Term of Payment (Full Payment before Surgery only )

1.Unnecessary to deposit for surgery booking
However, I need your( official flight ticket )itinerary and official hotel booking reservation.Please don’t transfer for your surgery deposit. International transaction will not be permission due to be fraud of payment often occurring.

2.The payment would be cash at Bangkok Plastic Surgery only.
If credit card payment , I accept Visa or Master card ( surcharged 3% of total amount of surgery fee payment ).Please read carefully for credit card payment of Master or Visa card:

For your surgery payments, please contact your bank before leaving and let them know about your stay in Thailand in order to avoid having your credit cards denied or restricted to be a certain amount.It happens to many people.

Ask your bank about your own limit on your cards for a cash advance per time or your own limit to make payments during your surgery cost. If not pass, your surgery will be postponed or cancelled until I can get it.

If you want to be sure, you should pay The cash payment method is US D or THB in cash better at the best.The clinic has not accepted any kinds of cheques for clearing money, or transfer money and international draft.

Dr.Pichet Rodchareon

Any problem need to be assistance, please contact Miss Tak +66868943652 or Miss Koi +66818130373