Breast Augmentation Surgery At Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as breast enlargement is a procedure to increase the volume and size of the breasts. The goal of this operation is to increase the fullness and projection of your breasts, improve the proportion of your figure, enhance your self-image and self-confidence. Small breasts either result from a developmental tendency or from involution of breast tissue (shrinkage) following pregnancy. Both types of small breasts can be enhanced with breast augmentation as well.


The incisions for breast augmentation surgery may be located in the armpit (axillary), in the crease beneath the breast (inframammary), or around the areola (periareola). Therefore various choices of implant type and shape are custom designed for each patient based on their needs and their body and breast types. The breast augmentation procedure lasts one to two hours and is typically performed with general anesthesia. Besides, it can achieve dramatic and beautiful results on its own as well as in conjunction with other cosmetic operation or non-invasive procedures for more satisfying results.


Complications following breast augmentation surgery are uncommon and usually minimal. The complications can include;

  • Bleeding (hematoma)
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation, may be temporary or permanent
  • Capsular contracture, which is the formation of firm scar tissue around the implant
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Blood clots

Choosing a certified and skilled surgeon can greatly decrease patients’ chances of developing unwanted aesthetic complications after the operation.


The patient can be effected with minimal swelling, minimal pain, and rapid recovery. After the surgery, the breasts will appear to be slightly higher than normal. Over three to six weeks the implant will descend to a more natural position. At our clinic, we understands that many women are concerned with the possibility of scarring, so we utilizes techniques that ensure a smooth, highly natural-looking result while minimizing scar appearance.


At Bangkok Plastic Surgery, we create the state-of-the-art surgical suite to ensure the highest standards of safety, convenience, privacy, and patient care. Dr. Pichet and his experienced and well-trained staff truly understand the goal of breast augmentation, we strive to achieve the best possible breast size and shape to meet your desire. No matter what improvements you’re considering for your breasts, our experience is what exactly makes us Thailand’s s most trusted name in breast surgical field.

All Our Services Pricing

Hair Transplant Price
Less than 1,000 Grafts 2,500 USD
Vagina Price
Posterior repair 3,000 USD
Sigmoid colon cut vaginoplasty (post sex change surgery with stricture vagina for more depth) 12,000 USD
Reduction labioplasty 2,500 USD
Lip and Rhinoplasty Price
Hair (or cleft) lip surgery 2,500 USD
Palate repair 2,500 USD
Thining lip 1,500 USD
Rhinoplasty with implant and nasal bone shaving 2,500 USD
Nose Price
Augmented Rhinoplasty without shaving 1,500 USD
Augmented Rhinoplasty with shaving 2,500 USD
Alaplasty 1,200 USD
Hump correction 2,500 USD
Rhino shaving or reconstruction 3,500 USD
Face Price
Face lift surgery (cheekbone area lift, cheek area lift, lateral side of jowl) 4,900 USD
Forehead lift or Brow lift by endoscopy 3,500 USD
Mid-face lift 3,900 USD
Neck liftn 3,000 USD
Chin Price
Augmented chin 2,500 USD
Sliding chin (Bone Sliding of jaw) 3,500 USD
Eyelid Surgery Price
Double eyelid fold 1,500 USD
Upper blepharoplasty 1,500 USD
Lower blepharoplasty 1,900 USD
Breast Surgery Price
Breast enlargement 3,200 USD
Breast reduction 4,900 USD
Breast uplift 4,500 USD
Abdomen (tummy tuck) Price
Abdominal lipectomy (Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck surgery) 4,700 USD
Ear Price
Protruding ears 2,500 USD
Mandible (Jaw surgery) Price
Angle resection 3,500 USD
Liposuction Price
First area 1,900 USD
Next area 700 USD per area
Sex Reassignment Surgery Price
Scrotal Skin Graft Vaginoplasty 10,000 USD
Sigmoid Colon cut Vaginoplasty 15,500 USD
Buttock or Hip Enlargement 4,700 USD
Cheek Price
Cheek dimples 1,500 USD per side
Cheekbone implants 3,000 USD
Cheekbone reduction 3,500 USD
Adam's Apple Price
Reshaving 1,900 USD