Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) At Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a surgical procedure, which will alter a masculine face to a feminine shape through the use of plastic, reconstructive, and maxillofacial surgeries. It encompasses a wide range of individual surgeries, including hairline adjustment, eyelid surgery, jaw reshaping, eyebrow shaping, facelifts and cheek adjustments. FFS is a term that covers a broad range of procedures, but the ultimate goal of this process is to have the way you look on the outside, match the way you feel on the inside.


The three most common areas worked on, those providing the most dramatic change, are forehead, nose and jaw. All three of these areas tend to be less pronounced, smaller and smoother in females. During facial feminization surgery, masculine markers are removed from the face in order to feminize and beautify the face.

The multiple FFS procedures include;

  • Hairline correction
  • Forehead recontouring
  • Brow lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Cheek implants
  • Lip lift
  • Lip filling
  • Chin recontouring
  • Jaw recontouring
  • Adam’s apple reduction
  • Associated procedures (Beautification and rejuvenation procedures)

The whole procedure could be completed in five to six hours. You need to be hospitalized for a day and must be available for follow up for two weeks. You could resume social activity after three weeks. The FFS procedures are highly individual and depend on the archetype of the client’s face. The archetype dictates the limits in which the facial feminization procedure can be performed.


The Facial feminization surgery (FFS) procedure(s) are outlined, including cost, risks, complications, and possible outcomes by Dr.Pichet. He will go over past surgical results, including pictures, as well as expectations and limitations. It is very important that any patient deciding to undergo facial feminization has realistic expectations. Any decision to have FFS should be taken seriously and a full consultation is needed to be able to completely assess the correct procedures needed and to enable the patient to arrive at a fully informed decision.


At Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Pichet has extensive experience in Facial feminization surgery (FFS). With skilled and experienced surgeon team and the combination of his skills and understanding of beauty make him an ideal surgeon to help you in this transition. We strive to provide you with changes that can bring you the most attractive feminine face possible.

All Our Services Pricing

Hair Transplant Price
Less than 1,000 Grafts 2,500 USD
Vagina Price
Posterior repair 3,000 USD
Sigmoid colon cut vaginoplasty (post sex change surgery with stricture vagina for more depth) 12,000 USD
Reduction labioplasty 2,500 USD
Lip and Rhinoplasty Price
Hair (or cleft) lip surgery 2,500 USD
Palate repair 2,500 USD
Thining lip 1,500 USD
Rhinoplasty with implant and nasal bone shaving 2,500 USD
Nose Price
Augmented Rhinoplasty without shaving 1,500 USD
Augmented Rhinoplasty with shaving 2,500 USD
Alaplasty 1,200 USD
Hump correction 2,500 USD
Rhino shaving or reconstruction 3,500 USD
Face Price
Face lift surgery (cheekbone area lift, cheek area lift, lateral side of jowl) 4,900 USD
Forehead lift or Brow lift by endoscopy 3,500 USD
Mid-face lift 3,900 USD
Neck liftn 3,000 USD
Chin Price
Augmented chin 2,500 USD
Sliding chin (Bone Sliding of jaw) 3,500 USD
Eyelid Surgery Price
Double eyelid fold 1,500 USD
Upper blepharoplasty 1,500 USD
Lower blepharoplasty 1,900 USD
Breast Surgery Price
Breast enlargement 3,200 USD
Breast reduction 4,900 USD
Breast uplift 4,500 USD
Abdomen (tummy tuck) Price
Abdominal lipectomy (Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck surgery) 4,700 USD
Ear Price
Protruding ears 2,500 USD
Mandible (Jaw surgery) Price
Angle resection 3,500 USD
Liposuction Price
First area 1,900 USD
Next area 700 USD per area
Sex Reassignment Surgery Price
Scrotal Skin Graft Vaginoplasty 10,000 USD
Sigmoid Colon cut Vaginoplasty 15,500 USD
Buttock or Hip Enlargement 4,700 USD
Cheek Price
Cheek dimples 1,500 USD per side
Cheekbone implants 3,000 USD
Cheekbone reduction 3,500 USD
Adam's Apple Price
Reshaving 1,900 USD