Rhinoplasty Surgery At Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

Rhinoplasty surgery, or Nose Surgery in medical term, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. This procedure is performed on normal noses to improve their shape and appearance. Rhinoplasty surgery can reduce or increase the size of your nose, or change the size or shape of the tip, the bridge, or nostrils. The goal of this surgical treatment is to bring the nose into more pleasing aesthetic harmony with the other facial features.


Rhinoplasty Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation in our private licensed surgery center. There are two different techniques used for nose surgery: the closed and the open techniques.

– Open Rhinoplasty

In this procedure, a small incision is made in the columella, which is the little column of skin that separates the two nostrils. Open Rhinoplasty affords much greater access to the area, as the surgeon is able to expose the bone and cartilage more fully, allowing for more complicated procedures and more precise adjustments.

– Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty, also referred to as Endonasal Rhinoplasty, is done through a small incision along the underside of the tip of the nose. This approach to nose surgery has several advantages, including incisions that are totally hidden within the nose, shorter surgical time, and a generally quicker and more comfortable recovery.

The specific changes made to the nose during the process are based on the needs and goals of each patient.


A slight alteration of the nose can greatly improve one’s appearance. This surgery, could improve one’s looks, self-confidence or health. Along with all facial plastic procedures, good health and realistic expectations are essential.


At Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Pichet is amongst the most experienced surgeon in the world having carried out hundreds of successful Cosmetic Rhinoplasties. He takes particular care to refine and reshape the nose according to patient’s ethnic background, age and skin type. The ultimate goal in Rhinoplasty surgery for every single one of his patient, therefore, is to modify an out of proportion nose so that it becomes a balanced and natural part of the face.

All Our Services Pricing

Hair Transplant Price
Less than 1,000 Grafts 2,500 USD
Vagina Price
Posterior repair 3,000 USD
Sigmoid colon cut vaginoplasty (post sex change surgery with stricture vagina for more depth) 7,500 USD
Reduction labioplasty 2,500 USD
Lip and Rhinoplasty Price
Hair (or cleft) lip surgery 2,500 USD
Palate repair 2,500 USD
Thining lip 1,500 USD
Rhinoplasty with implant and nasal bone shaving 2,500 USD
Wrinkle Correction Price
Botox: crow’s feet, forehead and glabella lines per bottle: 650 USD
Restylane injection per syringe: 650 USD
Perlane injectionp per syringe: 650 USD
Nose Price
Augmented Rhinoplasty without shaving 1,200 USD
Augmented Rhinoplasty with shaving 2,500 USD
Alaplasty 1,200 USD
Hump correction 2,500 USD
Rhino shaving or reconstruction 2,500 USD
Face Price
Face lift surgery (cheekbone area lift, cheek area lift, lateral side of jowlย and neck lift) 4,000 USD
Forehead lift or Brow lift by endoscopy 3,500 USD
Mid-face lift 3,500 USD
Neck liftn 2,500 USD
Chin Price
Augmented chin 2,500 USD
Sliding chin (Bone Sliding of jaw) 3,000 USD
Eyelid Surgery Price
Double eyelid fold 1,200 USD
Upper blepharoplasty 1,200 USD
Lower blepharoplasty 1,200 USD
Breast Surgery Price
Breast enlargement 2,600 USD
Breast reduction 4,500 USD
Breast uplift 4,000 USD
Abdomen (tummy tuck) Price
Abdominal lipectomy (Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck surgery) 4,000 USD
Ear Price
Protruding ears 2,500 USD
Mandible (Jaw surgery) Price
Angle resection 3,000 USD
Botox injections to reduce jaw muscles on both sides per bottle: 650 USD
Liposuction Price
First point 1,600 USD
Next point 500 USD
Sex Reassignment Surgery Price
Scrotal Skin Graft Vaginoplasty 6,500 USD
Sigmoid Colon cut Vaginoplasty 9,500 USD
Buttock or Hip Enlargement 4,000 USD
Cheek Price
Cheek dimples 1,500 USD
Cheekbone implants 3,000 USD
Cheekbone reduction 3,500 USD
Adam’s Apple Price
Reshaving 1,500 USD