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Bangkok Plastic Surgery Price List   

Hair Transplant
Less than 1,000 Grafts 2,500 USD (opd)

Posterior repair 2,000 USD (1d)
Sigmoid colon cut vaginoplasty ( post sexchange surgery with stricture urethra for more depth) 6,500 USD (4d)
Reduction labioplasty 1,200 USD (opd)

Hair lip surgery 2,000 USD (opd)
Palate repair 2,500 USD (1d)
Thining lip 1,500 USD (opd)
Gummy smile 3,500 USD (opd)

Wrinkle Correction
Botox : Crow's feet, fore head and gabella line at the one bottle 600 USD
Restylene injection 600 USD/syryrnge
Perlane injection 600 USD/syryrnge

Nose (opd)
Augmented Rhinoplasty 1,200 USD (opd)
Alaplasty 1,200 USD (opd)
Hump correction 2,500 USD (opd)
Rhino shaving or reconstruction 2,500 USD (opd)

Face lift surgery (cheek bone area lift, cheek area lift, lateral side of jowl  and neck lift) 3,500 USD (1d)
Fore headlift or Brow lift by endoscopy 3,500USD (OPD)
Mid face lift (1 night stay) 3,000 USD(1d)
Neck lift 2,500USD (Outpatient)

Augmented chin 2,000 USD (opd)
Sliding chin (Bone Sliding of jaw) 2,500 USD (2d)

Eyelid Surgery
Double eyelid fold 1,200 USD (opd)
Upper blepharoplasty 1,200 USD (opd)
Lower blepharoplasty 1,200 USD (opd)

Breast Surgery
Breast enlargement 2,500 USD (1d)
Breast reduction 3,500 USD (3d)
Breast uplift 3,500 USD (3d)

Abdomen (tummy tuck)
Abdominall lipectomy ( Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck surgery ) 3,500 USD (4d)
Liposuction (start to the first point)
(next point)
1,600 USD (opd)
500 USD

Protuding ear 2,000 USD for both sides (opd)

Mandible (Jaw surgery)
Angle resection 3,000 USD (1 night stay in hospital)
Botox injection for making jaw muscle smile on both side 550 USD for 25 u on each side

First point 1,600 USD(opd)
Next point 500 USD(opd)

Sex Reassignment Surgery
Scrotal Skin Graft Vaginoplasty 6,000 USD (4D)
Colon cut Vaginoplasty 8,000 USD (4D)
Testis removal (Orchidectomy) 2,500 USD (Outpatient care)
Sigmoid colon cut Vaginoplasty 6,500 USD
(4 days stay in hospital)

Cheek dimple 1,000 USD (opd)
Cheek bone implant 2,500 USD (opd)
Cheek bone reduction 3,000 USD (2 night stay in hospital)

Adam's Apple
Reshaving 1,500 USD (opd)

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