. For me, I made the decision, planned my costs, and mentally was ready for the operation. To take that away from me was very, very negative.

I went to see once of the South African surgeon in October/November 2002. I told him I want the operation in December 2002. He just did not come back, and if I follow up, he got mad at me. By 12 December 2002, I was hopeless. My primary psychologists told me he contacted all the surgeons in Thailand, and they also did not come back.

Then I decided to contact the surgeons in Thailand myself. I do not know what the psychologists did wrong, or if he really contacted the surgeons, but they reacted same the day.

I send an e-mail, and the next day I got a reply. The contrast between what I experienced in my country versus Thailand is major. It is unbelievable.

Dr Pichet was able to help me by end of December. I went to Ann Lawrence ’s site I read up on Dr Picket. Dr Pichet is doing this operation in a regular basis and has good references. You do not want to be first.

Besides the fact that Dr Pichet has a lot of experience, he treaded me like a human being, with dignity. He planned his schedule around me. As I said before, for me it was important to feel save, and Dr Pichet made me feel save and protected.

Dr Pichet charged me $4000-00 for the SRS operation. This was value for money in every way.

When I arrived in Thailand, I went to the clinic. That evening I had the operation. I also did a nose job with Dr Pichet. Dr Pichet, his staffs and the hospital staffs are some of the most caring people I have ever met. They never made me feel exposed and treated me with a lot of dignity. They also tried their very best to make this journey as painless as possible.

I met someone 6 months before, and he came with me to “help ” me. Dr Pichet organized that he stayed with me in the hospital at no extra cost. I must say, Dr Pichet and his staff helped me to keep my living costs down. They look after you very, very well while you are in Thailand. Dr Pichet organized a hotel for 500 baht(12usd) a night for two people. The hotel is clear and has all you need. For me, that was once again value for money.

Then – the crisis: The person how came with me was just sleeping all the time, leaving me on my own. Remember, the first week and a half you are not mobile and very weak. You are fully dependent on others to help you. After the 4 days in hospital, I went to the hotel. Dr Pichet and his staff came 2x a day to help me and look after everything. I had to take 3 meals a day for medication. This friend of mine was just sleeping, and I was stressing all the way. Dr Pichet ’s staff picked this up, and started bringing food for me. After two days in the hotel, this friend of mine left, and it seemed that I am now really in trouble.

I phoned Dr Pichet, and he immediately sent his staff to come and help me. They moved me to an apartment close to the clinic at no cost. Ying, one of the sisters came to stay with me to look after me. I stayed there until I was strong again and moved to another hotel close to the World Trade Centre for 600 baht(15usd) a night. Once again value for money.

During this time in Thailand, I made friends. As I got stronger, I started walking, and exploring Bangkok. I never felt alone, because of the support and friendship I received. Nit and Ying showed me Bangkok and how to get somewhere.

They made this journey very special for me. Changing your gender is not something small, and is something you want to be as positive as possible.

I am very happy with the results of the operation. Today is about just over two weeks since my operation. It will still take some time to heal, but I walk well, and the reality of the operation is starting to come through – I am a woman in body now.

I recommend Dr. Pichet, not just because he is a good surgeon, but also because of the support he and his staff provide. If you want to e-mail me, you are welcome. My e-mail address is: marilyn.warburgo@webmail.co.za.

I would also like to thank my family for their support. I ultimately believe that all of this was only possible because of a greater power that was there for me in times where I did not thought He was their. All was looking so bad, and believing opened it up for me. Know, I feel complete and ready for some new journeys.

Kind regards,



Marilyn Struwig, South Africa

SRS ( Sex Change )Experience Story In Bangkok with Dr.Pichet
I wrote an account of my Bangkok experience and have sent it along to Anne Lawrence along with the 3 photos. Attached is my account. I do hope to see you again, when I do my face. Thank You Lynn

I arrived at Bangkok, starting the new day, October 10, 2002. The city odors smelled of Southeast Asia, and coming off the jet 747, I was in a panic attack, as I was flashing back to Vietnam, memories of over thirty years. I came to do the business of SRS surgery, unprepared for the emotional overload. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the Vietnam War. I immediately lost the focus for which I came. Dr. Judy had great insight, and I knew I had PTSD and now I understand it is severe in nature.
My therapist, Dr. Judy, suggested perhaps Bangkok was not the best place for my SRS. I am 54. I felt that time was something of a rare commodity. To save enough money for Canada or the USA and then go on a long waiting list would put me way over 60. I had the funds for Dr. Pichet and Bangkok, and it was time to face my fears. I always was afraid of the surgery, and was not entirely certain I would do the SRS, but I would get something for my money, even if it were to be a face lift. None in my Arizona gender community had used Dr. Pichet. The gals had used another Thai doctor. I knew little of Dr. Pichet. I am not sure if this was an act of bravery or just needing to move on with my transition. Whatever, I was once again in Southeast Asia running point.

Overall, Bangkok was a hard journey for me. Not because of the Doctor or surgery, but because of PTSD issues that I was going to work through. At the end of 20 days not only did I learn a few things about myself, and some emotional healing did take place, but also I came home a happy woman with a new body and a new life, along with great respect for Dr. Pichet.

So Midnight I arrived. 8am, two of the Doctor ’s staff members picked me up at the hotel, Wantana Mansion, and I met Dr. Pichet at 9am. I first saw his face (a big friendly smile) on the other side of a glass door just before he walked into the room. I knew I would do the SRS. The Doctor and I chatted about my options. I asked tough questions and got honest answers. He made me understand the risks involved. For someone who has trust issues, I found myself taking a leap of faith with Dr. Pichet. By noon I was in the OR, jetlagged, and generally trying to deal with Asia, and going under for the surgery, the SRS.

I neglected (never even occurred to me to mention it) to tell the Doctor of my bad back, a result of 14 years in golf construction and maintenance. I can get intense pain if I lay on my back too long. Waking up in the hospital room in the dark in the middle of night or early morning (I really don ‘t know), coming out of anesthesia, I was a bit out of my head (PTSD), and had severe back pain. The kind nurses explained the next morning, after I had my wits about me again, that I had been a problem child. I do not doubt that at all. I could not however speak Thai and could not communicate my back pain to the nurses. It was a very long night. I explained my back pain to the Doctor that morning and he quickly gave me an injection easing my back pain. From that point on and the next three days I had a pleasant hospital recovery, with caring and very professional staff.

And I was never alone. Nit, Dr. Pichet ’s personal secretary, was there in the hospital room with me the three days. Her presence was most welcomed and appreciated and unexpected. We had some wonderful chats. She is a neat lady and I do miss her. AND I WAS NEVER ALONE!!!!!

The fourth day I was back in my hotel room. I could have stayed in Dr. Pichet ’s clinic the entire stay but I paid my hotel bill up front and the hotel would not refund. Dr. Pichet made up for the error and did provide me with plenty of food and beverage, easing my expenses, while in my hotel. I was seen by the Doctor daily. One night I had a bad panic attack–nothing to do with the surgery–and I called the Doctor in the middle of the night, and he gladly attended to my needs.

I always had the option of spending my days at the clinic, which I often did. By the way, next door to the Doctor ’s clinic is Tesco, an English based grocery. I got fresh fruit, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, cheese, hard rolls, and tuna fish sandwiches. I found Thai food too sweet or too hot and I got the runs from the local chow(which the Doctor dealt with). I spent a good part of my time in Bangkok chasing down American type food. Also, at the Doctor ’s clinic is assorted delivery menus from KFC to pizzas delivery. When the Doctor found out the type of food I wanted, his staff went out of their way to get it to me.

I also ventured out on my own a bit to the big hotels for cheeseburgers and lamb stew, and at the Grand Hotel had a wonderful rib-eye steak. I became obsessed with food. The doctor showed much concern for my satiety (Bali incident was in the news) and he preferred I use cabs and drivers he knew personally. Being the idiot I am, I often went out on my own with any old cab, and the Doctor politely let me know that was not a smart thing to do. I have more nerve than sense at times. Besides, he preferred me moving around as little as possible, especially the first days after surgery.

At the Wantana I made friends with the resident British living there. I learned the ropes through Robert. Lack of companionship and conversation never happened. I was very lucky in that regard. The hotel itself was cheap and you get what you pay for. I could have used a little softer bed, but it only ran me about $10 a day American.

I learned while there, the doctor owned his clinic, and thus lower overhead and that accounted for his lower surgery prices. He had patients coming in from Korea, Europe, Japan, and the USA while I was there. They came in all the time and I learned he does at least one SRS a week. The day I arrived, a gal just finishing the SRS was leaving the hospital. I briefly chatted with her mother. It is always good to meet someone from back home when you ’re in far away places.

In spite of my claustrophobia and my refusal to stay put, I recovered nicely. I did not focus as sharply on my healing as I should had. My problem. Doctor did his best to get my attention. When I left Bangkok October 28, I was really just beginning to enjoy the city, and then I had to leave.

Once home, I did focus on surgery and taking good care of myself. I came home with excellent instructions for care from the Doctor. Those who have seen the surgery have all given good reviews. It pleases me to stand before the mirror. Folks tell me I seem different now. I have a “glow ” about me. I believe it is just a product of being at peace within myself.

At the time of this writing it is almost Christmas 2002. Healing has been excellent. I do owe a lot to Dr. Pichet. He has my recommendation. I would like to go back for facial work.

To sum it up I offer the following advice to new prospective patients.

1. Tell the doctor your needs. For example had I mention my back problem first, some discomfort could have been avoided. Communicate.

2.Bring a companion with you.

3. If you chose to stay in a hotel, spend a little more money for comfort.

4. There is a British market next to the clinic.

5. Tell the Doctor your needs.

I am at peace and I am indebted to Dr. Picket’s medical and surgical skill.


Neala Lynn Balmes

Liposuction experience more than 8,000 ml from Dubai Girls,

Dear Doc,

I hope this email finds you well.
Karen and I arrived safely back in Dubai. Thank You for the care you and your team accorded us right from arrival at the airport to the care given at the clinic and a bit of drive through Bangkok and back to the airport.
I must say it felt like we had sisters and brothers in Thailand.
Just nursing body aches now and will update you of progress from time to time.
I really appreciate your liposuction that took my friend more than 8,000 ml in one time.
Thank you once again and regards to all your members of staff.
Thank you,




Testimonial for Dr. Pichet Rodchareon and Support Team at Bangkok Plastic Surgery, Bangkok Thailand.

January, 24th, 2011

My name is Louise Marie I am 55 years old and I reside in Ontario Canada, and this is my story. For me, findind an S.R.S.surgeon in Thailand was quite easy. I sent letters of inquiry to three different clinics specializing in the surgeries which I was interested in. Dr. Pichet Rodchareon of Bangkok Plastic Surgery answered my questions and concerns the very same day. The others took much longer to answer, and they lost my interest. I think I hold the world record for emails sent to Dr. Pichet. And still, he answered each one the same day. I found him to be very professional, concerned, personal and prompt in answering my emails.Price wise, in my personal opinion, S.R.S. at Bangkok Plastic Surgery was found to be the most economical of all my inquiries in Bangkok Thailand.and that is all. There are no taxes on these surgeries. I also combined Breast Augmentation of 400 cc Cohesive Gel with my S.R.S. procedure. By sending a small deposit, Dr. Pichet arranged to have me picked up free of charge at the airport, by a renowned Limousine service and brought to my hotel. All subsequent trips to and from Dr. Pichet and to General Hospital to meet with the resident Psychiatrist for evaluation, were all graciously offered at his own cost. From the moment I set foot to see Dr. Pichet, I was greeted like Royalty. The Team was awaiting my arrival outside on the landing. Once inside, I was instantly paralized with amazement. This was the most beautiful, and the cleanest hospital I ever saw. We had a meeting the day before surgery,where legalities and financial matters were taken care of, with a nice cup of Thai coffee. Next day it was time for the surgeries which I had waited for my whole life. Pre-op went very smoothly, then after a small waiting period, I was brought into the Operating Theatre. Dr. Pichet has a full Team of Professionals ready to care for the patients. On the 24th of Nov 2010, I underwent S.R.S. and Breast Augmentation of 400 cc cohesive gel implants. After waking up, I immediatly asked to call my Mom back home, and then not too long afterwards, I ordered some fried chicked, soup and desert which I devoured. There was not much pain at all. I was never administered anything stronger than Tylenol extra strenght. On the 27th of Nov 2010, I underwent a 15 minute Aesthetic procedure on the Labia Minora. I went to my hotel, and for the next two days I had a nurse with me throughout the night in case I needed help. She had been sent by Dr. Pichet at no charge. From day one to the last day of my stay in Bangkok, I was treated like a Queen.I was then transported a few times a week to Dr. Pichet for examination and wound cleaning. All these trips to and from my hotel were of course graciously offered free of charge by Dr. Pichet. Afew days before my departure, I had mentioned to one of my nurses, that I would like to go shopping for a bikini, and that the company of woman would be appreciated, for selecting and help in the fitting room. No sooner said,that I was instructed by one of the Support Team Nurses, that I would be picked up the next morning at 11:00 Am by Dr. Pichet’s transportation service and was going to be accompanied by a Nurse for the duration of my shopping extravaganza to M.B.K shopping center. We found a nice bikini and stopped in at Macdonalds for a great lunch and went back to the hotel. On the day of my departure, I was picked up by Limousine and transported to Bangkok International Airport,again at the expense of Dr. Pichet. Dr. Pichet Rodchareon along with his Wonderful Wife and their Professional Support Team, offer you a Secure,Professional, and Loving Experience. I personally Endorse Dr. Pichet, his Team, and I would like to tell everyone that this Team saved my life. I am home now, and the healing process is going very well and I feel great !!! I intend on returning to see Dr. Pichet for more surgeries. In my Professional Opinion and after undergoing three surgeries with Dr. Pichet Rodchareon is Plastic Surgeons. He is Board Certified and he confided in me the reason behind the lowest prices for the surgeries he offers. He Cares Genuinely for the Transgendered Community. And I believe him with all my heart.

Thank you Dr. Pichet Rodchareon and your Magnificent Support Team.



Louise Marie

SRS ( Sex Change) For Leslie

I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand in May 2003 to undergo SRS with Dr. Pichet Rodcharoen. Although my partner had significant reservations about such major surgery in Asia, I had done sufficient internet research and personal referral validations, to feel confident in my selection of Dr. Pichet to perform my SRS.

The plane trip from the US was long and tiring, but uneventful. We arrived in Bangkok at 11:00PM and quickly made it through Thailand customs. Dr. Pichet had arranged a limousine to pick us up at the airport. The driver took us to our hotel about 30 minutes away. As we checked-in, the hotel gave me a message from Dr. Pichet advising us that he would send a driver to pick us up the next morning. The hotel was a nice “business class hotel” at a rate much lower than equivalent accommodations in the US.

A driver arrived to take us to Dr. Pichet’s clinic at 9:30AM. It is about 10 minutes away. As the driver pulled up to the clinic, both of us felt very uneasy. Rather than an office in a modern medical complex, Dr. Pichet’s clinic is a storefront in what appeared to be a very “locals only” part of town. Street vendors and markets surrounded his clinic. Somewhat concerned, we ventured in and were greeted by one of his associates. The facility was clean and much larger than it appeared from the outside. We were escorted upstairs to an office and asked to fill out basic paperwork. His staff was very friendly and offered tea and conversation while we waited for the Doctor. When Dr. Pichet arrived, we briefly discussed what I wanted and he then did a quick physical examination in an adjacent room. We reviewed the various procedure alternatives and I felt that a primary sigmond colon vaginoplasy was the best alternative. Dr. Pichet carefully explained the possible risks and made sure that both myself and my partner fully understood. Dr. Pichet seems to feel that this is the best procedure, but is very hesitant to strongly recommend it, since it does carry higher risks. He has not had a patient that experienced significant complications with this procedure; he says that he is “lucky”, I feel that it is his skill and attention to detail that contribute to his record of successes. I ask him to schedule the surgery as soon as possible, so after phone calls to the hospital and associate general surgeon he reported that it was set for 8:00AM the next morning. Once the decisions were made, we completed additional paperwork and paid his fee. Dr. Pichet does not require a SRS referral letter, but unless you have one, you must write a personal history essay for psychiatric review explaining your motivations for SRS. I had a letter, so this was not an issue for me. Dr. Pichet’s staff took us directly to the hospital for pre admissions tests. His assistant handled all logisitics, paperwork and communication with the hospital staff. Following the various tests, I was admitted and placed in a large private room. The hospital had the look and feel of a large urban hospital in the US. Dr. Pichet’s staff made sure that I was all settled and then took my partner back to the hotel to get various clothes and toiletries. They escorted her back to the hospital in a couple of hours. Dr. Pichet’s staff was always available and made both of us feel as family. I have never experienced this level of care and compassion from a US doctor.

That night, they prepped me for surgery and required me to drink 6 large bottles of fluid to cleanse my digestive track. There apparently were some anomalies with my EKG, because a cardiologist came and examined me before Dr. Pichet gave the green light for surgery.

The next morning (Monday) they took me to the OR. I was conscious and talking with the doctors as they strapped me to the table. The surgery took six hours with no complications. I awoke back in the room, with my partner at my side. I slept the remainder of the day. I don’t recall any pain.

Tuesday morning I awoke and was aware of most everything around me. The genital surgery area was bandaged with no pain. The abdominal incision caused moderate pain when I would move. My legs ached and my right foot was numb. Dr. Pichet examined me and said everything looked good. I was in and out of sleep all day. The most discomfort I had was with my legs. A mild fever coupled with poor air conditioning circulation kept it uncomfortably hot in the area of the room near my bed, so Dr. Pichet’s staff brought a fan to solve the problems.

By Wednesday, I was feeling better and off pain medications. The hospital arranged for a Thai foot massage for me and a full body Thai massage for my friend. The foot massage significantly improved the numbness in my right foot. I still had limited mobility due to pain from the abdominal incision.

On his morning visit Thursday, Dr. Pichet said that he would release me to go back to the hotel later that afternoon. I was very excited and ready for a softer bed. He sent two staff members and a driver to take us to the hotel. Although my partner stayed with me the entire time I was at the hospital, Dr. Pichet frequently offered to have a staff member relieve her so she could get some rest. He and his staff really seems to care. They brought in lunch to her so she would have alternatives to the hospital food and offered most every service imaginable.

The Hospital staff was very efficient and provided excellent nursing care. There was always at least one nurse on duty fluent in English. Most of the other hospital staff spoke little English. There were several English language TV stations.

Several members of Dr. Pichet’s staff came to my hotel room Friday morning. They changed the bandages and said everything looked good. I rested in the hotel all day Friday. I was tired, but had no major discomforts.

Dr. Pichet examined me in the hotel room on Saturday. Satisfied with my progress, he provided transportation for a visit to his office on Sunday. After a complete examination and photos, Dr. Pichet instructed me on dilation technique. I was feeling much stronger and we ventured out shopping and sight seeing that afternoon. Dr. Pichet made his chauffer and car available to us for a very reasonable fee. This combination of driver, escort and tour guide made seeing Bangkok very safe and pleasurable.

For the next several days, we would shop and sight see following a daily visit to Dr. Pichet’s office for a quick exam. I would tire after a few hours, but was ambulatory and able to walk significant distances to enjoy tourist destinations and shopping malls. Evenings were spent watching movies in the hotel room.

I went for my final exam on Wednesday morning. Everything was healing well, and Dr. Pichet released me to return home.

It has been one month since surgery and I have had no significant complications. The general appearance of the vagina is good, although there is still some swelling of the labia. I continue to experience minor leg numbness and aching and occasional nerve “shocks” from inside the vagina. Sitting for long periods on hard surfaces is uncomfortable. I have been back at work since the day following my return. I tire easily, but feel that I am doing quite well for only one-month post surgery.

Vaginal depth is about 7 inches. For the first two weeks there was minor daily discharge. At this point, I only seem to have discharge following dilation. The quantity of discharge seems dependent upon the size of dilator and how aggressive I am with it. The discharge is an almost clear mucous with occasional traces of blood.

I am very satisfied with the results. Dr. Pichet and his entire staff treated us like family. They were available to provide any possible assistance, even the loan of a cell phone. I would encourage anyone to seriously consider Dr. Pichet as their SRS surgeon. The level of personal care and attention he offers is unmatched by US doctors.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Dr. Pichet, Mao, Taew, Lek, Tak, Sao, Ying, Moo, Hai and his entire staff for their exceptional efforts and care during our stay in Bangkok.
Thanks to you all



SRS ( Sex Change) For Natalie

Dear Dr.. Pichet and staff,

I am writing this letter to inform you and your staff of how pleased I have been with my sex reassignment surgery, and the upper/lower blephoplasty. My stay has been pleasant from the time I arrived at the bangkok airport. When I arrived you had arranged a car to pick me up and take me to my hotel. When I arrived at the hotel you had directions in English on how to take my saline laxative. That same evening Mrs. Mouth called me to make sure everything was okay, and asked if I understood the directions on consuming the laxative. I informed her I understood and asked if she could find me a different hotel after my surgeries, and she very pilotely informed me that will not be a problem. The stay at The Wantana Mansion was okay, however, it is not the Hilton. The cost of the room was approximately 12.00 USD a night, although it was not very clean, and I did not feel safe. I think this is because I was a stranger to their customs, culture, and country. This is why I chose to switch hotels, for an extra 10.00 USD a night, I was going to stay at a much nicer, and safer environment for my surgery recovery period.

I arrived on May 11, 2003 at 11:00 p.m., and had my surgeries the next day on May 12, 2003 at 4:00 p.m., after consultation with Dr.. Pichet and pay the remaining balance of my surgery owed as I had promised. The stay at the hospital was fantastic, Dr.. Pichet, the doctors staff, and the hospitals nurses. I was quite a bother at the hospital, which caused Dr.. Pichet problems with hospital staff. I did not understand the Thai language, and acted like a spoiled brat with the hospital staff. Since, I understand their customs, culture, and apologized to the hospital staff, Dr.. Pichet, and his staff. What happened was they gave me pain medicine to fast, causing a red
line, making me think it was going to go to my heart and kill me, needless to say, I was in very capable hands and over reacted to the situation. Dr.. Pichet staff member (Ying), stayed with me 24 hours a day at the hospital, and two days at my new hotel, informing Dr.. Pichet of my recovery in intervals by telephone.

After my hospital stay which was approximately four days, my bags were waiting for me at this elegant hotel called the “Gold Orchid”, very elegant, and beautiful. The whole staff at the hotel calls you by your first name, and for my the entire stay, which was 18 days, the hotel gave me vouchers for free breakfast every morning. The cost of the hotel was approximately 350.00 USD. The hotel accepted all major credit cards which I used my American Express card. I have met people at the hotel which received surgery from Dr.. Pichet.

Dr. Pichet also has a driver which will take you shopping, and stay with you the entire time for only 600 baht. In USD it translates to about 16.00 0r 18.00 USD. Dr.. Pichet nursing staff come and visit you every day at the hotel to clean my wounds, and assist me in my dilation of my new vagina. The nursing staff Mrs. Mouth, Tak, Taew, Ying, Pochanee, Moo, and Sao. Each member of Dr.. Pichet staff are understanding, professional, kind, gentle, and always willing to assist whenever I needed their services. I would recommend Dr.. Pichet above all surgeons for your SRS, or any plastic surgery you wish to have performed.

Dr.. Pichet is reasonably priced, and cares for his patients as if you are a member of his family. I am coming back this September 2003 for more facial surgery, and in December 2003 for breast augmentation. After a couple years I will be coming back again to Dr.. Pichet, to have a colonoplasty which will lengthen my vagina. I can not say enough about Dr.. Pichet and his staff, they are terrific individuals.

Thanks Again,


Natalie M. Dugan

SRS experience story about Ms.Tamara in Bangkok with Dr.Pichet

I may not be the worst patient known to mankind but certainly I am in the running. On arrival at Bangkok Airport. I glided throuth customs with just a smile. So quick was I at the airports exit that I also slide Right past the people sent to pick me up. (They might have blinked.)? So I get to the end of the welcoming crowd and I see, 2 more Transgender females next to who I assume is a driver. She was sent To pick up three girls so I fit right into her plans. I had mentioned Dr. Pichet serveral times to be sure but They acted as if I was speaking another language. (Joke) Upon arrival at a very nice facility, a kind of nursing home I think ? I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect. At 2 a.m. all I wanted was a shower and a bed. That , they could offer. So all this night and later into the morning, Dr. Pichet’ people were calling airlines and searching. The next morning, when I awoke at an early time of 10.30 . The other 2 girls were already up. They encouraged me to accompany to their appointment., We arrived at a different Doctor’s office. Now I had another pretty good hint that I wasn’t actually in the place. I should be. They immediately contacted Dr. Pichet. It was a nice office and in sure this Doctor is a wonderful surgeon and I felt only respect and care (and the little bit of excitement caused by me).

In retrospect I caused this and I have to take full credit or blame. Dr. Pichet’s people came and saved me. I was treated as if I had been through a giant ordeal. It was my fault. (Dr. Pichet even paid the bill For me at the nursing home). Every one except me acted professionally. I felt only compassion and heart felt caring from everyone. I loved the arrival I received. Several young ladies tended to me every second. I was pampered beyond

What that word implies. Genuine concern was expressed and again, They never blamed me for the excitement I caused (a couple of them were up all night I think trying to track me down). Slowly and with every effort to make me comfortable, the necessary procedures were carried out. I had been trying to quit smoking but this was the second time I was to quit. I arrived with a severe case of bronchitis and still was smoking. Dr. Pichet is and ex smoker himself so he knows what anguish it is to Quit .

From this point on ward, throughout my stay I had a young lady, a professional guardean angel, Ying, by My side every minute until after I left the hospital. We went to the hospital, an impressive building, Not Unlike any good hospital back in the states except just one thing. I was glided from test to test to be Sure (absolutely sure) I was a viable condidate for surgery. I had blood tests, chest x-ray, a physical checkup and more. This all would haven to take at least a few hours to arrange in the hospitals I have stayed in the states.

But this was all done in just the time it took to walk from place to place and the time the tests took. I Was later seen by a pulmonologist, given nebulizer treatments and antibiotics and isolated from doing Further damage to my lungs by simply encouraging me to not smoke just now. (Dr. Pichet had urged me To quit before I left the states). Long story short, I was treated by the Pulmonologist, Dr. Pichet and several nurses. You know, it just occurs to me that I was treated as if I was the only patient these people had. I never interacted With another patient so I can’t swear that there were any others there. Genuine concern, competent Care, ( no, much more than competant). I was treated like a long lost soul at sea returning home. I can’t Say enough about the attention I was given. Through all this, my guardian angel was nearby and wanted only to answer my needs.Have you guessed by now that I am one of those patients that just knows her doctor is the best GID Doctor in the world. But as good as others probably are, I just really do know that with certainly. I am Of course biased now because I was given the greatest gift ever bestowed but I look in the mirror and I
See what I feel. But more about that later it’s so cool.! Through constant attention and several visits by both Dr. Pichet and the pulmonologist my bronchitis was again under control and I was finally ready for surgery. By now, I think I must have set the doctor’s surgery schedule back at least a day or two. But it was never Mentioned and Dr. Pichet absorbed all the costs of all the doctors visits and medications as well as my first days stay elsewhere. It never became an issue. I’am sure the profit margin is shrinking as I write This (and I am now out of the hospital and in a wonderful hotel he picked for me that costs all of 22 dollars a night and Ying is lying on the other bed writing her own letter to someone.

This is the point that I fell asleep last night. I hope you are not having that problem. Surgery and a couple of days after are kind of a blur to me but I will tell you what I can remember. Ying,never having left my side, helped wheel me into the operating room. Lots of people were busily doing their jobs. The operating room was a little bigger than ones I ‘ve been in before. I saw Ying and Dr.Pichet and , fell asleep.When I came out of surgery,only one impression was stamped on my memory. Someone held up a little bag and asked if I wanted to see the extra pieces that were removed.I really didn’t care to then but later …..

About Dr.Pichet ,I really don’t know a lot about him but I do know this. He is a loving father to 3 young children and acts as father to many young needful girls on the streets of Bangkok( Ying was one of them).

He’s also a father image to me and I am guessing ,the hundreds of other girls he has helped. I think I caught a glimpse of his soul because he doesn’t hide it and because while in conversation,or on the Business of medicine. He maintains constant eye contact as he talks. His eyes are deep like a well holding only fond memories and thoughts and I could detect no hesitation on regrets,there.He would answer any question thought fully, promptly and completely. I just can’t say enough about him except what I said before. In my admittedly biased opinion, he is the best GID doctor in the world. There were so many nurses, aides, Doctors, and other wonderful people. I just couldn’t list them all here.

Just one special woman that from the first moments of concern and through the surgery, The hospital, hotel and clinic followed my progress I think almost as carefully as the doctor. Mao would call every day and I just feel like hugging her each time I see her. So the mother figure isn’t missing here either. Doctor Pichet had several procedures to do on me. I received breast implants,the GID surgery with a bowel resection (my choide for depth),and as a bow on the ribbon,lip enlargement with injection. I am not saying this is pain free. It’s not and I hate dilating. But nothing that happens to me can ever hurt me to any degree for I have everything I’ve ever wanted and needed and longed for my entire life. I don’t need to hide who I am. I ‘m not afraid anymore. I am that person staring back at me from with ever deepening eyes. Perhaps the most Important procedure. Dr. Pichet has done for me is a heart enhancement. My capacity to love and be loved, (my heart) grew 3 sizes that day. (Thanks Doctor Suess) and thanks Dr. Pichet.

With love and sincereity,
Tamara Miranti
P.S. I quit smoking. I don’t need it to be content anymore. I just am.



Tamara Miranti

Katryn Cooper

Dear Dr. Pichet,

I am Tamara Miranti’s friend in Illinois. I can’t thank you enough for taking good care of my beloved friend. I would have been lost without her and thanks to you she is alive and well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May all your days be beautiful and bright and blessed.



Katryn Cooper

As for me, please feel free to use the following as a testamonial by Areya

In March of 2006, I went to Bangkok for GRS surgery by Doctor Pichet. The surgery went wonderfully and I am more than satisfied with the result. Since the operation, I have been alone, and only in February of 2008 did I finally have intercourse with my boyfriend. I do not think I shall ever be capable of clitoral orgasms, but my vagina has proved to be VERY sensitive, and the feeling of being penetrated was beyond my wildest dreams. WOW! As for my stay in Bangkok, both for the original surgery and for the later follow-up labiaplasty and Urethral Reduction Surgery, it was incredible!
The Doctor is the  good one, and his hands are truly experience. The staff, especially Ms. Mao, and the gentle Lek (who trained me in dilation and aftercare, as well as the daily clinic visits) were superb. I can’t think of ever meeting a better group of medical professionals. After my return home, I sought others who were on their way to the GRS. I finally found a young ‘girl’ to help, and soon, ‘she’ too will be under the care of the good Doctor. If her experience is even HALF of mine, she will be well-served by the tender care of the Bangkok Plastice Surgery staff.



Miss Areya E. K. Barton From USA

A Dublin Ireland lady for – breast implants at Bangkok Plastic Surgery in Bangkok ,Thailand.

hi everyone out there who is thinking of having plastic surgery i would like to tell you my experience with dr pichet. i am from dublin in ireland i have been wanting brest implants for a few years now but i couldnt afford them. i went to dublin city to have a consultation with a doctor there.He told me it would cost 6000 euro which and decided to look on the internet to see if i could get them done cheaper and by a nicer person.I found the cheapest place was thailand so i contacted bangkok plastic surgery and started talking to dr pichet who always answered my emails straight away .

I saved for the year and booked flights for me and my partner for 25th of june i still wasnt 100 percentent sure i was getting them done i hadnt been to bahgkok before and was nervous he was some man pretending to be a surgeon to make money and the reviews i read about him were done by his staff or family or just people he knew.Me and my partner were saying we would just say no if the place was a kip or if we didnt like the docter. so i landed in bangkok airport at six o clock on a sunday evening when we went out to arrivels i saw a man with my name and esscorted me to his car which was really nice he brought us to a lovely hotel which the docter reserved for us at a discount, The next morning a man from Bangkok Plastic Surgery collected me in the hotel lobby at 8.30 the next morning i still wasnt sure whether to go through with this or not espessally driving to Bangkok Plastic Surgery because bangkok looked really poor and there was cabels everywhere i was thinking to myself what have i done why did i come here. So we came in at the back of Bangkok Plastic Surgery and the outside and inside were so different we had to take of our shoes and put on theres the clinic was spottless and the staff were really nice i was brought upstairs and then i met the docter who was the most plesent man i had ever met . he explained everything to me about the operation what it intailed and what his opinon was . I had to fill out alot of forms which i was rushig reading probably because of how nervous i was but the docter was saying relax take my time to read everything carefully before i make my decision because i had been talking to him through emails for so long i felt really close to him like i knew even though we had just met my partner was very impressed and thought i should definitley go through with the operation.He also had lots of certificates on the wall so i knew he was a good surgeon.We also met his senior secretary, miss mao who also works there she was the nicest woman i had ever met and helped me with everything from filling out forms to sorting out all our travel arrangements while we stayed in bangkok she really was a beautiful and kind woman.When i was finished filling out the forms i thought i was going back to the hotel for a few hours but the doctor came in and said we will start at 10am it was 9.50 i got really nervous but i had wanted to get it done for so long i said f;’k it.I put on a gown and was wheeled into the operating theather all i remember is getting the mask on and then i remember waking up it was all over there was a bandage really tight but i could still breath even though i have breathing problems it felt a bit sore but nothing i couldnt handel i got up to go the toilet the nurse asked me was i hungery and had kfc delivered to me no extra charge they paid for every taxi to and from Bangkok Plastic Surgery but i felt ok to go back the hotel i was up walking around 2hrs after surgery, it was a little sore but ok the tightness of the bandage was the only thing that bothered me which the docter took off the following day at 1pm i was able to see my 34b transformed for the first time they were really hard and swollen but i was happy with how little the scar was and how neat it was.I was able to travel to phi phi island by plane the following day which was all sorted out by miss mao and which i would recommend to anyone who travels to bangkok it is like going to paradise there is not even a car on the island it was the most beatiful place on earth the pertfect place to relax after having surgery done my breasts were swollen for the first few days but the more time that went by the better they felt the docter gave me pain killers and anti swelling tablets as well as an antibiotic.I went to see the doctor the day before i left for ireland and everything was fine, it is a month today since i had my surgery and they look and feel really good i went to my own doctor here yesterday who said i didnt have any infection and every thing is fine.I went from a 34b to a 34dd with 600cc implants everyone i meet has commented on how well they look and want to have theres done. I wanted to write this review for anyoe who was like me a few months ago and dont know whether to go threw with it or not do it i told the docter i would write a review when i went home if everything was still ok and he said if thats what you want to do, He never asked me to write anything good or bad and i had never met him before i went to bangkok ,i am 34 with four children and on my kids lives i thought he was the most professable docter and the nicest docter i have ever met i would recommend him to anybody.


coreana and peter dublin ireland

Breast enlargement ; Big Thankyou to Dr.Pichet of Bangkok Plastic Surgery (BPS)

I would just like to say a big thankyou do Dr Pichet and all the staff at BPS, i love the results of my surgery and you service was amazing i will be happy to recommend you anyone and i am writing your praises over all the surgery sites looked up while deciding what surgeon to go to thankyou so much for everything i feel amazing you have restored confidence in me that was much need. I can not express my gratitude, again thankyou.

Amelia From Australia

Breast enlargement surgery for an Australian patient to give you more details how was going on her experience.

9th December 2008
Hi Everyone, Big Thanks to all staff at Bangkok Plastic Surgery, especially Dr Pichet.
I’m from Australia and last month I had my breasts done by Dr Pichet, (my hero)!!
I had size A Cup breasts and a very athletic figure from exercise and going to the gym daily.   Basically i had no Breasts, just nipples, for me this was upsetting even though my partner has never complained about them being so small.   I researched many doctors in Thailand, Australia and America and Dr Pichet was a stand out. Not one other doctor had this many real testomonials, which to me was the reason I chose him. I needed to read other aptients testomonials to better understand the procedure and what would happen after surgery.

After I emailed Dr Pichet several times a day and decided i was going to get the surgery with him I was told the set price and deposited 10% into a Thailand Bank Account under his and his wifes name.   I was then told to cut back smoking 2 weeks before surgery and stop 1 week before surgery so that i was in a healthy state for surgery. I did not need to take or buy a new bra as Dr Pichet provides one after surgery for free.   So i had my plane tickets and accommodation booked and was so excited that I was finally going to fulfill my dream of looking like a normal female, and off to Bangkok we went a month later, on 2nd November of this year.

We arrived at the airport and were greeted by a driver whom Dr Pichet had sent for us free of charge.   Mrs Mao, the reseptionist, phoned to speak with me as soon as i met with the driver to confirm my appointment the next day and ask how my flight was.   I was told not to eat or drink after i woke up in the morning as my appointment was for 11:30am the next day.   Our driver took us to our motel and carried our bags in, the very friendly staff at the motel all smiled and said ” sa-was-di-kar” which is hello.   I immediately felt comfortable in this great city of Bangkok.   Everyone is so friendly.

On the next morning our driver picked us up at 11:30 and we were at Dr Pichets clinic in on time.   As you enter the clinic you feel like royalty or a celebrity, all the staff smile and say
” sa-was-di-kar”   to greet you.   Not just the secretary but every staff member that is in the room will stop what they are doing to greet you.   After you are greeted you will be asked to take your shoes off and you put on sterile clogs, soft rubber soled thongs, very comfy.   Then you are taken into the interview room where you sign lots of paperwork and decide on the size of implant, implant incision, under or over the muscle and smooth or textured implant. Once this is all decided you are taken to the recovery room right next to the operating theatre.   You then again sign the boxes that the implants are in and have a shower with hospital sterile antibacterial soap, yellow stuff.   Then you are greeted by many more staff, it felt like there were 15 people all there looking after me.   My partner was told i would be about 2 hours and so he went shopping.   I then spoke to the anaesthesiologist about getting the gas as i’m scared of needles, he said that was fine and as I was going into the room he held my hand. The staff treat you so much better than Australian hospitals that’s for sure.   Then the anaesthesiologist said to breathe in deep and out deep, he said “you will start to taste the gas. That’s it, good girl….” and that’s all i remember.   I remember the buzzing sound in my ear and after 5 seconds i was asleep.
When you wake up you are bandaged tightly and wrapped up.
As i had under the muscle done I was expecting a lot of pain as i woke up, but when i woke up i was not in pain at all.   My chest felt like a burning sensation but was not painful.  Partner was brought back in once I was fully awake and i woke up feeling fine, i was not groggy or nauseas, only a bit tired which is normal when waking from surgery.   I was once again greeted and checked by lots of staff every 5 mins, always asking how i felt, was i in pain, did i need anything.   I drank 2 cups of water, and after speaking with Dr Pichet I felt well enough to go home to the motel.   I had to stand up and walk around alone for 5 mins so they knew i was well enough to leave.   I had my medication already prepared for me in a very nice pink medication bag. Free of charge, this was perfect as everything i own is Pink!! Bonus!! I was then helped back into my clothes and told a few things to remember when back at the motel, like don’t go to the toilet by yourself, and don’t forget to take your med’s, and a few other things they told my partner because i doubt i would of remembered..

A driver was waiting outside the clinic for me and my partner and the nurse came with us in the van to make sure i was ok.   I sat up and admired the view of the busy Bangkok all the way back to the motel, i was wide awake now and virtually pain free, my chest just felt heavy, which i expected considering i went from a flat A cup to a D cup!

When i got to the motel i hopped into bed and fell asleep straight away, you feel extremely tired for a couple of days, i think i was so excited that i could see bumps on my chest when i first woke up but after i got into bed i slept like a baby.   I would definitely recommend going with someone you know will look after you as my partner helped me with going to the toilet, went shopping for all our meals and gave me my tablets on time, but if you can’t get someone to go with Dr Pichet can arrange someone to help you.

The next day Mrs Mao rang to see how i was doing and let us know our driver would pick us up to take us back to the clinic to get the big bandage off and a smaller more comfortable one was put on.   This was much better and i could take deeper breathes now.   My surgery was on Monday and on Wednesday I was out shopping and walking around.   Still no pain.   The only pain is leaning up or down when getting in or out of bed, there is a bad pain at the mid point of movement when you are getting up and down, to make this better my partner would put his hand on my back and push me up so i wasnt using my muscles to lean upwards, and when laying down i would just try to quickly drop without using my muscles to slowly lower myself.   On the Thursday I had all bandages removed and the wounds were cleaned by nursing staff. This is not painful either and is the first time you will see your new breasts, and it will shock you.   My breasts were pointing very high and looked like Madonna in her music video with the pointy tips on her breasts.   Dr Pichet assured me they would drop over the next week and i was given enough sterile strips and cleaning solution to clean my scars myself from now on after showers.   Within the first week my breasts began to take a dive south and anfter a couple more days they were sitting perfect.   It is a bit awkward massaging them because they are so tight and it doesn’t feel like your doing it right or that it’s doing anything but now, 5 weeks after surgery they are looser and i can massage them with ease.   In all i had a 3 week holiday in Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui and it was the best Holiday i have ever had..
Everything that Dr Pichet said would happen has happened.   He definitely knows what he is doing and I will be going back to see him next time i’m in Bangkok, maybe for Cosmetic Surgery or maybe just to say hi.
I am recommending Dr Pichet as my choice of Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon.
I would like to thank all the staff of Bangkok Plastic Surgery for making my surgery a great experience for me!!
If anyone would like more information about Breast Augmentation or to see my photos don’t hesitate to email me as i am more than willing to share my happiness!!!!!!!!!

Tammy, Australia

Australian lady patient had a good experience about Sex change with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet and Staff,

Hi DR pichet, Thank you for the wonderful surgery you done on me, and please give my thanks to all your staff, you provide a great service and your staff were very fantastic and very professional in there work, I will not hesitate to come back for my breast augmentation in November next year, I have already requested that time for my next Holidays. I was most impressed that your staff remembered that I needed the size 0 dilator  and got it to me while I was on the bus getting ready to leave for Phuket, Please give a special thanks to the wonderful Mrs Mao who is one of you biggest assets she is worth her weight in gold. Once again thank you, you have made me a very happy person for the first time in my life,
Kindest Regards

Kimberley from Australia

SRS ( Sex Change) Chrisina

FRIDAY, JUNE 13,2003




Hi just got home so I must keep short for now. He is a wonderful Dr who deeply cares about his friends and family. When you have surgery by him you become part of his family and friend. He put my companion and myself up after the surgery, at the place he has just 1-2 minutes from his clinic . Food was brought in daily. Our needs were always looked after. I will use his skill as a surgen again within 20 months.Surgery itself is in a modern hospital maybe 10-25 minutes from his clinic.After care excellent(just make sure to listen to the DR) if you do not understand his instruction or something changes just inform him politely and you are taken care of.Long term care well it has only been 20 days as I write to you. But as of this writing I would highly recommend him to anyone. Bye for now .



Abdominoplasty c Beth

Hello Dear Dr Pichet
I am doing well and wanted to keep in touch. Im now 240 Lbs. When I arrived home I was 270 Lbs due to swelling. The swelling goes down a little every day. I feel better each day as well. Im moveing more walking more. I went to the market yesterday for the first time to do my shopping. Its great to feel almost normal. Im cooking but still need help with house work I tire easily. I take tylenols for discomfort. I feel not pain but tightness and soarness in my belly other then that Im OK. My scar is healing well its all dry and pink color no sign of infection. Tim takes very good care of me and my children. He tells me to take a nap every day and tells me to use my breathing machine. When I heal I will send you a photo. I miss you and all the friends I made while I was there. Everyone was so wonderful to me so kind and careing. I cant thank you enough.

Take Care and tell every one I said Hello. Your Friend Beth



SRS ( Sex Change) for Jami


My name is Jami. I’d like to tell you about my experience with Dr. Pichet of Bangkok, Thailand. He is my most recent sexual reassignment surgeon. I trust him.

I’ve been to Thailand three times. On my first trip in 2001, my sexual reassignment surgery was done by a doctor other then Dr. Pichet. I do not mention names, but that doctor did a fine job with my primary inversion vaginalplasty. Unfortunately, a small penis and scrotum, plus an illness unrelated to my SRS, interfered with post-surgery treatments (dilating), so my vagina became shallow. I carried out the dilating procedures without knowing of the complication. In the meantime, I had gone back to Thailand, this time to Dr. Pichet for breast enlargement. I came back to the States feeling good about myself and about the great job Dr. Pichet had done with my
breasts. The twins, are perfect! Unfortunately, soon after my return home, I discovered my vagina was too shallow. I spoke by e-mail to Dr. Pichet, and we eventually decided that I should have a secondary colo-cut vaginalplasty. It is a surgery using part of the colon to make a vagina.

On my third trip to Thailand, I arrived in Bangkok and made my way through the airport. It’s a modern airport with signs in English and other languages. I had my passport and my immigration form (already filled out) when I arrived at immigration control. Incidentally, immigration information and forms are provided while you are still on the plane approaching Bangkok. The most important information you need for your form is where you will be staying in Thailand. I, of course, had no clue as to which hotel I would use. However, I knew Dr. Pichet’s clinic and the hospital where the good doctor does his SRS surgeries. I figured I would choose my hotel after surgery. So I wrote down Dr. Pichet’s clinic address. Immigration checked my passport, checked my form, asked the purpose of my stay, and bingo, no problems. After immigration I found the luggage carousel for my flight, and got my suitcase. Following the signs, I went to the airport front entrance area, found an exchange and changed one-hundred US dollars into Baht, the Thai currency, which is about forty-one Baht to the dollar. This varies with time, but Thailand is about ten times cheaper then where I come from in the States.

Next, I looked for a big yellow airport taxi sign. There are four in the airport. Just give the clerk at the desk your name. Remember, nearly everyone at the airport speaks English, and Dr. Pichet arranges your transpiration to the clinic. A cab is provided free of charge. Well, nearly free.  Once in the cab the driver will ask you if you want to do the under or over freeway. The over costs forty Baht, about one US dollar. Bangkok traffic is impossible, so take the over. If all this sounds easy, it is. So relax. If this bubble-headed traveler can do it, so can you.

Leaving the airport you will get your first whiff of Bangkok and Thailand in general. It’s spicy, with the smell of incense from shrines, while the air is warm and humid. For those who have never been to Thailand or Bangkok, the place can be somewhat overwhelming at first. Just remember that, yes Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore. But, once you get over your surprise and awe, you can see similarities to all people in the world. It isn’t as different as it looks, but it is different enough to provide a great adventure if you want it. Note: Try the shopping in the Thai shops, inexpensive, great stuff, you’ll go happily crazy. The doctor can get you a knowledgeable driver who will also carry your bags, all for a reasonable fee.

I arrived at the clinic. In the US, most clinics look almost church-like, set apart in an imposing building of concrete and steel. Dr. Pichet’s clinic looks small, humble, and like a shop. But once you enter, you see the sparkling clean floor, the comfortable surroundings, and you meet the friendliest staff that I have ever met in my life. With genuine affection and caring, they will greet you and provide your comfort.

I soon talked to Dr. Pichet. This man likes to smile and laugh, he loves people, and he’s friendly, warm and intellectually sharp. He’s fun to be around, so relax and be yourself. He examined me, and we decided to go for surgery. Then I met with Ms. Mao (Mom) to pay my fee.

Some people have wondered why the Thai doctors charge lower prices than other surgeons. In the West, we tend to see a lower price as an attempt to get more patients or that it is even a sign of cheap unprofessional work. This is not the case with Dr. Pichet. The good doctor’s work is second to none. He is a true artist. The care after surgery is also unbelievably good. There are three reasons why Dr. Pichet’s prices are lower. First, the cost of living in Thailand is low. So what we may see as a low price is actually a reasonable profit in Thailand. Second, in Thai culture, making a profit is acceptable, but one is also morally bound to make everyone happy with the deal. Third, I got to know Dr. Pichet well. Some people do good deeds because they think they should. Others have goodness flow from their hearts naturally. Off to the hospital, I was prepared for surgery. I have a phobia; I hate being put to sleep for an operation. Scares the heck out of me! But something happened to me I did not expect. I had said
my prayers and was off to surgery, shaking like a leaf. When I saw Dr. Pichet, so in control of the operating room, so obviously in his element, a strange calm came over me. We talked, joked, and laughed. Then he took his place like a conductor and I could almost hear a waltz begin to play so obviously synchronized and expert were he and the surgical staff. Feeling so much calmer, I felt the sleep medication coming on, and rather then saying something like Lord be with me, I giggled and said “Woo, here we go!”

My colo-cut vaginalplasty went well. My stay in the hospital was wonderful. Dr. Pichet provides his patients with an in-room personal aide. Ying helped me with all my needs. She was bright, capable, caring and a friend. I love her still. The nursing staff is more expert than any I have encountered, accurate and caring, professional right down to their nursing uniforms. The hospital is modern and clean, lacking nothing we would expect in the West. The hospital is first rate.

After my discharge, Dr. Pichet examined me every day. His staff made sure I was eating and even brought me food, whatever I could have and wanted. But the doctor sensed that I was withering with loneliness in my hotel. So he encouraged me to move closer to his clinic to socialize with him, his wife, and his staff. I did. Next thing I knew I was literally adopted. For as open and honest as your heart is toward Dr. Pichet and his people, so too will their hearts be open and honest to you.

I am home now, back in the USA. I am recovering well, my new vagina is seven inches deep, moist, flexible, looks sexy, and I can even dilate with the largest stints. It is perfect and I feel like I have finally made it as a woman, thanks to the skill and loving kindness of Dr. Pichet, his wife Poe-Chan-Knee and his staff. If there are such things as miracles, I experienced them.

Take care and have fun!

Sincerely, Jami 🙂



SRS experience for Roberta in Bangkok with Dr.Pichet

I am writing this letter June 01, 2003, three months after my surgery that took place on March 01, 2003.

After examining all of the popular SRS surgeon websites and any other information I could gather on them I settled upon Dr Pichet Rodchareon of Bangkok, Thailand to perform both my M to F SRS and breast augmentation.

I communicated with Dr. Pichet before my surgery exclusively by email. Dr. Pichet responded promptly to all of my email inquiries. I finally settled on March 01, 2003 for my surgery.

Once getting my surgery date, I purchased a roundtrip ticket on travelocity.com for $689.00. I recommend using the travelocity website flight cost calculator. If you are flexible as to when you can leave and arrive you to can get a great deal.

Upon arriving at the Bangkok airport and clearing customs and immigration Dr. Pichet had a Mercedes Taxi waiting for me. The taxi took me to the Watana Hotel (a great rate at $11.00 a night) where I spent the night. The next morning Mao, one of Dr. Pichet’s assistants, arrived at the hotel to bring me to the clinic.

When arriving at the clinic, I met Dr. Pichet, a friendly man and we discussed my plans for SRS and BA I asked several questions and I he gave clear and up front answers and an honest assessment as to what result I could expect. I then inquired about the appropriate size my breast implants should be. We agreed that 415ml implant would be appropriate for my body size. About an hour later, Dr. Pichet confirmed that my surgery would take place later that night at about 6pm at the General Hospital in Bangkok.

After my pre surgery examination and preparation at This General Hospital, I was taken to the operating room. I was a bit nervous before the surgery but Dr. Pichet and his surgery staff eased my apprehension. Before I know it, I was under the anesthesia, operated on, and awoken just as I was being wheeled back to my room. My surgery went off without a hitch.

The next morning and for the next 3 days I stayed at the General Hospital. I stayed in a private room and received around the clock care by the hospital’s attentive nursing staff. I left the hospital during the afternoon of my third day and was driven to the Wantana Hotel by Dr. Pichet’s staff.

For the next couple of weeks I recovered at my hotel. I received at least two visits a day from Dr. Pichet’s staff in order to clean and dress my surgical wound. During these visits Dr. Pichet’s assistants always brought me food and cold Pepsi. In addition to these visits I would receive visits from Dr. Pichet himself to check up on me. During my stay at the hotel Dr. Pichet arranged a couple of Bangkok city tours for me and invited my over to his clinic to watch cable TV. Overall, Dr. Pichet and his staff were great and made my stay in Bangkok very comfortable and stress free.

After getting back home to Massachusetts, I took some time off to recover. My healing took place without incident. I experienced slight pain for the first 30 days but it disappeared. Cosmetically the appearance of my vagina is convincing and I am able to urinate in a steady stream with no problem. During this year, I consulted with my internist who deals with many transgendered patients at McClean Hospital in Belmont Massachusetts. He examined my vagina and indicated to me that in his professional opinion my vagina was appropriately constructed, that it had a reasonably convincing appearance and that it was a very satisfactory result.

I plan on have sigmoid colon-cut surgery with Dr. Pichet at the end of the year. I look forward to seeing Dr. Pichet and his staff again. I trust him without hesitation and recommend him unreservedly for M-F SRS and breast augmentation.


Patient Testimonial Paul

July 2003
Dr. Pichet,

Just a note to say a big thank you to all your staff and yourself for the Surgery I had in Thailand. Being a westerner and not being very familiar with Asia, I was quickly made to feel at home by your friendly and hardworking nurses.

The hospital was of a very high standard and I was very pleased with the accommodation (Royal Orchid Hotel) which was excellent value for money and very luxurious.

As for the treatment I had, the hair-transplant went a lot more smoothly than I imagined and I am very pleased with the results and the ease of aftercare. The chin augmentation now looks great (after only one week) and I have also been pleased with the Liposuction to my chest, waist and abdomen.

In short, the past 9 days have been as comfortable as they could have been and I have been very well looked after both medically and as a human being (one of your nurses kindly stayed with me all night after the operation). The results of the surgery are already better than I imagined and was definitely less painful than I thought (thank goodness!)

Finally, once more, a big thank you to your staff and of course, yourself. The fees you charge are very moderate and great value for money; should I need any more treatments, I will be delighted to be one of your patients once more.

Best wishes


Everything about my experience exceeded my expectations. I could not ask for a better surgeon! in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Pichet,

I did a lot of research on the internet prior to booking my appointment with Dr. Pichet. My husband and I have been to Bangkok about 12 times and knew that plastic surgery was very popular and well priced in Thailand. I previously had plastic surgery ……………(rhinoplasty) and found my surgeon………………. to be very rude and arrogant. I felt like the surgeon just didn’t care about me. The surgery was $6000CDN and I was kicked out right after the surgery. Needless to say, the surgeon or staff did not even call to check up on me. Well, if this was the service I was receiving in…………….., I did not know what to expect in Bangkok.

I did a large amount of research on plastic surgeons in Bangkok, and Dr. Pichet’s name stood out as one of the top doctors. I contacted him and he responded promptly, and also provided emails of several women he operated on. All the women I contacted had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. About a month before surgery I sent a money transfer of $500USD, and the remainder to be paid on the day of surgery.

The day we flew into Bangkok, we were picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel. As soon as we got to the room, a staff member called to book a pre-op appointment for the next day.

The next day we were picked up and taken to the clinic. It is very nice, clean and modern. All the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I was taken to a room to try on various sizes of implants. I wanted to be a 34C so I went with 350cc under the muscle. The staff also get you to fill out a ton of paperwork, as well as take “before” pictures.

The day of surgery, I arrived at 9:00am and changed into a hospital gown. The staff then took blood and urine samples. You then sign more paperwork and wait for the doctor. I was then wheeled into the operating room, and I don’t remember a thing after that!

The next morning the bandages are taken off and a surgical bra is given to wear for the next two weeks. A nurse took me back to my hotel and came with me to the room to ensure everything was okay.

I received daily calls from the clinic to see how I was recovering. I also had several post-op appointments to ensure everything was healing properly. One night I was having extreme back pain, from sleeping on your back, since you cannot sleep on your side, I called Dr. Pichet and he sent a courier over with medication. Talk about customer service!

Although the recovery was painful, I am extremely pleased with my results. I am exactly the size I was hoping to be. All my clothes fit and look better. I feel more feminine than my previous 34A size. It has been one month since my surgery and everythhing is healing very nicely.

Dr. Pichet and his staff are very kind, friendly and caring. They treat you like family. Transport is provided free of charge to and from the clinic, as well as to and from the airport. ………………….. His staff are also willing to take you (free of charge) shopping or sightseeing around Bangkok. I had such a wonderful and positive experience, that I would definitely be back if I decided to have any other surgery in the future. As I have said, the clinic is extremely clean and sanitary. Dr. Pichet is very knowledgeable as well as his staff.

Breast augmentation prices ………….., I paid about $2700 CDN for the surgery………………………… Not only did I save a ton of money, but had a wonderful experience and a great vacation too. Everything about my experience exceeded my expectations. I could not ask for a better surgeon!

Thank you for everything Dr. Pichet and staff!!

Tanya from Canada

Dr. Nettie Perry Adams

Dr. Pichet,

This is your patient, Dr. Nettie Perry Adams, age 55 desiring to say to you “A Job Well done”. My Abdominal Plasty surgical procedure went extremely well. Again, thanks to you and the staff at this General Hospital.

Please continue to be the warm, wonderful, dynamic and caring person that you are. My husband, Ben also wish you and your family the Best and thanks to you for making his wife surgery a success.

There was an awful amount of “trust” rendered on ALL our parts, because your staff didn’t’t know me, and vise versa. Again, thanks to you ALL. I would also like to give kudos to the hospital staff, the clinic, and a special warm thank you to Ying (Dr. Pichet’s staff); Ms. Mao (Dr. Pichet’s staff) and Kong (Hospital staff). Each and everyone was so very accommodating.

Well, take care and I wish you and your family a great year 2004.



Dr. Perry

Jame from Canada

Dr.Pichet ,Family and Staff

First,I would like to thank you for you making my stay here such an experience. You and your staff were more than that I cannot thank you enough for.My surgeries are on their way to making a great recovery.If I plan to have any further surgeries,you definitely will be my doctor.This place is truely amazing ,Bangkok is such an eye opener!!There is everthing and anything for a person to want ,see ,or do . From the time I arrived here you saw to it with your two drivers that I enjoyed my stay here ,and that I got to experience Bangkok and all it has to offer. The drivers are a very great benefit of having surgery with you here.The hotel is a good hotel with a great staff who make a quick recovery possible.When I return home ,I will be staying in touch to update.
You on my recovery, and to stay in touch as friends.I will miss all of you,and thank you again.Well wish me best in the redcuction of my swelling.

Your freind,


Jame from Canada

Ingrid from USA

Dear Dr. Pichet,

Khawp khun kha!(thank you very much) I really mean that. It has been over two years since my surgery and I am doing fine.
I miss Thailand more than I thought I ever would admit to, but I really hope to come back and maybe work as a photographer there.
I miss you and your staff, the care you gave me was much more than I expected. I am happy to be able to say that I know you.
I have told many people about you and hope that you are doing well.
Again, Khawp khun kha…..

Faak kwaam khit thueng khun kha,( Miss you all )

Ingrid from USA

Joanne from USA
My first trip to Thailand for waist reduction and hair transplant. The trip to Bangkok took 33 hours (house to motel). Bangkok time is 12 hours ahead of Dayton. A limo picked me at the airport, drove me to the motel, a call was placed to the doctor’s staff (2am), and I was told I would be picked up at 9 am to meet the doctor. Registration for my room was already prepared so all I had to do was let them take an imprint of my credit card. I went up and soaked in the tub for a while an got a few hours sleep.

At 9am a staff member picked me up. The Doctor went over the procedures, had me sign a ton of forms, looked me over and reviewed some medical data.The staff then took me off to the hospital. Admittance was all preparedahead, so I just had to go from room to room to have blood work, EKG etc performed. Took all of 20 minutes, no waiting anywhere.

The hospital is old, not like modern American facilities, like something out of the sixties. The beds have to be hand cranked, no big rack of electronic equipment to monitor you in your room, maybe it exists on other floors. The surgery room seemed to be about the same as the outpatient center where my brow lift was just done.

But the doctor’s and hospital staff is what makes it unique. Anywhere from 1-3 nurses are constantly checking to see if you need anything, as well as your vital signs. They hold your hand and rub your arms or shoulders to re-assure you. They are always pleasant and smiling. I felt safe
and never experienced any fear of what might happen during surgery.

The surgery on the first day took 2 hours to do the waist reduction liposuction and take the hair graft from the back of my head. A spinal block was used. I awoke in my room with one of the Doctor’s staff holding my hand.

The second day was rough. The surgery lasted 3.5 hours (I watched the clock tick ever so slowly), under local anesthesia, while 3 people inserted 2000 single hairs. If I was to do this again I would pay extra to have it done under general anesthesia. That night, one of the Doctors staff members was assign to spend the night in the room with me. It seems the first night I got out of bed several times, would walk around the room for a while and then get back into bed. I have no remembrance of this.The hospital had called the Doctor during the night to let him know what I was doing. So someone was assigned to watch over me to insure I did not hurt myself. I did wake up about 2am in pain and sat up. Within a couple of minutes Ying was up and asking me if I hurt and had the night nurse in to give me a shot of pain medicine.

My release from the hospital was delayed until mid afternoon. During the early morning I had registered a slight fever and until they where positive I was not getting an infection I was held there.

Each day a staff member picks me up at the motel and takes me to the clinic to clean my scalp. We are all encouraged to come to the clinic to rest or use the computer. The idea is to help us not feel alone or fell stuck in our rooms.

Twice a day staff members go to the other girl’s room to clean and dilate them. I have read were some doctors do the bottom surgery, teach the person how to clean and dilate, and then pretty much leave them on their own. These girls will not be allowed to do it themselves until they have healed sufficiently. I think I like this approach best.

There are 3 other girls here from the US that have just had their bottom surgery. A Russian immigrant from Chicago, one from Salt Lake City and one from West Virginia. So now Jacquin, Dominique and myself get together every morning for breakfast and dinner and talk for hours. They are both very pleased with their surgery, how they are treated and the results. Tomorrow we hope that all three of us will be permitted to go to the mall and try a little shopping. Unfortunately the Russian girl stays by herself, but she did have breakfast with us this morning.

The motel rooms are small, but clean and modern. Food is cheap and very good. A full dinner buffet is only $5 US. The room rate includes the breakfast buffet.

Bangkok is not the prettiest place I have ever been but the people are the best: friendly, polite and caring. We are treated with dignity by everyone. The motel staff always treat each of us as ladies, and right now I pretty much look like a Cro-Magnon man that has been in a fight and lost (I also had 19 hours of blend electrolysis over a 2 week time span before leaving Dayton).

As to the Doctor and his staff, they are just wonderful. It is like you have been adopted into a big caring, gentle and loving family. They are constantly checking on you and seeing if there is anything you need. Even when you think you don’t need anything they bring you water or something to eat to keep your strength up while you are at the clinic. I was told not to worry about anything, and everything is always taken care of or arranged. It is nice not to have to worry. They are available at all hours if we need anything.

This trip has served its purpose, I have completed 2 more small surgeries on my transition journey, I am comfortable with coming to Thailand for my SRS. With first hand knowledge my uncertainty about SRS and which SRS surgeon has ended. I have made two new girlfriends who are elated with their new bodies and we all are healing nicely. In less then 9 months I plan to come back to Bangkok (assuming a couple of other doctor’s concurrence) for a longer stay and again put my trust in the hands of Dr Pichet and his staff.


Joanne from USA

Jacquelyn from USA

Once upon a time in Bangkok

I just completed my surgery with Dr. Pichet on November 23, 2003. I am very pleased with the attention that Dr. Pichet’s staff and Dr. Pichet gave me. The surgery was a difficult one for Dr. Pichet as I had little penile tissue to use and little scrotal tissue to use. In addition I am overweight which added complications. Dr. Pichet used in addition to my scrotal and penile tissues a skin graft from my tummy to create a neo vagina of 5 inch depth. The after care that Pichet and his staff have provided has been excellent. Any concerns I have had have been addressed immediately. I am now well on the the way to recovery. Dr Pichet also did a bilateral mamioplasty. I had one failed implant that left much scar tissue for Dr.Pichet to deal with to complicate the breast augmentation surgery. But again Dr Pichet’s surgery was excellent andI am well pleased.

I am here with 3 other t girls and the mutual support we give each other is wonderful. Yesterday we went shopping which the Dr arranged. Sunday I went to view the Grand Palace and wat Pho temple ,Thursday we are going to the old capital city. So Dr.Pichet not only takes care of our physical needs but our emotional needs as well.I am a very hard person to please and I can only sing the praises of Dr Pichet and his staff.


Jacquelyn from USA

Allie (U.S.A.)

A testimonial of my experiance with Dr. Pichet et. al.

I am a 58 yr. old mtf transsexual. I contacted Dr. Pichet in early Sept. ’03. He responded very quickly ( He personally checks his e-mail every day, as many as 35 or more!) I asked for 10/10/03 and he agreed (I had passport, documentation from psycholgist,etc.)I arrived 10/9/03 at 11:50 p.m. He had a car and driver for me as promised to take me to the hotel ( very nice) I had a note to call Mrs. Mao who cheerfully instructed me as to take the swiff laxative that was waiting for me in my room. By 6:00 a.m. I greeted the new day thoroughly cleaned out looking forward to meeting Dr. Pichet at 9:00a.m. He doesn’t paint any “rosy pictures”, he gives you his honest opinion and assessment. I appreciated this very much. After interview and signing of many forms we were off to the hospital and finally after all these years to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Vibhavadi General Hospital is a very nice, clean, modern facility. The staff is very professional and friendly. The anesthesiologist was great, she gave me an epidural and then general. My throat was neither sore nor did I aspirate even though intubated for many hours. I was in hospital for 4 days and had one of his assistants with me 24/7 ’til I was discharged. Back to the clinic to get my luggage and check back in to the hotel. There I had an assistant a couple of rooms away from me (Ying)who was with Perri for the “duration”. I went to the clinic every day, at 9:00 every a.m. I was met and taken there to be cleaned and dilate.Tak was usually there for me and she would read from a novel I had and I would help her with her pronunciation. She called me “teacher”, she has an excellent command of English. they fed me everyday and truly treated me as family, I can’t emphasize this enough! In short money cannot buy the treatment and care you get from Dr. Pichet.I would recommend my own family. Friends or anyone else to Dr. Pichet’s care and expertise. To Dr. Pichet, his wife and staff thank you so very much. I will be in touch.


love Allie (U.S.A.)

Surgery of tummy tuck and breast implant Result from a group of patients from Australia

Hi doctor

First of all it was a pleasure meeting you finally after so may emails, i and both the girls would like to thank you and everyone involved for making this a memroable time both for me and my sister, we appricate your help at Bangkok airport as we had no other way out. we are all ok and everything is looking good, our wounds are healing fine, and the pain is under control. i would higly recommend you to any of my family and friends. i wish we could have spent more time in bangkok but i guess there is always a next time.

with the warmest regards


Hair Transplant surgery in Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

Hello Friends,

Sorry, that it has taken me so long to get back to you but I ’ve been having Laptop connection problems that I ’ve just now overcome. Usually you would have found me using my office PC, but I ’m currently on work assignment in Las Vegas from Oregon.

Basically I can tell you if you have any reservations or fears about the quality of medical practice in Thailand you can cast those fears away right now … Dr. Pichet and his Clinical medical staff are as good if not superior to anything we have here in the states. I ’m awed at his practice because he services people from all over the world. In addition to being a top expert in the art of hair transplantation he is a renowned plastic surgeon who takes his work seriously with professionalism—but yet as a patient you will find yourself welcomed as if you were a family member. I challenge you to try and find that anywhere here in the states.

Believe me you have nothing to worry about. When I went to Dr. Pichet I was almost a damn chrome dome! I had everything but the horseshoe haircut. And, like you I certainly had concerns and reservations about medical practices in what is deemed a 3rd world country— However, I found out first hand 3rd world was all bullshit—Thailand is every bit as modern and up to date as anywhere. Bangkok alone has about 10 million population. True the average common person wage is like $300 Dollars a month, but it ’s relative to life as we knew it in the 60 ’s in the US. You can walk the streets day and night and never have to fear for your safety. Since 2002 I have been to Thailand 11 times —8 of those times were for strictly recreational purposes which I ’ll be happy to enlighten you on if you are interested.

Getting a Hair Transplant is a medical procedure and there is going to be some pain and discomfort with it just as there would be with any procedure. The difference is that it ’s pretty much all on an outpatient basis —You do not have to be put under or go to a hospital. And the best part is that no one but yourself, the clinic staff, and who you blab to will ever know you went through the transplant procedure. However, the metamorphic change you undergo will be so personally rewarding that I have little doubt that you ’ll look back on it someday as probably the best thing you ever did for yourself. That ’s how I feel about it anyway. However, I was so far gone bald that I went through the procedure twice —a year apart from each other just to get more density. It literally changed my life and gave me a better outlook on life as well …Especially with business associates as well as with the ladies.

You have to realize one important thing—this metamorphic change is very gradual —it doesn ’t happen overnight —or in a month —6 months, but takes at least a good year to happen—what ’s funny is people sense something different —growing a mustache, or beard, then shaving diverts their attention —or you can tell them you ’ve lost weight —it all takes their focus away from noticing the fact you ’re growing new hair. After about 6 months get a short haircut then it will fill in uniformly and after about 9 months you can begin grooming it towards the style you wish. Like I said —I was so bald I felt I had to do the procedure again, and now that it ’s been almost year and a half since my last procedure and I ’m truly a happy camper because it ’s literally made such a dynamic and positive difference in my life and how others perceive and react to me.

Believe me I researched this a lot before I made up my mind to do it. Here in the US and in Canada, the cost was simply out of the question. I didn ’t have the money resources to even consider it. One of Medical group wanted $25k and Canada was right up there with them. Then one day since I knew I was going on Vacation to Thailand with a couple of buddies I serfed the web and accidentally found Dr. Pichet. After consulting via email with him I decided to persue it because the cost was so affordable. I went there, had it done in one day, and my two buddies didn ’t even know I had done it. Of course I had to be sneaky because that first day I had a turban bandage on my head —but that came off the very next day, and after that I wore a straw hat and they never knew the difference.

One more thing, every day a driver was sent to pick me up (free) and take to the clinic where the Dr examined my progress and the nurses would wash, disinfect, and cleanse everything until I was healed. After 9 days the stitches were removed in the back of my head where they had taken the chunk of donor hair that they transplanted. They had to suture together the two sides from where the patch had been removed, but when I left Thailand after my 30 day stay everything was pretty much healed.

Right now I have to go do some things, so Sean if you have any more questions or would like even more graphic details email me back. Furthermore, tell me a little about yourself, where you ’re from? interests, age, married? Single? etc and if you do decided to go there I can help you make a real vacation out of the whole process and promise you ’ll have a fantastic time. Basically I can tell you if you have any reservations or fears about the quality of medical practice in Thailand you can cast those fears away right now … Dr. Pichet and his Clinical medical staff are as good if not superior to anything we have here in the states. I ’m awed at his practice because he services people from all over the world. In addition to being a top expert in the art of hair transplantation he is a renowned plastic surgeon who takes his work seriously with professionalism—but yet as a patient you will find yourself welcomed as if you were a family member. I challenge you to try and find that anywhere here in the states.

Believe me you have nothing to worry about. When I went to Dr. Pichet I was almost a damn chrome dome! I had everything but the horseshoe haircut. And, like you I certainly had concerns and reservations about medical practices in what is deemed a 3rd world country— However, I found out first hand 3rd world was all bullshit—Thailand is every bit as modern and up to date as anywhere. Bangkok alone has about 10 million population. True the average common person wage is like $300 Dollars a month, but it ’s relative to life as we knew it in the 60 ’s in the US. You can walk the streets day and night and never have to fear for your safety. Since 2002 I have been to Thailand 11 times —8 of those times were for strictly recreational purposes which I ’ll be happy to enlighten you on if you are interested.

Getting a Hair Transplant is a medical procedure and there is going to be some pain and discomfort with it just as there would be with any procedure. The difference is that it ’s pretty much all on an outpatient basis —You do not have to be put under or go to a hospital. And the best part is that no one but yourself, the clinic staff, and who you blab to will ever know you went through the transplant procedure. However, the metamorphic change you undergo will be so personally rewarding that I have little doubt that you ’ll look back on it someday as probably the best thing you ever did for yourself. That ’s how I feel about it anyway. However, I was so far gone bald that I went through the procedure twice —a year apart from each other just to get more density. It literally changed my life and gave me a better outlook on life as well …Especially with business associates as well as with the ladies.

You have to realize one important thing—this metamorphic change is very gradual —it doesn ’t happen overnight —or in a month —6 months, but takes at least a good year to happen—what ’s funny is people sense something different —growing a mustache, or beard, then shaving diverts their attention —or you can tell them you ’ve lost weight —it all takes their focus away from noticing the fact you ’re growing new hair. After about 6 months get a short haircut then it will fill in uniformly and after about 9 months you can begin grooming it towards the style you wish. Like I said —I was so bald I felt I had to do the procedure again, and now that it ’s been almost year and a half since my last procedure and I ’m truly a happy camper because it ’s literally made such a dynamic and positive difference in my life and how others perceive and react to me.

His Reply to a young American man to come to do Hair transplant;

Being Objective I can easily tell you that Dr. Pichet is both a compasionate and “Hands On” Doctor as well as an exceptionally skilled surgeon—Not only that he is a good man, and he is real people. He will always make time for you, and you can always talk to him through email as well as by phone.

I’ve got the male pattern going and the widows peaks and I’m trying to deal with it early.

Ok so I can sense that you’re a relatively young man…I think you’re wise to do transplant early in life because you will have such a large amount of permanent donor hair, and it’s going to be far less noticible. I mean by that you can mask having had the procedure a lot easier. Myself, I was 59 when i had this procedure done the frist time.

Unfortunately, I only have three days in Bangkok so I’m sure the wife will notice when I get back. Do you have any reservations about getting on a plane 36 hours after the surgery?

3 days after my first surgery I was off to Chaing Mai for a week–The surgery didn’t slow me down a bit… When i returned Dr. Pichet removed the stitches from the back of my head. Because you, no doubt, are younger i suspect that you’ll heal much faster then I did. So that’s to your benefit.

On the other hand let me say this…I think you would be much better off to take the time and stay in Thailand until the Doctor removes the stitches if at all possible. The reason being is that if you return to the states you will have to find someone to take care of cleansing and applying disinfectant to the surgical area as well as have someone medically competent to remove the sutures. Of course if you’re going to be letting your wife in on all this then she can help you keep the area clean, disinfected, and apply the healing ointment which the Doctor will provide to you. Furthermore, come time to have the sutures removed your own medical Doctor will no doubt be able to take care of that.

However, my situation was probably much more different then yours. For me it was a secret thing. My wife to this day doesn’t have a clue that I ever had a hair transplant. I told her via email 2 weeks before I returned back to the USA, that I had been in a Tuk tuk accident and had to have several stitches in the back of my head. Of course dumb ass me couldn’t keep my dirty fingers from feeling around the back of my head after i got back, and as a result I got an infection for which i had to go to my Doctor stateside and get cleared up. A few antibiotics later no problem — infection gone. simple as that.

Bottom line is this: if Dr. Pichet says it’s OK—that you can do the surgery and leave 3 days later—AND if you have someone home who can look after you and make sure you get daily care until you’r completly healed—I’m sure there won’t be any problem. However, please talk to Dr. Pichet about it and get it cleared through him first. Flying back after surgery should not be any concern to you what-so-ever. if I can go fly to Chang Mai for a week and go on every tour imaginable, ride elephants, etc, etc, then you certainly should be able to fly home on a plane.

Merle From USA

Breast enlargement from Dubai girl.

Dear Dr. Pichet,

I made it back okay last night to my home in Dubai.
I am very happy with your work and I appreciate your kindness. My sincere gratitude to you, your wife, Mrs Moa and all the member of your staff. I had great a time and enjoyed my short stay in Bangkok, I will plan next trip to come with my husband and will try to stay longer to see your country well, I did not really go to places we wanted myself and my husband planned to visit, like Phuket, Patayya etc.

I am so glad I got this done by you and would love you to do anything new I would want to do. This morning I have just recommended you to a friend and her sister, they are planning to come see you, I will let you know when the make their schedule.

God bless and continue the good work!


Liposuction of the abdomen, love handles, hips, buttocks, riding breeches, thighs, and knees

Thanks to Mrs. Mao for being so caring, so kind, and so considerate. And of course, to Dr. Pichet for his great professionalism and simplicity that underline his brilliant intellect. Finally, to all the nurses who by their laughter and smiles allowed me to laugh at my unsteady condition.

I returned to my tranquil little capital with its Lilliputian traffic jams, its beaches, and its slowness. We were under the threat of a cyclone that gave us for more than a week some heat and humidity difficult to handle but we get used to everything. It didn’t take me long to feel good, to go back to the sport club and to the beach. I am a mediocre swimmer but l like diving which is one of the great advantages of New Caledonia.

When you saw me for the first time, I weighed 75 kilos (165 pounds); today, by putting into practice the wise saying “eat less and move more”, my scale shows 63 kilos (138 pounds). My neighbors pointed out to me that going on vacation was doing me good and that I should leave more often. The gift of observation has not been given to Caledonians.

I was thinking about giving you some news at the end of the week by sending the doctor, as promised, the “After one month” pictures. I am very happy and he will be satisfied with his work: a masterpiece.

…..SOME NEWS, THREE AND HALF MONTHS AFTER THE INTERVENTION: “today, I am under the 60 kilo mark”.



Good Experience from Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Hi Dr Pichet and Miss Mau

I just had a spraytan, and thought to get Dr Thian to take some photosof me again to show you how I am going with my new body….I have notbeen working out much lately, so things will still get better – myresluts is AMAZING and I want to thank you and your wonderfull teamagain for all your support!

You are more than welcome to use this photos as proof of your work!

liposuction_of_abdomen liposuction_of_arms_resize

Katrien from Australia

Liposuction experience with Bangkok Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr Pichet,

I wanted to follow-up and say thank you for everything during my trip to Bangkok and treatment at Bangkok Plastic Surgery. Your staff was wonderful, and put me at ease. Your willingness to work with me though I had such a short timeframe is also greatly appreciated! I was highly satisfied with your skill, and demeanor, and professionalism. Please pass on my regards and gratitude to the rest of your team. Have a great afternoon,

Kris S.

From a happy sheelah in the land down under ( Liposuction with breast implant)

It feels like so long ago now that I made the right decision to come to Bangkok for liposuction and breast augmentation. After extensively researching alternatives in India and other surgeons throughout Thailand, it became apparent that Dr. Pichet’s service was the most recommended and affordable. I have always had a healthy body image and have always been active, but could not seem to lose the problem target areas through exercise and wanted to improve the shapes of my breasts. To be able to walk around naked and still feel sexy is what everybody wishes for, right? Thanks to Dr. Pichet, I now feel that way.

It was a huge decision but as a dancer, I wanted to improve my job prospects and general well being by “going under the knife.” It sounds a lot more dramatic than it really is however. I had the treatment three months ago and look back on the whole ordeal as being a liberating holiday rather than an agonizing memory.

After many emails from Australia to Thailand, we confirmed a price and before I knew it I was jet setting off to Bangkok. My partner couldn’t get work off and so I set off alone. It was a very exciting and nerve racking experience going solo. Having traveled to many places alone, the traveling alone didn’t bother me but going there for surgery was an entire new concept. Thailand itself is one of my favourite countries in the world. Soo many beautiful places to visit like Chiang Mai and Koh Pangan- all of which I explored AFTER my surgery. I even detoxed for a week and did yoga everyday (and two colemas a day, ahh) at a health retreat in Koh Panghan to help make-over the inside as well as the outside. My return to Australia was a whole new me, new breasts, new body, even new hair and whitened teeth!

So where was I… upon arrival into Bangkok at midnight, I was greeted by a young friendly man holding my name on a sign who escorted me straight to the taxi where I was driven directly to the hospital. It was a very unusual feeling and I just assured myself by breathing deeply. You can’t describe the feeling really, you just know you are about to embark on a life-changing adventure and that you will never be the same again. When we arrived to the hospital, the outside didn’t really look like much and I was thinking… “oh oh, what mess have you got yourself into now”. However, when the doors opened it was such a relief to find the hospital pleasant inside and everything was clean spotless. The custom in Thailand is to take your shoes off when inside… you get used to it and it is kind of nice and hospitable. The nurses gave me slip on shoes and were very friendly, they took me upstairs where I had a shower and collapsed into bed, visualising that I was at home in my own bed I slept great.

The next morning I met Dr. Pichet at the table where was very sincere and professional. He explained all the risks to both procedures, “the stuff that they don’t want you to know” he said. After reading lots of information and signing enough papers to make me feel like a tree had been destroyed, we had agreed on my procedure. Taking his advice of the more advanced silicone gel, under breast, under muscle 350cc implant, I was happy and immediately trusted him. It was quite funny putting dummy implant under your top and comparing sizes. The whole interview was being filmed but it all felt fine. The whole time I was just thinking, “I can’t believe I’m really here, wow.” In fact throughout the whole process I didn’t talk too much at all, just observing and taking everything in was enough for me. All of my questions were already answered by Dr. Pichet through previous emails or during the consultation.

I had agreed to have liposuction done to my inner thighs, hips, lower abdominals, arms, love handles and to have breast implants. THE WORKS PLEASE.

The next day I was already in surgery. Shower with anti-bacterial gel and then my entire body was covered in pen marks showing where I was going to be operated on. My heart was racing but I just tried to block out the thoughts and just go with it. Surprisingly I was not as worried as I thought I would be… I guess because the nurses and Dr. Pichet made me feel very at ease.

Walking to the surgeon table… Need I say more… Inside their were six staff all in hospital gowns, hair nets, mouth shields, the whole outfit This was a relief to see. The male nurse was especially nice and he began talking to me explaining that he was going to inject me with a needle and it will take approximately 30 seconds to become unconscious. The needle stung slightly but then I felt… surprisingly wonderful. My lasts breaths of conscious air were ones of confidence and excitement as I just gazed at the surgeons who I was trusting with my life and body.

Before I knew it, I was waking up in the same bed I had slept in. My whole body was wrapped up in bandages and the most pain I felt was in the chest area. My chest had a really tight feeling and I had to breathe slowly. To even sit up was painful but the bed had a remote so I could recline and decline without using my muscles. Even this hurt. It wasn’t excruciating, just tight and painful. It’s a bizarre feeling to not be able to lift your arms or move your body. My whole body was slightly swollen, it wasn’t a walk in the park.

I only stayed one night in hospital then went and stayed at the recommended hotel. To my pleasant surprise I was upgraded to the top floor. The room was beautiful and modern and had a great view. Here a young lady from the hospital stayed with me for the first three nights. I slept on an angle with four pillows to support my head.

What hurt a lot was the amount of tension in my neck and shoulders as I was very limited in my movement capabilities. Tiger balm quickly became my friend. The morning breakfast was great and I ate really healthy to help my body heal. I tried to walk as much as possible to help the blood flow and so every day I walked a little more. My helper even took me clothes shopping and I went exploring to see some groovy temples like the huge reclining Buddha.

Bangkok is a very busy place so I spent most of the time watching movies, talking to friends and family and eating yummy food in air con. It’s really cheap so save some pennies for shopping.

After a few days I felt much better and thought… why not do the rest? So I requested a quote from Dr Pichet to have liposuction done to my chin, knees and buttocks also. I know, I know, your probably thinking, “this chicks already a surgery addict.” Really am not, just thought well, it’s now or never and I trusted Dr. Pichet and so thought I might as well. After we had agreed on a very reasonable price, I was in again the next day. This all went fine and I needed to wear a massive head wrap which made me look very groovy ;-). Having this extra procedure didn’t really increase the pain so much. By this stage, my tight bandage around my chest had been replaced with a lighter one. This was much more comfortable.

I was taking the antibiotics and pain killers every 2-4 hours and would even wake up in the night to take them. The pain was never agonizing but was constant and so the days tended to blur a bit. The service from the hospital and hotel staff was always reliable and so this support made the pain manageable.

After a week, I decided to stop taking the pain medication. The pain surprisingly felt just the same but my head was clearer. Within two weeks I was back-packing around Thailand and met some really cool people. We ended up partying in Van Vying in Laos for a while. I still wore my compression garment at night and avoided the crazy flying foxes but I could walk and socialize fine. It was very liberating to feel like I had a fresh start and it was all thanks to Dr. Pichet and his staff. At this stage, my breasts were still slightly stiff and swollen but it was fine. I began slightly massaging them after 1.5 weeks. At first I was really gentle and as time passed I gained more confidence to massage them deeper.

Now three months later I can do push ups, run, jump, do whatever I like. Still don’t like to sleep on my chest but I have never been a fan so this doesn’t bother me so much. They look incredibly real and no one has a clue, they are just shaped beautifully and are very rounded and full. The small scars don’t even bother me. My breasts look and feel natural and my boyfriend wanted me to write, “Compliments to the chef” which I agree with. I have no pain at all now and work as a gym instructor and dance teacher so am always jumping around. Next time I think I may go a larger size even. As for the liposuction, the scars are minimal. It’s been three months. I’m still not as skinny as I hoped which goes to show that you need to be very strict with your diet and exercise program. The results are not permanent unless you maintain it but it has definitely given me a shapelier and aesthetically pleasing body contour. This shape I couldn’t have got without the master work of an experienced and professional surgeon like Dr. Pichet.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Pichet for any needs and I met a few more happy clients at the hotel. I will definitely return to him in a decade or so and am soo happy with the new found confidence my brand new body shape has given me. Having the surgery has inspired me to live a very happy, healthy life and I am soo grateful to everyone at Bangkok plastic surgery for working their magic on me. Lot’s of people fantasise about having their dream body and for some reason are hesitant to jump at the chance of getting it. After thinking about having it done for 2 years, I decided “why not?” If something will make you happy then go for it. Dr Pichet has made it possible for people to achieve their dream body shape and it really was the cheapest I could find, without reducing the quality of treatment. In fact, being a smaller place, you get more personal attention so really I would much prefer this, especially when it is such a personal experience. Hope you to can one day experience the joy I have today. 5 years ago I would have thought I was crazy to have plastic surgery but now I think it would be crazy not to. Thanks Dr. Pichet!!!