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London lady patient had a good experience about the body lift with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet and Staff,
Having recently lost a lot of weight, I decided to have a tummy tuck, a breast lift and an arm lift. The excess skin had been worrying me for some time and I knew that I would not be happy until I had done something about it.

About three years ago, I had been to Harley Street to have breast implants. While the work was faultless, it was expensive and I found the attitude of the doctors and staff very clinical. Aftercare was not something they specialised in.
My family and I had been on holiday in Thailand, when I saw an advert for a plastic surgery clinic. The prices were incredibly reasonable and I decided to research the possibility of having my procedures done in Thailand. My husband was totally against it. He thought that it was more prudent for me to have it done in England, where he thought the medical facilities were the best. I continued doing my research. I wrote to a few surgeons and I had a friend that lived in Bangkok, who did a bit of asking around as well.

And after eventually convincing my husband, I was on a plane and off to Bangkok.  Dr Pichet made sure that I was met at the airport. I arrived at an immaculate Clinic with the most incredibly caring and wonderful staff. I had my procedures done in the most professional and attentive manner, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Even though you are far from home, you never feel alone. There is someone to take care of you in the Clinic and Mrs Mao is a darling who makes sure that your every whim is catered for. All prices are inclusive and you literally don’t pay for anything extra. Food, tests and transport were all laid on for me. When I became a little better, Mrs Pichet arranged shopping trips for me and nothing was too much trouble.

I could give you a detailed account of everything and everyone, but this would be unnecessary.  Suffice it to say that I could not recommend Dr Pichet highly enough; I am already planning another trip!

Carol-Ann from London ,British


American lady patient had a good experience about the face lift and body lift with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet and Staff,

Thank you all so very much for your kindness and care of me while I under went such a big surgery.  My tummy tuck, arm lifts, chin lift, back liposuction and face lift all turned out beautifully.  Dr. Pichet is a wonderful Plastic Surgeon and his attention to details made a huge difference to me.  Never before in my long life have I been treated so well and with such kindness, patience and professionalism.  When I got Bronchitis, Dr. Pichet got me a Lung specialist and when my Blood Pressure went a little whacky, I got a pulminary specialist.  He saw to my every need and desire.  I would recommend Dr. Pichet to anyone.  Especially, anyone I love. 

Dr. Pichet has the best communications skills in BKK.  I have received emails, text messages, and heard from Mrs. Moa for every appointment.  I was never left unattending in any circumstance.  Never at the hospital or the hotel unless it was my idea.  Dr. Pichet's driver really does pick you up at the Airport and takes you back.  He really cares that much about your well being. 

Thank you again Dr. Pichet for a wonderful, exciting and perfect result.  Until we meet again,

Sincerely and Sawadee Kaa,

Ann 67 in Dec. from USA


Surgery went well with Dr.Pichet

Dear Dr. Pichet ,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and your staff and hope to see you again in the future, you have made me a very happy and complete woman and for that I am eternally greatful, I enjoyed my stay in Bangkok and miss you and the staff, I have never met such nice hospital staff in any of the hospitals or clinics I have been in here in the U.S.Again I want to say Thank You very much for making my dreams come true.

Your Friend, Mary from USA


SRS Surgery with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok.

hello dr pichet its been over six weeks since ive been dicharged from your care and i can say that im doing very well and that the surgery was a success. im am very happy with the outcome. i am still dilating with the "tools" youve given me i have not yet to have sex with my boyfrend. my implants are amazing. im sooo proud of them. i am definately satisfied. thanks to you and your skills you have made me a happy woman. please thank your wonderful staff for me. they have been so good to me and that ill miss them all. i will be in touch. i really would like to come back to thailand for more services perhaps in a few years. once again thank you dr pichet i am so happy. a satisfied customer. shay


Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet
28th July 2001
Dear Dr.Pichet ,

This is just a short note to let you know how thoroughly satisfied I am with the recent procedure you performed on me. I have discovered a new found feeling of self-esteem and generally feel more confident in dealing with people.Moreover,I would like to add that, in addition to your skills as a plastic surgeon,it is your sincere”Down to Earth” personality which makes your patients(including myself) feel comfortable and at ease with you.It has indeed been a privilege and an honor to have known you…… and as I get older,I hope we can continue our professional relationship.I wish you all the success in your practice and would like to close by sending my warmest regards to your wife.(Japanese Translator)

Toshiki from Japan

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet
Dear Dr.Pichet and your assistants,

A very “Big Thank You!” to all of you. My stay here has been an extremely pleasant one.Thank you for your warmth hospitality.Also,I ‘m very grateful and thankful to your assistants who have been very patient, friendly,helpful and attentive to me. Throught this card ,I ‘m extending my deepful gratitude and thanks to everyone in the clinic.An early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you in the clinic.
God Bless all of you!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Ms.Lim from Singapore
29th Nov. 2003

“May the beauty of the season fill your heart with perace and joy May the New Year be everything you hope for”

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet
About my experience in Bangkok

To all who are considering Dr. Pichet as their surgeon, please read this. My name is Kristy Lace Worley, I was in Dr. Pichet's clinic in October 2002 for gender reasignment surgery. It has now been a year since my surgery and the only reason I waited so long to write my testimonial about my dear friend is because of the doctors here in the United States. I was told that I would not last two months after surgery and I waited to prove to all that they were wrong in their diagnosis about me. The Dr.s that would consider me for surgery had a waiting list that would have put me waiting for two to three years away. Being 46 years old at the time, I believed that I did not have that many good years left to have my life as a female, so time for me was of the essence. When I wrote Dr. Pichet it was out of desperation and was hoping that he would just write me back. When I recieved Dr.Pichet's e-mail I was almost afraid to read it because of all the rejections I had previously. With a broken spirit and heart I gained enough strength to read what he wrote me. I opened up the e-mail and as I began to read it the tears of joy and happiness ran down my face. He was so sweet in his letter to me, telling me he would be happy to help fullfill my lifes dream. It was a gift from God when he sent me that e-mail. Dr. Pichet is not only a doctor, but he is also an angel in disguise to all that need this surgery. His staff is also a group of caring people that have nothing but the patients best intrest as their first objective. They make your stay there as comfortable as they can, which was important to me because I went alone. Not knowing how to speak the language and being in a foreign country was a little overwhelming, but their love and kindness made all the fear go away. I am very happy with my life now, and will always be indebted to what Dr. Pichet did for me. His love and care for the transexuals needs are beyond compare. He is a gift from God to us that are caught up in this mixed up world of transexualism. I do not wish that who all read this just take my word for it. Do your research, but you will find that you will find none better. As for cost, he tries to keep all costs down to a minimum.But to me it was not the money. It was his love and care that he shows to all his patients that make him a wise choice. I hope that someday all his patients could go back there at one time so we all could meet and pay tribute to a man that well deserves it. I do plan on moving to Thailand to live as soon as I can. I not only fell in love with the Dr., staff, and his family, but the country as well. So someday I hope to see you there. You will be happy with your decission. With all my love and deepest admiration do I write this, and I know in my heart that if you make going there your choice you will feel the same.

May God bless you all,

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet
Dear Dr. Pichet,

First and foremost I'd like to thank you for the wonderful experience I had when I visited Bangkok and scheduled two procedures with you. I would like to commend you for your patience, dedication, professionalism and commitment to give me nothing but the best in terms of medical and personal treatment. I have never met a doctor so kind and attentive to my needs. Thank you for giving me adequate information prior to the procedure, and giving me a fair and unbiased view of what I was about to go through. From the day of surgery to my discharge and recovery, I felt like I was merely on a brief vacation. Your staff as well, including Mrs. Mou, were extremely friendly, encouraging and caring. They were all smiles at all times, and treated me like a friend from the very start. Everything I needed from medicines, to small supplies were handed to me on time. Never, at one point did I feel any bit of discomfort or pain. I was even strolling and doing a little shopping around your beautiful city right after I was discharged. The hospital was excellent, and the nurses were equally caring and professional. I would like to note your choice of naesthelogist (I didn't get her name), she made me very comfortable before the procedure.Also, thank you for answering my late calls, numerous and seemingly endless emails, and other concerns. You are TRULY a doctor of such great caliber. God bless you and your practice.


Chris Lee
Manila, Philippines
Chest and Abdominal Liposuction email :

(I'll use this name instead, thank you)

Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet
Hi, my name is Robin. A 42 year old recently post-op transsexual. My partner and I have been together for 26 years, married for 23 years and closer now more than ever. This is my story and opinions of my Thailand adventure with Dr. Pichet, I hope they help you in your decisions.

I recently returned from Thailand where I was under Dr. Pichet's care from August 13th 2003 through September 5th 2003.

I had extensive surgery and I'm VERY happy with the Dr. Pichet, his staff, and the results. I had SRS with colon resection, full facial feminization (FFS) surgery, and breast implants. The FFS surgery included full brow lift, upper and lower eyelid, complete nose reshaping, lip augmentation, jaw reduction, chin reduction, cheek implants, and adams apple shaving.

The man is wonderful! He really cares about you as a person and not as an income source. He spent 4 hours going over the surgery plan with me, and another hour or so doing an examination in his clinic the day after I arrived. I then was taken to the hospital where he had head x-rays, chest x-rays, and heart tests done to confirm my health status. Once the tests were complete I was admitted to the hospital into a fantastic private hospital suite. This room was about 30 feet by 20 feet in size with a mini kitchen and with a full view of the city. I had a nursing assistant assigned to me (no extra cost) as a companion even thought my spouse came with me. This wonderful girl stayed with my spouse while I was in surgery and intensive care, even slept in the room with her to keep her company. Once I was back in my room she took care of me as my personal nurse, a service that just cannot be found in the USA.

With Dr. Pichet you pay a flat fee for his services, including the hospital charges and all medical costs, there are no other "charges" that you must pay for except your hotel room once out of the hospital. He and his staff come to you in your hotel as necessary twice a day, and then when your ready provides a personnel taxi service to bring you to him wherever he is, the hospital or the clinic. The doctor even provides your meals, which you order through his staff each day (Thai food, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds etc). He will not accept money for this, he tells you that he knows you’re in a foreign land and need extra care to feel at ease.

The doctor was concerned about the length of my surgery, at 12.5 hours it was at that time his longest so far, so at no additional expense to me he placed me in intensive care for a day as a precaution before releasing me to my hospital room. He even came back to the hospital at 3 AM and slept in a adjacent hospital room one night when I had stomach pains to be sure I was ok!

The surgeries all turned out perfect! I never ran a fever and recovered quickly. Like I said above the doctor pays for all medical care including medicines. He had me on constant antibiotics for 2 weeks, IV meds while in the hospital and then pill form once out. My SRS results are, in my mind, perfect. I have over 6 inches in vaginal depth and I'm using a size 6 dilator (1 5/16") without problems. The doctor had me dilating the 4th day after surgery and counseled me how important it was that I did so at least twice a day if I wished to be sexually active. The basic look of the neo-vagina is acceptable but will need a secondary cosmetic surgery if I wish it to be perfect at some later point. I have great sensation at the clitoris and feeling throughout the surgical area. I’ve since experienced vaginal sex with a man and enjoyed it immensely! Dr. Pichet’s skill and the clinic’s staff support have allowed me to become a complete woman at last.

The breast implants are even and look very good. The bruising was very bad initially but has healed quickly. The doctor does NOT place the implants below the muscle so if you wish that procedure you should look elsewhere.

Things to think about:

The internet reviews I've read suggests Doctor Pichet does not get great vaginal depth with a simple penile skin inversion, and he does not do secondary skin graphs. OPINION: Unless you are of VERY large length in your penis you will not get great depth with a simple inversion technique from any doctor from what I've learned. If a depth of more than 2.5 inches or so is desired he highly suggests sigmoid colon resection surgery, but cautions you quite hard on the additional risks before accepting your decision to go forward. Dr. Pichet does not perform the colon resection alone, but brings in a general surgeon to harvest the colon section and assist him in its attachment.

If you are a smoker or heavy drinker be ready to quit these activities before and while under his care. We all know these activities are bad for the body and know we should not do them after major surgery. If you are overweight than loose the weight before contacting the doctor, he will want full body pictures to evaluate your medical readiness to go through these surgeries. Common sense suggests you know these things, but the doctor gets girls all of the time wanting surgery while not following these simple medical requirements.

Be ready for an adventure in a foreign country, this is not the USA, as almost everything will be excitingly different. Be prepared to talk with the doctor over and over as necessary to get your wishes clear. He speaks very good English but some concepts don't translate well. Remember he lives in Thailand and his primary language is Thai. Keep communicating until you and he are talking the same thing. You’re contacting him for the price savings and because of recommendations such as this one, accept the challenges that go with your decision.

Learn about the risk of blood clots. The surgery, hospital stay, and primarily the long plane flights add up to a significant risk of blood clotting. On my return flight I did not get up and move around enough and ended up with a pulmonary embolism, a serious blood clot in the lungs. This put me back in the hospital for 3 days and is a very serious life threatening condition. I can not stress enough that you should consult with your home doctor and doctor Pichet on this issue! There are things you and your doctors can do to greatly reduce the risks.

Do's and don'ts

Don't expect Dr. Pichet to do anything that a USA doctor will not. Don't expect that the doctor is God, each body will heal in its own way. Plastic surgery is an art first and a science second. You very well may get an infection or heal slowly with no fault of the doctors. Don't expect that there are no risks in getting these surgeries, there ARE RISKS. Worst case is you could die on the table or you may not get the final results you are looking for in the end.

Do contact many doctors to get their opinion on what is possible and best for you. I contacted 7 doctors, 5 in Thailand and 2 in the US before continuing. Do contact the doctor’s previous patients, I contacted 6 of Dr Pichet's previous patients before deciding I would trust this man with my life and my dreams. Any good doctor will get you the information necessary to contact his previous patients, if not, go elsewhere.


This doctor in an honorable and caring man first, a very good plastic surgeon second. I highly recommend him and his staff as a possible candidate for you. Thailand is an adventure that is not to be missed, I can see no reason to pay the extreme prices for a US doctor and miss the adventure of Thailand as well.

If you have more questions or wish a more detailed and candid review of Dr. Pichet please do not hesitate to contact me at


SRS experience with Dr.Pichet in BPS from Catherine Simousek


30 March 2008

In December 2007 I came to Bangkok for SRS with Dr.Pichet. Even though I had spent a long time planning this I was a bit nervous about flying halfway around the world to someone I had never met and whose skill I could only gauge by a friend I had met quite recent to my decision to complete the surgical part of my gender transition. My friend was quite pleased with her facial, breast, and Sex Reassignment Surgery she had done by Dr. Pichet. She looks great and she feels great. So, I did some more research and made my choice. I chose Dr. Pichet Rodchareon and set my plans in motion.

When we arrived in Bangkok I was a bundle of nerves and Dr. Pichet and his staff did their best to make me and my partner feel welcome and at ease. We were driven from the new and very modern airport to a nice hotel and were picked up the next morning and taken to the clinic. The big day had arrived for me. BPS has a new clinic that was very clean and professional looking. The BPS staff was always attentive and caring. I felt I was in good hands throughout my visit to Bangkok.

The surgery went great and I was surprised at how little pain I felt after the sleepy time drugs wore off. Throughout my recovery in Bangkok the staff at BPS was fantastic, they even bought me a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. The trip to Kret Island was wonderful and the atmosphere in Bangkok is very nice. People are very friendly and nearly everyone smiles. The fried chicken and other food from the street vendors is inexpensive and very good. If you learn a little Thai it is very helpful for when you are out and about but the staff knows English so no worries there. Another thing that I noticed was how very large Bangkok was, but people were always friendly, unlike other large cities in America.

The hospital staff was excellent and at times I was overwhelmed by number of people looking after me and helping me heal after my surgery. They helped me heal my new vagina but they also helped me heal inside too. I am so grateful for all they did for me. It struck me how much better the care was in Bangkok as opposed to the American health care system. You will be pleased with the difference in attitudes and attention you will receive in Thailand, a much better place to get medical care in my opinion.

I must admit I made some of my decisions based on cost as I am of modest financial needs and one must consider all the incidental expenses that Dr.Pichet includes in his price such as vaginal dilators and medical supplies. While price was only one the factors I considered when choosing a surgeon you will want to consider the extra money the incidental expenses would cost you in America as it all adds up. Why pay more for less?

I made a calculated risk in choosing Dr. Pichet and I am happy that I made the right choice. If you are considering any of the surgery options Dr. Pichet offers all I can say is you will be very pleased as am I. You will come for surgery but you will never want leave because the people at BPS are awesome. Dr. Pichet and his staff made my dreams come true and they can do the same for you. So, what are waiting for? Call or write Dr. Pichet today and start down the path of turning your dreams into reality.
If I can do it. so can you.

Megan and I wish Dr. Pichet and his staff all the best.


Renee Simousek
Madison, WI, USA


Second trip for surgery in Bangkok Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.


Well, let's see. This is #2 trp to bangkok. The firsty was 4 years ago to have my SRS. The experience was /is amazing. I was so very happy with the results of srs, the functionality, ( i orgasmed withing 2 weeks) was amazing. Tiik took care of me the first trip in the hopsital room. The Dr. sends a girl to stay overnight with you in the hospital . It is a wonderful secure feeling knowing you are safe. This trip was for labiaplasty, forehead lift and full face lift. I had also let dialation go as I had had personal issues ( cancer and divorce-married to a man right before the initial SRS-) so my depth eas not good. Dr Pichet gave me more depth and now I am happy. This time Tiik was promoted up and One(i think thats how you spell it) was in my room at hospital. It was nice to see Mrs. Pichet, elegant and so kind, Mrs Moa, who will get any need fufilled for you and check on you daly, Tok and the others .

You cannot go wrong with this clinic and Dr Pichet. The care that is given to you is unequalled in the world..From the pick up at the airport to the care at the clinic to delivery back home, hou are fawned over, and if there is anything you need, there will be som eone anticipating it and asking before you can.

The results of The Drs Work is Phenomanal, remember I said it was my fault I needed more depth, If i had been better at my personal home care I would not have needed that part of this trips surgery.

When you are sent home there are no more stitches, no more bandages, and while you are hear the girls wash and dry your hair(something that certainly helps in feeling better and recovery)

I stayed at Princeton Park Hotel. Last time the Gold Orchid. I would highly recommend either hotel. Both go out of their way to understand your needs and to make you feel comfortable. This trip I pulled out my castheter accidently while sleeping. I though their was alot of blood,(wanst really, just looked that way) I called the hotel opertator to call the clinic. The lady went out of her way to make sure I was okay, the Dr. contacted. The dr came immediately, cleaned everything up and I was as good as new.
The lady art the hotel asks me every morning If All is well. Such kindness and consideration is par for the course here.

Their are drivers at your call. Mr Hi took me to the Grand Palace. A more beautiful sight I am hardpressed to not Also to the Zoo) I love Animals.

Again I highly recommend this place, Dr. Pichet, His wonderful wife, Staff, Drivers, etc, as it is not just a surgical experience that is provided, it is a LIFE experience that is provided.

Thank you to all at Bangkok Plastic Surgery Center.

Ms Rachel Carter


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