Chirurgia Sollevamento del seno

Breast uplift (Beast lift surgery), also known as Mastopexy, is an operation to lift and re-shape sagging breasts, giving a firmer, more youthful-looking and rejuvenated appearance. Naturally, women’s breasts can lose their shape through weight loss, following childbirth or as part of the natural ageing process. Mastopexy is performed to raise and reshape sagging breast and can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.


A commonly performed Mastopexy technique uses incisions that follow your breast’s natural contour. Incisions will be made around the nipple area which can run down to the base of the breast. During the procedure, surplus skin is removed from underneath the breast, the breast is remodeled and the nipples are repositioned at the correct level. After the uplift procedure the boobs will look firmer, and symmetrical, and will be restored into a youthful shape. The procedure would normally take 3 hours for both breasts to be uplifted and it is performed under general anesthetic.


The scars from the operation which may, initially, be swelled and bruised, but this is a normal part of healing which should subside within a few weeks. Your surgeon may advise you to wear a good support bra for few weeks after the breast uplift surgery and you will only be able to partake in light duties for a month after the operation. As a possibly satisfied result, your boobs will be bigger, firmer and have much more volume. The overall achievement will be having a completely natural look that compliments your figure.


At Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr. Pichet is amongst the most experienced breast surgeons in Thailand having carried out hundreds, often thousands of successful procedures. Before you decide having the operation, Dr.Pichet will assess your requirements, talk to you about the breast uplift procedure, your expectations and give you all the breast uplift information you need. Besides, the well-trained staff at our clinic are committed to providing you with the highest possible standard of care. Whether you have come to us for a breast enlargement, breast reduction or breast lift, we promise to take care of you before and after the aesthetically surgical operation.

Listino prezzi servizi

Trapianto di capelli Price
Meno di 1.000 trapianti 2,500 USD
Vagina Price
Riparazione posteriore 3,000 USD
Vaginoplastica "Tecnica Colon sigmoideo” (intervento secondario per allungare il 12,000 USD
Riduzione Labioplastica 2,500 USD
Labbro e Rinoplastica Price
Chirurgia per Labbro leporino 2,500 USD
Riparazione di palato 2,500 USD
Ristrutturazione volumetrica del labbro 1,500 USD
Rinoplastica con impianto ePiallatura dell'osso nasale 2,500 USD
Correzione delle rughe Price
Botox: zampe di gallina, fronte eglabella per bottle: 650 USD
Iniezione di Restylane per syringe: 650 USD
Iniezione di Perlane per syringe: 650 USD
Naso Price
Rinoplastica Aumentata senza Piallatura 1,500 USD
Rinoplastica Aumentata con Piallatura 2,500 USD
Alaplasty (equilibrio di punta del naso) 1,200 USD
Correzione della gobba su naso 2,500 USD
Piallatura o la ricostruzione 3,500 USD
Viso Price
Il lifting del viso (Face lift) (zona zigomi, zona guance, parte laterale del guanciale ed il collo) 4,900 USD
Lifting di Fronte o sopracciglio via endoscopia 3,500 USD
Lifting medio facciale 3,900 USD
Lifting Collo 3,000 USD
Mento Price
Mento aumentato 2,500 USD
Spostamento del mento (Spostamento l'osso della mascella) 3,500 USD
Chirurgia delle palpebre Price
Doppia palpebra 1,500 USD
Blefaroplastica superiore 1,500 USD
Blefaroplastica inferiore 1,900 USD
Chirurgia del seno Price
Aumento del seno 3,200 USD
Riduzione del seno 4,900 USD
Sollevamento del seno 4,500 USD
Addome (addominoplastica) Price
Lipectomia addominale (addominoplastica o la chirurgia plastica addominale) 4,700 USD
Orecchio Price
Orecchie a sventola 2,500 USD
Mandibola (chirurgia mascella) Price
Resezione di angolo 3,500 USD
Iniezioni di Botox per ridurre i muscoli della mascella su entrambi i lati per bottle: 650 USD
Liposuzione Price
Primo punto 1,900 USD
Punto seguente 700 USD
Intervento di riassegnazione del sesso Price
Vaginoplastica "Tecnica Scrotal Graft" (Innesto Cutaneo Scrotale) 10,000 USD
Vaginoplastica "Tecnica Colon sigmoideo” 15,500 USD
Ingrandimento della natica o dell'anca 4,700 USD
Guancia Price
Creazione fossette 1,500 USD per side
Impianti zigomi 3,000 USD
Riduzione zigomi 3,500 USD
Pomo d'Adamo Price
Riduzione Pomo D’Adamo 1,900 USD